Coriant and New CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a successful and exciting company noted for its’ ability to offer innovative networking solutions. The business world is a fast changing place and Coriant is able to help clients simplify the world of high speed, edgy networking and business applications, Coriant was formed in 2013 as an independent company. Today the company is so large and well respected that the staff aids network executives in over 100 countries. Hundreds of thousands of networking systems are now used worldwide and Coriant creates exciting solutions that serve as the foundation for billions of dollars in revenue.

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the CEO of Coriant and is responsible for some if its success. He is a noted business and technology executive. Born in London and raised in Iran, his father was a doctor. Kheradpir moved to the United States to attend Cornell University where he received a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Previous positions include being an executive at GTE, Barclays, Verizon, and Juniper Networks. He is the creator of several cost-cutting programs for clients and while at GTE he concentrated on network routing and became chief information officer.

When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in 2000 the company formed Verizon Communications. Kheradpir was president of Verizon’s e-business division and later became the company’s first CIO/CTO. While he was at Verizon, Kheradpir impressed the business world by making several big business changes in the company. He was instrumental in reducing its information technology budget by two percent. In another huge cost saving measure he was able to reduce the IT staff by 20 percent and reduced purchasing from technology vendors by 30 percent.

Coriant is poised to enjoy a bright future as a strong force in the network and business application world. With strong leadership, a staff comprised of the best in the field, and financial security clients are sure to keep lining up to implement the programs they create.

Decking The Halls With 1 Million Customers-Freedom Pop Wireless Soars

During the holiday season all of the competitors bring out their biggest and best offers to try to draw in new customers. The same can be said for FreedomPop Wireless who offered cellular phones for as low as $40. It seems uncanny that one can get a cell phone that has internet and texting capabilities for such a low price, but it is true. What is even more amazing is how far this cellular phone company has come in the past 2 years since they opened their doors. No, they are not another Sprint or Verizon with a mega customer base and packages galore, but what they do offer is cell phone service done right.

Throw out the contracts and tear up the credit applications. Freedom Pop Wireless is a new kind of cellular service that gives their customers what they want and nothing more. They base their philosophy on the amount of unused minutes every month that are wasted. So many people buy these huge packaged with thousands of minutes and some only use a small fraction of that. Of course, they are not a company for the large business customer, what they are going for is the budget minded person who wants nothing more than good service at a great price.

Their price is so good in fact some would say they’re giving it away. They allow their customers to have 500 voice, data and texting minutes. If they want more, they can purchase packages based on their needs. Their exceptional packages for the black Friday sales come as a way to boost their customer base. Their goal was to reach a whopping 1 million customers by the end of 2015. Some would say that is a rather huge feat for a company that is only 2 years old, but they set these goals for themselves before they opened for business.

2015 has been good to this company. They have expanded into Europe and seen the huge potential that an international market offers them. Since they started out as a company that was only in California, it seems they have really impressed the market by expanding globally. These increases have been noticed by companies like Sprint, who made official offers to buy the company. The owner said they are too new in the game to sell. Right now, they are focused on expansion. With $30 million in funding raised this year alone, it seems that expansion is all that is on their mind.

How Dog Food Companies Are Making a Better Tasting Meal

Anyone interested in high quality gourmet food might feel as if they’ve seen it all. One of the best parts of modern society is the fact that culinary culture has converged into a worldwide phenomenon. People have a wide variety of taste experiences to sample, all made with delicious high quality ingredients. But the operating term there is people. A recent report from the Daily Herald showed that culinary culture is crossing the species barrier thanks to a variety of gourmet dog foods. The story went on to mention that many types of human meals were making their way to the dog bowl. For example, the minds behind the “he’ll have what you’re having” campaign have created dog food flavors as surprising as lasagna and beef stroganoff. But one of the most important points has come from how these high quality foods are being made. In the past most dog food was heavy on artificial flavors and low on natural ingredients. But these days it’s becoming ever more common for dog food to be made with the same ingredients as what people put on their own plate. But this Facebook trend is hardly new. There’s been a few dog food companies which have paved the way for the rest. In particular, the high quality dog food brand Beneful was created right from the start with a mission statement focused on natural ingredients. One of the most important points about Beneful’s dog food was that the customer must be able to see what they’re getting. No person would want an unidentifiable mass on their plate. And in the same way a dog food’s mark of quality comes from being able to note the specific ingredients within any meal. Beneful was and continues to be devoted to the idea that dog food should be made with real foods. Instead of simply looking at it as a nutritional supplement, Beneful looks at their product as a set of meals. People don’t sit down to eat a single thing. And dogs also crave a variety of different tastes and textures when they’re running to their bowls. As such, all of Beneful’s brands contain a mix of different flavorful and natural ingredients within the package.

The Boom In NYC Real Estate

In an article in the Town Residential, it has been noted that the real estate industry in NYC apartments for rent is on the upswing. This is good news for both sellers and buyers in the region. Whenever there is an upswing in the industry, the houses move at a greater pace allowing people to sell fast and buyers to find a place quickly.

At Town Residential Real Estate, potential customers will be treated with respect and courtesy. The agents are very practiced in their field, and they are education and licensed in order to perform the duties to their finest abilities.

Using the Town Residential Real Estate agents is a positive for both buyers and sellers. They will receive the benefits of the agents’ experiences. Since the agents know the area extremely well, they can pinpoint the best areas for the person to look at when purchasing a unit. Since many people are interested in having schools, shopping and hospitals near to where they live, this is also important to the agent. Other important factors that they consider is the entertainment and dining options that are near to a place a person is moving to.

When the Town Residential Real Estate agent is working for either the buyer or the seller, they will discuss how much they will charge in the event that a deal is met. Since they will take a percentage of the price, whether it is a purchase or a sale, this will all be explained to the client in the beginning when they first are discussing the situation.

There are many people that are extremely happy with the Town Residential Real Estate agents, and the services that they can provide for them. They recommend them to others when they hear that someone is buying or selling a home.

How YouTube Makes It Easy To Become Famous

Wengie is a name that a lot of people are getting to know. She has become a YouTube star that has become a dominant force in the cosmetics industry. She had managed to build an audience that is interested in what she has to say. Her makeup tips have become very helpful. This is evident from the growth of her audience.

What Wengie actually represents is a new era of Internet celebrities that are able to build up a new audience based a new generation of consumers. What Wengie has done is become a leader in the world of Japanese makeup videos in Australia. She has become someone that has mastered the makeup, and she is good at given general skin care tips. These are the types of things that have made her a person that others will subscribe to on YouTube.

This is the new era where people can promote what they like, and people will follow them if they are good at it. This is evident for talents like Tori Kelly. She has blossomed into a beautiful singer, but she started with the web videos on YouTube. Wengie is big in Australia, but her fame is spreading beyond this area. She has managed to build an audience that is passionate about what she does, and her fans love to see what she is going to post next. It is obvious that this is one of the most prolific online YouTube personalities when it comes to applying Japanese makeup. She has all the tips and tricks that people love. This is what makes the YouTube videos pop. Wengie presents people with something that they have not thought of before. That is why people continue to tune in and watch.

The same can be said for people that are discovered on YouTube. They have something that separates them from the rest of the people out there. A large majority of singers that join shows like American Idol or The Voice will start out YouTube. Some of them will become what people call “YouTube Famous” before they move even further up into the big leagues. This is a great stepping stone for most people. Some people even make a lucrative career with posting videos that other people watch. Google pays people that have channels when they are getting lots of viewers for videos. This allows YouTube to advertise to more consumers.