Sales of Healthy Dog Food Soaring:

Dog owners are becoming more discerning when it comes to feeding their pooches. As humans try to find ways to eat healthier, they are also trying to do the same for their pets. Many dog food companies are taking advantage of this trend. They have been putting more fresh ingredients into their recipes, while limiting the amount of preservatives. Some of the ingredients you can find in dog food include lamb, salmon, and turkey. But dog food can go beyond just meat recipes. Some products feature blueberries and cranberries. There is also a push to have organic grain-free dog food. Some products have special blends that can help dogs lose unwanted weight. Even snacks and treats for dogs have become healthier with such items as duck jerky and beef burger that have no artificial flavors or colors. Other companies have created special lines of food for senior dogs to aid with their health and digestion. Customers have embraced these new lines of premium, healthier dog food. Since 2009, sales of premium dog food have increased 45 percent, taking in $10.5 billion according to Yahoo Finance. One of the leaders in the premium, healthy dog food industry is Beneful. Founded in 2001, the company specializes in both dry and wet food that is nutritious. Beneful’s annual revenue comes in at around $1.5 billion. Beneful’s products include healthy puppy and healthy weight dry dog food that contains real chicken and vegetables. The wet dog food has various chopped blends with salmon, chicken, beef, tomatoes, and rice. Even Beneful’s treats are designed to promote good dental health in dogs.

Ross Abelow: Choosing The Right Attorney For Your Need

Choosing an attorney is an important decision. It requires a thorough research to ensure that you choose someone you can work with. Your attorney will provide advice and guide you through the entire legal process in a supportive way, and will strive to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

There are several considerations for selecting the right attorney for you. Important aspects of an attorney’s practice that you need to consider when hiring an attorney include: Experience, past results and cost.

While experience is not everything, an attorney who has represented clients in your type of situation or case may be able to help you obtain favorable outcome. So look for an attorney in New York who is well versed and experienced in your type of case.

When speaking with an attorney about your case, it’s always advisable to ask about track record. Find out how well the attorney handles cases in court or during a negotiation and how successfully he or she advocates for clients.

When you begin to evaluate attorneys on your list of possibilities, it is important to find out whether the law firm or attorney offers free initial consultations. Most attorneys offer the initial consultation at no charge, which allows you and attorney to discuss the case and assess the strength of your case.

Once you have been involved in a legal battle or dispute, the stress you have experienced is tough enough. It is important to be sure you are dealing with a good attorney who has the expertise and experience to help you. You also want to make sure the attorney’s fee is reasonable. By doing your home work and asking important questions before choosing an attorney to represent you, you can be sure that you select the best attorney in New York to to handle your case.

When it comes to selecting an attorney in New York City, consider Ross Abelow. Having a competent attorney can give you the confidence and assurance that your legal issue will receive proper attention. When Ross Abelow represents a client, he takes the time to review the matter thoroughly and then comes up with a powerful legal strategy to address the issue.

Ross Abelow is an accomplished attorney with the flair of persuasiveness. He is a New York based attorney, specializing in Family, Matrimonial and Commercial Litigation Law. Mr Ross Abelow has many years experience in the field and his reputation as an attorney has grown over the years. Ross Abelow has provided excellent services to both businesses and individuals clients. Ross Abelow is well versed in handling high profile cases, and has clients from all walks of life.

Training Your Dog Is Beneficial To Your Family

When people say that they love their pets, they show it by purchasing quality, healthy pet food. These people make sure that they take their pets to the Veterinarian when it is time for a check up or their shots. These same people make sure that they give their pets the love and guidance they need to be good pets. I believe that if you love your pet, you will make sure your pet is well trained and well behaved. Dogs that bark all the time or jump on people need extra training or guidance to behave. Training is difficult if your dog is needing extra energy. Premium dog foods that provide only quality meats and vegetables is a great start. Keeping your dog on a good diet is your responsibility and your duty. You make the choice to get a pet, you must make sure that he or she is behaving well, eating well, and loving well. Premium dog foods are expecting to hit high-profit margins in the coming years. Many of the companies that produce dog food are jumping on the fresh bandwagon. Fresh meats such as beef, chicken and fish will be the first ingredients instead of fillers. Fresh vegetables are second and just as important to a healthy dog. Making sure you are feeding your dog the best is your responsibility. Make sure to check out the new foods coming out that are going to be in the refrigeration units. Dry dog foods, such as Beneful, are full of good tasty moist and dry nuggets. Dogs love to have the mix. they love having crunchy and moist foods to eat. Beneful offers several different food choices. Beef dry, chicken dry, fish, and vegetable mixes in dry food bags. Soft can foods offer these same flavors just in a moist meat sauce such as a gravy. Purina Beneful also gives you the ability to keep your dogs teeth clean. Beneful Dental chews are the perfect treat for your dog and his smile. Make sure to keep your dogs teeth clean to keep him or her from having bad breath and rotten teeth. Beneful treats are a great way to treat your dog and care for them at the same time.

What Happens When You Switch to a Cell Phone Carrier With Contracts, No Contracts, or Freedom Pop

Wanting to change cell phone carriers is one thing; actually doing it is another. To switch keep these tips in mind:

1: Don’t trade two more years of contract for a new cell phone.
As your contract begins to expire, phone companies begin to barrage you with offers for shiny new free phones. Don’t be tempted. If you’ve been wanting to switch ignore the new toys, wait out the remainder of your contract with your now-old phone, and make a change.

2: Some cell phone carriers will buy out your existing contract.
The major cell phone companies that operate under contracts often offer a promotional deal for switching to them. These deals change fast, so if you’re dissatisfied with your current service, check weekly to see what they’re offering.

3: You might need a new cell phone.
While you can usually keep your phone number, your current cell phone might not be compatible with the new cell phone provider’s network. This isn’t a huge problem; each phone operating system (Android, Apple, and Microsoft) contains ample backup software, and the tremendous variety of 3rd-party software solutions means you can turn your new phone into your old phone in less than an hour if needed.

4: It’s important to choose the right provider for you: Contract, no contract, or free.
Contract carriers are the old guard of cell phones. They lock you in to one or to year contracts. Often they build the price of free and cheap phones into that contract.
No contract carriers are a newer iterations. The phones cost a little more upfront, but you pay by the month, and if you want to switch carriers, you can.
Free carriers are new, and as of now, there is only one major player: FreedomPop. With FreedomPop, you can have completely free phone and data service. While the free service is currently limited by number of minutes, it’s remarkable that it exists at all, and their expanded offerings are very competitively priced against the best the other companies offer.

A note about FreedomPop: Yes, they really are free, and you can bring most existing cell phones onto their network.