Doe Deere Followed Her Heart To Makeup

Doe Deere Ideamensch

Doe Deere is a very successful business woman. she’s got her own makeup company which is blossoming and helping new men and women everyday embrace their unique look. It’s easy to see that Deere is an inspiration to anyone. She was recently asked what advice she would give others who want to start their own business and she told them to follow their heart. It seems like such a simple piece of advice but it’s never been more true. Deere believes that everyone has a unique talent and they need to embrace it and pursue it. It’s what they were put on the earth to do.

Deere got where she is today by following her dreams. It wasn’t easy but she knew she had a skill and passion and that’s how she was able to make Lime Crime so successful. Deere didn’t start out as someone pursuing makeup right away. She actually went a few different routes before she really got in tune with herself and learned what she was good at. Deere started out selling temporary tattoos in Russia when she was 13. This was actually a great start because she was able to learn that she can make others feel awesome through selling a product. Deere was also able to show off a product and inspire others to buy it. That’s key in any business. Deere further learned more skills while she was a musician.

Being a musician helped Deere to develop a drive and a passion. She learned what it was like to be in a business where you have to strive every day to be the best. Being a musician also had other perks, Deere met her husband. After being a musician, Doe Deere also took on a role in marketing. This was crucial to her success too because it taught her what it would be like to run a business.

Deere always loved bright colors. She looks great in lipsticks that are blues, greens, oranges, purples, and any other unique color. She loves it because it looks great with her hair and her great complexion. What Deere noticed, however, was that there wasn’t much selection in the stores. She was dismayed to find that stores were into a natural look and they were trying to conform everyone into that. Stores were selling lipsticks that were red and pink shades as well as very dull eyeshadows. They were trying to tell people that everyone should look the same. Deere didn’t like that and Lime Crime was born.

Lime Crime is a makeup line that specializes in unique colors in all products. They are colors that help people to make a statement. Lime Crime products are there for people who treat makeup as an art form and truly want to express themselves. They can wear glitter, hair chalk, purple lipstick, and anything else that makes them feel magical. Deere is all about helping others wear makeup that makes them happy. Her products also look great so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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