The Lime Crime Lifestyle

Chances are if I’m going to support a product I’m going to need to enjoy a little more than just what colors are available. What I wear is a reflection of who I decide to be and I choose to be more than simply a surface level experience so what I put on has to reflect my ideals and my passion just as deeply. I wouldn’t wear something that went directly against my values.

After searching around and few suggestions from friends I found Lime Crime’s line and fell in love. The colors, the models, the image was everything I wanted for myself. I just had to decide if I could support the company. Did it follow what I know to be true about the world?

According to Doll Skill, Lime Crime fit that decision perfectly, after looking into their philosophy, I found a line of products that mirrored my beliefs as well made amazing products.

Their adherence to fair and humane policies made purchasing sets of eye shadow palettes more than just a fashion decision but a declaration of support for a company that stood behind the same beliefs I do. Maintaining their cruelty-free testing, vegan-friendly manufacturing, and using models that promote healthy body image had me sold on the company.

After trying out the Velvetine Matte lipsticks though I was sold completely on the product as well.

First was a set of matte lipstick, then the venus eye shadow, followed by a jumper eventually I was getting complete outfits off of their site.

Their line of Mercy Doll clothes was unlike anything I had seen in other stores and soon my closet began to fill with tightly fitting mesh tops and winged shoes.

Much more than a line of products, Lime Crime embodies an entire philosophy of life. We share the same idea of being true to your identity, making bold statements, and looking good while doing it.

Haircare Do’s & Dont’s

When it comes to haircare, men and women both seem to take such great pride in what the “All Mighty” has given them. According to, the Haircare Industry is enormous and the profits are somewhere in the billions. The isles of most stores are endless with haircare products that range from shampoo, styling gel, conditioner, pomades, and mousse. Each of these products can give you the specific look you’re seeking, but these items can be harmful with consistent use. Many if not all of these products are loaded with chemical additives that can reap havoc on your scalp such as dryness, itch, dandruff, oil, and even hairloss.

Haircare shouldn’t be detrimental to one’s health so that’s why it’s up to the consumer to apply their own research. Luckily there is a brand ( that provides you with nutritional hair health. This exclusive brand uses natural ingredients such as chamomile extract, aloe vera leaf, wild cherry bark, glycerin, panthenol, pomegranate extract, lavender, and many more. Wen hair by Chaz is setting new trends in the industry with it’s revolutionary effects. Created by celebrity haircare stylist Chaz Dean, (WEN) has a solid backing behind it and can potentially reverse much of the constant damage that’s already been afflicted.

Chaz Dean applies the same concept of his lifestyle over to his product line. Health is what fuels this brand to success and is currently changing the status quo. WEN by Chaz is changing the game for the better, but the ultimate and final decision is that of the consumer.

Visit the brand’s official Facebook page and Twitter account to have a preview on what WEN Hair care has to offer.

Your Christmas Using Securus

Holiday season can be very difficult for individuals in the prison system. It is incredibly important that you look for a system that works for you and allows you to do home video visitation that is going to enable you to have better communication with your loved one. One of the best systems on the market right now is known as Securus and is being used by thousands of prison families all over the world. This is a great quality system that enables you to video visit with your loved ones no matter where they happen to be around the country.


My own experience using Securus has been a wonderful one for me and my loved one because it allowed us both to communicate in a more responsible and secure manner. I had forgotten how difficult it was to keep in touch with a loved one when they were behind bars and this is why it truly changed my world when they were put into prison for several months. The holiday season was very difficult for the both of us because we did not have any way to keep in touch with each other and it was too expensive for me to make a trip to the prison to see them face to face. This is when I began to do my own research and discovered Securus as a result of this.


Securus is one of the best communication systems put into the prison system in the past several years and is being used by person family over the country. You will be amazed at how convenient and efficient this amazing system can be for you and it is why so many people have utilized in their own lives now that they know that it exists. During the Christmas season, it is especially important that you use a system like this so that you can have better quality communication with your loved one without necessarily having to make a trip to the prison just to be able to see them. It can be very difficult and costly to make a trip to the prison during the holidays when you are otherwise on a relatively strict budget from spending so much on presents and this system can make it easier for you when you make the decision to use it on a regular basis for the benefit of yourself and your loved one as well.


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Adam Goldenberg Is Giving JustFab A New Name

Adam Goldenberg, the co-CEO of JustFab is now changing the name that company to TechStyle Fashion Group. According to Business Insider, Goldenberg felt the name change was necessary because his company was looking to make strides in customer service improvement, and was incorporating big data usage in the customer experience as well. So TechStyle is now starting to become the bridge between fashion shopping and the latest technology developments. Adam Goldenberg and his co-CEO Don Ressler had originally built the company to be for online shoppers, but they’ve seen the benefit of traditional stores where customers can try on the clothing, so there are now stores open in various locations in the US, and Goldenberg and Ressler plan to open more in the near future.

Before Goldenberg started this billion-dollar fashion gig, he was working for the parent company of MySpace. Adam Goldenberg had become a self-made businessman when he was only 15 years old, founding the company Gamer’s Alliance. Intermix Media, the MySpace company had become interested in it and they saw just how special Goldenberg’s talent was. So when he was only 20 years old, he became the company’s chief operating officer, the youngest ever to serve in that position on a publicly-traded company.

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Adam Goldenberg became friends with another entrepreneur whose company had been bought out by Intermix Media, Don Ressler. Ressler and Adam Goldenberg began to bounce business ideas off of each other, and soon they started founding several marketing brands while working for Intermix Media. These brands became pretty successful and soon MySpace was generating revenue. Unfortunately, News Corporation who bought out Intermix Media in 2005 didn’t take any interest in Goldenberg and Ressler’s companies, so the two men decided that year to leave the company. MySpace was in the midst of a boom that year, but in the long run this would pay off for the two men.

Goldenberg and Ressler had been exploring the health and beauty industry, and they started distributing products under a parent company called Intelligent Beauty. In 2010, they got into fashion and started up JustFab, which would later become TechStyle. JustFab became quite a hit in the fashion community with all the functions it hosted and the ideas that reached the ears of celebrities, most notably Kimora Lee Simmons and Kate Hudson who both adopted the company’s fashion line. JustFab also received venture capital funding from several companies including Josh Hannah’s Matrix Partners. Today JustFab runs not only in the US, but has several partners around the globe.

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Handy Cleaning Company Focuses More on Making Profits and Delivering Quality Services Rather than Growth

Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan are founders of Handy Cleaning Company. The New York-based company ( specializes in providing cleaning services. The company has earned the loyalty of its clients due to its exceptional cleaning services.

Dua and Hanrahan were still in college when they decided to establish a cleaning company. In 2012, they officially launched Handy. In just a few years, the company bought Mopp and Exec, their rivals companies. As they strived to build their business, their primary business rival, Homejoy, dissolved its company. The dissolution was not a good sign, but it also meant that Handy Cleaning Company was the only service provider left. This increased demand for cleaning services and was prompted to hire more hourly employees. The company recruited over 100 staff members who were working in shifts and manning the phones.

Execution of the online onboarding process

In line with its mission of offering outstanding services to clients, Handy Cleaning Company decided to adopt new strategies that shocked the business fraternity. They started by laying off most of their employees and introducing chatbots. Unlike people who require breaks and leaves, chatbots operated on a full-time basis. Clients were required to enter their names into the chatbots, and in turn, they would receive services.

Upon reducing their workforce, they also adopted a strategy to outsource customer experiences to call centers in Missouri and Florida. By doing so, they reduced the cost of customer services by a record 50 percent.

Handy’s decision to make this changes was not an easy one. Fortunately, they had the support of their investors. Other businessmen like Donn Davis were surprised at this expensive endeavor and thought is as over ambitious.

Currently, the cost of acquiring customer service has been reduced by 20 percent. Discounted booking is now set at seven percent while the company’s gross margin has increased by 20 percent. The company’s burn rate has also been observed to be dwindling. Handy is expecting to make more profits in the coming months.