Yeonmi Park Butts Heads with Pyongyang

Were you to see Yeonmi Park on the street you would probably let your eyes slide right past her. She is a young woman who looks like a doll come to life with porcelain skin and large, round eyes. Park’s soft and pretty exterior flawlessly covers up a past that is filled with the sort of fear and violence that growing up in North Korea can only give. Throughout it all Park consistently showcased one thing: her will to live. You can read her entire story in her Amazon released autobiography, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, as reported by Despite her winning the hearts over of people int he West, things aren’t easy for Park back home.
If you are a North Korean defector there are really only a couple of outcomes available to you. You can slink out of your country and turn into a ghost, another defector trying to live in a world without their home. You can become a target of North Korea’s wrath: many defectors who chose to speak up about their experiences end up in serious trouble, or worse. Finally you can take the route that Yeonmi took and you can become an icon and a representation of hope.

As Park’s popularity has continued to soar around the world she has seen Pyongyang double down in their personal attacks. North Korea can’t have a defector like Park gain any traction or else the words of condemnation she lauds at North Korea will have even more meaning, more depth. North Korea knows that she is telling the truth, but the truth is a liquid thing in the oppressive world of North Korea. Right now Pyongyang is launching a consistent source of condemnation propaganda via multiple videos. The videos are, of course, melodramatic while verging on the point of eye roll worthy. But they are consistent and they are trying to damage Park. Yeonmi’s story is currently under fire but Pyongyang’s insistence on discrediting it is only making her case even stronger for the people that already believe her at this point in time.

Igor Cornelsen Successful Investment Advisor

Banker And Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a born and raised native of Brazil. He retired in 2010 from banking and investment and is currently living in South Florida. He is a person that is very well recognized as one of the leading bankers and investors in Brazil and all over the globe. Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor simply because he has mastered a great deal about the stock market over many years. Igor Cornelsen has worked well for many banks. After moving to South Florida he created the investment firm Bainbridge Investments Group in the Bahamas. He works at the firm as an advisor for stocks, foreign exchange, and commodities.

Advisor And Mentor

Igor Cornelsen has been a terrific advisor and mentor for training many investors when it comes to their investment portfolios. He highly advises on investing for a stable, long-term increase rather than short-term profits. For many investors who are looking for investment advice, Mr. Cornelsen suggests starting investing more rapidly than to wait and invest later on. By investing in more than one stock, investors should make several small investment to prevent from losing due to slow performance of that one stock.


Igor Cornelsen also is an author and blogger who has written many articles for anyone looking for guidance in investments. The fact, details, and information that he has written about presents numerous beneficial techniques of the investment industry. He is very serious about the importance of committing to invest for the long term in order to achieve a successful outcome. His major point that he wants investors to understand is there is no instant fulfillment without long term commitment. An investor can gain a huge substantial profit as much as over five hundred percent as long as they commit to the investment market for a life span.

Investment Tips

In accordance with Igor Cornelsen, short-term investment options are often more dangerous and will leave an investor without the feeling of stability. If you’re seeking to engage in the investment markets, and you’re not committed to long-term investing methods, you will never find success. Investing in stocks is not like playing the lottery.

Mr. Cornelsen states most billionaire investors become very wealthy from long-term investments. Mr. Cornelsen concentrates on investment options in Brazil because of his substantial knowledge of the Brazilian banking market and because it has the eight largest economies. Anyone looking to invest in a company should do a background check. Don’t invest in a company who have many turnovers from the leadership at the top level of the company. Investors are urged to make wise investment decisions.

Fabletics: From the Gym to a Night Out on the Town

Kate Hudson is an actress, mom and wife. She knows that women will often wear many hats. She knows that in the course of the day that many women will not have the time to transition from one outfit to another. She knows that the working class may not have the money to spend on outfits for going out and gym gear. Her team has done the research on She is aware of the shopping patterns of customers. That is why she made a decision to do something that was a bit out of the ordinary. Hudson devised a plan to condense the amount of money that people had to spend. She has also built a brand that has allowed people to minimize the amount of time that is spend with shopping.

According to an article about Fabletics on Bustle has become the brand that people are impressed with because they know that they can get clothes that are designed for hanging out even when they are not working out. Fabletics is a lot different than the typical clothes that are on the market today. Much of the gym gear that is out there is devised for working out only. It isn’t the type of clothing that is designed for much of anything else. Kate Hudson realized this on because she is adamant about working out. As someone that is bound to do more than working out during the course of the day she knew that other women would face the same dilemma that she faced. She didn’t want to have to go into a booth and do this whole Clark Kent turning into Superman transformation to work out. She wanted to be able to run errands during the day and just go right into working out in what she already had on.

That is why people are praising Kate Hudson’s brand. Females realize that they can hangout, go to the grocery store, pick up dry cleaning and hit that yoga class without ever changing what they are wearing. This is the greatest aspect of having access to this type of Fabletics clothing. It is designed for comfort and style.

Wen Experiment Worked Out The Kinks

Braving the unknown, Emily McClure of Bustle magazine changed her beauty routine for an experiment and used Wen hair care products. She describes her entire trial in an article on but to sum it up there are excellent benefits to the product but it comes with a catch.

During McClure’s test of Wen by Chaz Dean kicked off with WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner, hoping her results would be similar to that seen by women in the commercials who flaunt their flawless, voluminous hair for the camera. The first couple of days yielded mixed results for her, while her hair was soft and flowing it also had a noticeably greasy feeling and fell flat fast. Once she realized the trick of the new beauty routine, McClure loved the Wen hair product but offered some very specific advice. Shower in the morning and prepare to style your hair daily, this product is not for lazy hair days. Showering at night was the culprit behind leaving her hair feeling less than fabulous.

Wen Hair was created Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles celebrity hair stylist, who believes in an all-natural and healthy lifestyle. In effort to bring that philosophy to the salon chair these products are made from natural ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals. A full line of cleansing and styling products are available on with a variety of natural scents, as well as a line for kids. Pet products to keep furry companions naturally clean and pampered are also offered by Wen.