Nobilis Health: The deal for Phoenix Hospital closed

Nobilis Health Corporation has recently announced that transaction related to operating the former hospital located in Scottsdale (Freedom Pain Hospital) has been closed, which ended in Nobilis Health’s control of the joint venture whose function was to operate the future hospital. Furthermore, Nobilis Health has also acquired a 60 % stake, which is just another step in future endeavors of this corporation. In order to obtain a 60 % stake, Nobilis Health had to contribute about $3.2 million, which is a big donation for any corporation, but the results are definitely worth this. Nobilis will now be involved in managing new hospital’s corporate affairs, together with regularly providing different management services as a part of this transaction. Chris Lloyd, the CEO of Nobilis, states that the hospital will surely complement the surgery center in Phoenix, and everything will be in accordance with Dallas and Houston business. After closing the deal, the joint will eventually be worth about $4.2 million in capital. Furthermore, Nobilis agreed on facilitating a credit of $4.5 million that will later provide even additional working capital.

About Nobilis Health

Nobilis Health is a healthcare management and development company that has many acute care facility centers under its control, which are aimed at delivering the best healthcare services to its patients. The focus of this company is on improving providing procedures that can be performed in those outpatients setting that are not so expensive. Its innovative marketing technologies will even further improve the corporation’s business operations. The company offers a friendly environment, and there are numerous opportunities for the individuals willing to be part for of company’s success. There are about seven surgical centers that are under the control of Nobilis Health, some of which are based in Houston and Dallas. Furthermore, Nobilis is a partner with other facilities as well, such as the ones based in Oregon, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, Arizona and Tennessee. To conclude, the transaction was a great idea for many reasons. The hospital will now be able to carry out many complex surgeries, which will allow Nobilis Health realize the point of adding additional capacity to the existing facility.

See it, want it, buy it: Visual Search and e-commerce

It happens to people browsing the internet all the time. A picture pops up on Pinterest, it’s the perfect item, it’s something they never even knew they wanted, and the person browsing cannot find out who makes it or where to purchase it. It’s a special sort of frustration when something is seen that they want so badly and nothing comes of it. Visual search on is changing the game.

Reverse image search has been an online tool for quite awhile. However if an individual is utilizing it to try and discover where to buy an item it can require a lot of patience with no guarantee of success. E-commerce merchants have realized that if they want to make sales then the process of finding products needs to be easier. Visual search is being utilized on a number of different sites so that the interested customer can easily purchase the scintillating items they’ve come across.

These merchants aren’t the only name in the game. There’s a new app from Slyce, a leading innovator in visual search. The current trend lets people crop a picture or click on an item to find out where to purchase similar products. Slyce’s ‘Scout” takes it to another level by not only helping customers find the item they’re looking for but also finding the best deal.

Someone with Scout will open the app and take a picture. The app uses image recognition software to identify the product. Once the product is identified it checks databases for coupons, rebates, and compares prices between online stores. This means that the interested party will be able to purchase their item at the best possible price.

Pinterest, Slyce, Flipkart, and Zalora. All of these companies are pushing forward visual search technology. Customers are not the only ones who can benefit from these new developments. Content producers will have new avenues of income and advertising. It’s an exciting time for customers and creators as they connect in new and dynamic ways.

Why Beneful is One of the Brands of Dog Food on the Market

Beneful is one of the largest brands of dog food in the United States. An estimated fifteen million dogs eat Beneful every year. The products include wet dog food, dry good food, and dog treats. Beneful was introduced to the market in 2001. Since then, the brand has reached out and established several different formulas including Beneful Healthy Harvest, which uses soy as its main source of protein. Beneful is owned by Nestlé Purina PetCare, a subsidiary of Nestlé. The company specializes in producing affordable, high quality animal food products and Beneful is its most successful product. The company invested a lot into producing Beneful. It was its first line of premium dog food and was marketed in a fashion that would humanize dog food in an attempt to give dogs a more healthy and appealing option. Nestlé Purina PetCare invested over 34 million dollars into advertising its product. The campaign included several quirky ads, including television ads aimed at dogs in Australia and posters designed to attract dogs with the smell of Beneful dog food in Germany. The Nestlé Purina Store PetCare Company also sells Purina One and Purina Alpo. Beneful is dedicated to providing a high quality product at an affordable price. The ingredients in Beneful Wet Dog Food include, beef, chicken, pork, lamb, carrots, barley, rice, and green beans. When the product was launched, the company compared it to beef stew. In total, there are twenty varieties of wet dog food that encompass the Beneful brand. Benefuls dog snacks products come in bacon, cheese, beef and peanut butter. They come in a variety of forms from shortbread cookies to crackers. Of course, Beneful wet and dry dog food products on Walmart include all the nutrition that a dog requires to stay healthy. Of course, for any food company the foremost priority is to ensure that the product is safe. Nestlé Purina One has established the gold standard for safety testing in the market, in addition to extensive testing by regulatory agencies. Suppliers must meet strict standards for ingredient specification and sanitation. Pet foods are among the most highly regulated products in the United States by the FDA and USDA and state laws and many of the same laws that apply to the distribution of human foods also apply to dog foods. For high quality, affordable dog food Nestlé Purina One established the standard with Beneful. With over 15 million customers every year, there is little doubt that Beneful is one of the best dog food products on the market.

Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader

The majority of people are well aware of the fact that the world of business has changed a lot, which means that it has become more complex and competitive than it used to be. This is due to the increasing competition, and other complexities included here are becoming even more obvious. Business has also gone through a new revolution when it comes to gender in the last couple of years. This means that men are not the only ones with the roles of executive officers. Women as well have proved to be quite successful in this field. One such example is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla As A Business Leader
Susan McGalla represents a founder of P3 Executive Consulting, which is located in Pittsburgh, the CEO of The Wet Seal, and the president of the American Eagle Outfitters brand on These titles were deserved thanks to her skills and experience, and she is now regarded as one of the most successful businesswomen. Furthermore, she works as a director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers, and her other companies focus on organizational development when it comes to retail industry.

Susan worked in many different management and marketing positions. She first worked for Joseph Horne Company, after which she began working as a merchandise buyer for women’s clothing line at American Eagle Outfitters, until becoming the company’s president. After that, she was appointed the CEO of Wet Seal.

Susan states that American Eagle Outfitters was a company that consisted of males, so Mrs. McGalla was the only women there who held various positions, which was an experience of a lifetime. Susan has continued to be successful since then, and she is now a consultant of some of the most influential people in the world of business.

Susan McGalla Discusses Business And Gender
Susan McGalla has spent a lot of time discussing the gender issues in the world of business, and she is certainly best suited to show how this can affect many businesswomen on a daily basis.

Susan McGalla states that there are many business fields where the issue of gender can be expressed in many ways. She has always lived in those arenas dominated by men, even when she was a child, when she was living with her father and brothers. This helped her to achieve many goals, since her father treated her in the same way as his sons. So, her childhood was a good preparation for life in the industry dominated by men, and she is also trying to encourage many women to enter this workplace without hesitation. She also states that many experts tend to use political terminology that usually alienates many women from their goals. She thinks that in order to encourage them to purse their career, one should speak honestly about this problem.

So, Susan’s own story of succeeding in the business world dominated by males can show many possibilities in this industry for women who are willing to follow the same path. So, women will be much more confident if they had the Susan’s approach to life and business.