Equities First Holdings Finds an Emergent Trend among Individuals who Secure Working Capital Using Stock as Collateral

Global lender Equities First Holdings, LLC, finds more traction in margin loans and stock-collateralized loans in an economic atmosphere where financial institutions have made it harder to secure loans. For borrowers who want to raise capital quickly or are not qualified for more conventional credit-based loans, equities lending offers them an attractive alternative.

Despite the fact that some options still exist for these borrowers, not long ago, several banks and other financial institutions decreased their lending options, made the process of qualifying for loans more difficult, and increased interest rates. Equities First Holdings founder and CEO Al Christy Jr. sees stock-backed loans as an excellent borrowing option for people looking for working capital. Loans collateralized by stocks do not only have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin alternatives but also offer a fixed interest rate, guaranteeing certainty all through the duration of the transaction.

As with a conventional loan, the borrower must be prequalified with a margin loan and may require that the loan is put to a particular use. The borrowers should expect to work with a variable interest rate and loan-to-value ratios between 10 to 50 percent. Moreover, the lending company may liquidate the collateral, in the event of a margin call, without giving notice.

With stock-backed loans, however, borrowers can anticipate a fixed interest rate ranging from three and four percent. These individuals can also expect loan-to-value ratios between 50 to 75 percent and no restrictions on the loan so that the loan can be put to any use. Besides, since most stock-based loans are non-recourse, borrowers are free to walk away at any time without any obligations.

About Equities First Holdings

Al Christy Jr. founded Equities First Holding is 2002. Since then, the company has grown from a local to an international firm. The Indianapolis-based firm has offices in seven countries, including London, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Equities First Holdings is a full-service, non-purpose lender that specializes in providing securities based services. The company offers loans depending on their assessment of risk and future performance associated with the treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Through Equities Firsts’ straightforward process, clients can gain fast access to liquidity at quite affordable rates.

Devco still hasn’t seen its money

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority has been in arrears for the last five years. At the last count, it had racked up $7 million in missed payments. That hole just got deeper. Last month the authority failed to pay $1 million in principal and interest on a $20 million loan it received from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.
The loan is from 2005 and funded the construction of a New Brunswick hotel and conference center, The Heldrich, developed by the New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco), a local non-profit organization.

The New Jersey State Senate President Stephen Sweeney had trumpeted Devco in the past as an example of what can be accomplished when the state gives public money to private corporations to undertake large-scale construction projects.

DEVCO is the model for the Atlantic City Development Corporation, which expects to see over $200 million in public and private funding to develop The Gateway Project in the Chelsea section of Atlantic City. The two Corporations are both headed by Chris Paladino, an attorney who also arranged the loan for The Heldrich hotel and conference center.

The Heldrich opened back in 2007 and sports 235 rooms. But, when the country quaked under the recession the following year, the Heldrich began to struggle. It failed to attract guests. Its occupancy rate tumbled to just 63.5 percent last year. Johnson & Johnson is its largest account, and their executives sit on the New Brunswick Development Corporation’s board of directors.

The hotel is so desperate for funds that the corporation had to take around $776,000 of its own money to pay for basic expenses, like mattresses and carpet replacement, Paladino recently told the Atlantic City Press.

The New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco) is a private non-profit real estate development company launched in the 1970’s. It’s overseen nearly $1.6 billion of investment in New Brunswick since its founding.


Britons Invest in Gold

This year, Britain decided to leave the European Union. This decision has affected many investors in the country. One teacher from Yorkshire Grace Hall has been worried about her family’s fortune. Three days after the vote, Britain stocks and the sterling pound plummeted. Grace took some of her life savings and deposited them into gold.

Grace and her husband are worried that the banks might fail, and they might lose their hard earned money. Grace is not alone in this dilemma. Many parents in the country are worried about their kids and the future. Gold dealers have reported a huge number of gold clients since the Brexit. Most of the clients are first- time buyers because they believe that gold is a safe haven when unexpected events such as Brexit occur.

Joshua Saul, the current CEO of Pure Gold Company, says that the speed at which clients are buying gold is unprecedented. In the recent past, new investors like Grace Hall visited the institution, and they have converted half of their network to gold. In the past, most clients in Pure Gold Company invested just five to ten percent of their worth into gold.

Royal Mint, one of the popular coin producers owned by the government has reported a significant increase in its sales, just weeks after the Britain vote. In June this year, over four million pounds in the form of silver and gold was traded online, seven times the normal average. Bullionvault.com, a London-based platform reported that the new UK buyers had gone up with over one hundred and seventy percent, compared to the previous years.

The property market, on the other hand, has experienced some adverse changes since the Brexit vote. In London, more than eighteen million pounds invested in property funds was reported to have been frozen this July. One of the property companies in London said the ongoing financial panic was worse than anything they had ever experienced. Most of the real estate firms do not believe what is happening to the market. Many projects that were supposed to start have not, and many consumers are not planning to invest any money in more properties.

Gold Dealers in the nation say that this is not the first the investors are running to invest in gold. During the subprime crisis that happened in 2007, the dealers saw an increased number of gold investments. The same occurred when Europe had a debt crisis in 2013.

The Launch of Investigator Pro 4.0 by Secures Technologies

Securus Technologies leads in the provision of technical solutions for civil and criminal justice. Recently, the company announced the launch of JLG Technologies, the latest Investigator Pro 4.0 with searchable voice. The new software allows investigators to collect a voice sample and use it to search all other calls where the voice occurs.


According to Michael Kester, COO of JGL Technologies, Investigator Pro 4.0 will help unveil gang-related activities by identifying the called parties by voice. Additionally, it will assist in determining other inmates that may have communicated with that party. Interestingly, the IPRO 4.0 comes with sophisticated biometric that alerts investigators about a crime before it happens. Not only does the searchable device help identify the PIN/ID or telephone number, but also makes it possible to follow the individual voice.


With the IPRO 4.0, investigators can determine what inmates communicate to a particular party. Furthermore, the software can tell whether the called party was ever an incarcerated prisoner. The searchable voice can be combined with other analysis features to improve efficiency at the facilities. For example, it may be combined with high-interest group tagging and voice identification confidence rating to build a sophisticated and powerful toolkit to help identify criminal networks over inmate telephone system.


About Securus Technologies

Founded in 1986, Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company serves over 3,450 correctional agencies, law enforcers, public safety and over 1.2 million inmates across North America. Securus Technologies has employed over 1,000 employees and is reportedly said to have contracts with over 2,500 correctional facilities nationwide. Securus Technologies is committed to connecting and serving inmates and their friends and relatives by providing emergency response, public information, corrections and monitoring and inmates self-service to make jails safer places to live. Securus Technologies focuses on providing technological solutions to criminal and civil challenges experienced at correctional facilities.


The Business Adventures of Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a well respected entrepreneur and businessman. He has played a major role in the start up of many different companies. Ressler sold his first company, FitnessHeaven.com to Intermix Media in 2001. After Intermix purchased his start up, Ressler was offered at position at the company.

During his time at Intermix he met young entrepreneur Adam Goldenberg, the then COO of Intermix. Goldenberg was the youngest COO of a public trading company. The two developed a strong friendship while working together. The bond between the two would lead to them founding Alena Media together. With the leadership of the two, Alena Media quickly became the only profitable subsidiary of Intermix.

Intermix Media was acquired by News Corporation in 2005. Despite how profitable and successful Alena Media had been for Intermix, Ressler and Goldenberg saw their creation get tossed aside by the media conglomerate. Ressler and Goldenberg were so frustrated with News Corps’ decision to scrap Alena Media they left the company. Which was very easy considering they had nothing tying them to the company.

The two decided to combine their many skills and expertise in online performance advertising and use them to create a brand building enterprise. They knew they were well enough adept to pull it off. After brainstorming brand ideas and other concepts with former employees of Alena Media, Don Ressler and Goldenberg founded Intelligent Beauty, a direct to consumer brand building business.

DERMSTORE was the first brand Intelligent Beauty developed. DERMSTORE is an online skincare and cosmetics marketplace. DERMSTORE was reportedly highly profitable. Intelligent Beauty’s success led to Technology Crossover Ventures offering the company $43 million in funding, which the company reluctantly accepted in 2008.

In 2010, Intelligent Beauty launched it most successful subsidiary to date, JustFab. The online subscription fashion retailer was the third company created by Intelligent Beauty. In just one year the company built a membership base of a little over 4 million. By 2012, the company gained around 2 million more prompting o founders Ressler and Goldenberg to raise a second round of funding. They received $76 million in funding from several world renowned companies in just two months since beginning the second round.

Due to its early success JustFab was able to raise another $85 million in funding in 2014. Today, the company is busy figuring out ways to further expand their reach.


Update: JustFab becomes TechStyle Fashion Group

The stunning result of WEN cleansing conditioner on Chaz Dean Hair.

When Chaz Dean applied the WEN hair Cleansing Conditioner, she had her reservation. The WEN chemical is commonly used by the beautiful women shaking their hair around showing how magical the cleansing conditioner can be. The perfect result of the conditioner on women attracted Chaz Dean (https://chazdean.com/store.aspx) to change her thin hair into a luscious, TV-worthy strands. As a media personality with a tight schedule, Chaz has little time to shower since she travels a lot and only bath at night.
Therefore when Chaz had the Wen products which is an all in one shampoo, conditioner, and styling treatment she loved it. Her choice was the Fig version which gave her hair moisturized bouncy and shiny feeling in seven days.
In day one, WEN Cleansing Conditioner changed Chaz’s hair which got damaged from her long travel without a shower. She applied the right recommended 24-32 pumps amount of the shampoo on her hair that led to a healthy, thick, shiny and bouncy hair.
The Second day, Chaz’s hair was greasy and flat. When Chaz showered and blew dry her hair, the hair became shiny, voluminous and oily. Thanks to WEN shampoo, Chaz’s hair got more supine, shiny and healthier than before. On the third and fourth day, Chaz woke up to find the hair grease-ball that made her not to bother to visit the saloon. WEN shampoo made her hair stronger on their roots preventing them from falling off.
Still applying the Wen shampoo on day five, Chaz’s looked stunning and softer hair for quick curl plus long lasting wave.
On the sixth day, the state of Chaz’s hair so good that when she went out with her girlfriends, she was the center of attraction, and had boosted confidence as she continued to apply on the seventh day. Wen hair products are available on Sephora cosmetics and online on Ebay. For more info, visit the website http://www.wenhaircare.com/.