ClassDojo Enhancing Learning By Improving The Classroom Experience

Learning has for many years been something that students have to tolerate but with the introduction of ClassDojo application, it will now be a fun experience to spend time in a classroom. The ClassDojo application is offering teachers and parents a seamless way through which they can connect and understand more about the learning process of the students. The application seeks to eliminate the many meetings teachers have with parents at towards the end of the terms. ClassDojo allows teachers to turn the classroom into an enjoyable space by communicating with parents in real-time and offering the resources needed for students to learn better.  Check for more postings.

Through the application, parents can see what their students are doing and can understand more about their children. This allows them to contribute to the learning process and to also offer resources that help the students to handle their studies more seamlessly. It is a revolutionary app that is looking to eliminate the tedious processes that force teachers to keep asking parents to show up at schools.

Since the launch of the application in 2010, 2 in 3 schools across the U.S. have adopted it and this shows the growth at which it has been moving and the appreciation it has been getting from parents and teachers. As the CEO of ClassDojo explained, their aim is not to first make money off the application. They are after developing the platform and getting as many teachers and parents on board as possible.

Premium features that can lead to monetization will be added later when the app gains many users and its infrastructure reinforced enough to handle the traffic. ClassDojo is also supporting students in the sense that they can also take part in the discussions that concern their welfare. This means they can help in decisions that affect their learning, hence creating a better environment for their growth.

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More about ClassDojo
ClassDojo is a mobile application that was launched in 2010 that is working to offer teachers and parents a conducive environment where they can enhance the learning experience. It is built as a platform where teachers can share live videos of the students then parents can also submit their ideas through a real-time messaging system.

With the application, it is possible to include students in managing their affairs and hence in the process improve the learning experience. Students stand to gain more with the great support they receive from both parents and teachers.


Igor Cornelsen Provides Interesting Brazilian Investing Tips

Igor Cornelsen has done an excellent job in the field of investing. He has been keeping his eye on the Brazilian market even though he no longer works in Brazil. This has much to do with the fact that most of this career was spent working in Brazil. Cornelsen was there long enough to know that there are some basic rules to investing in Brazil that people have to take heed to.

The first rule of business in investing in Brazil is to stay aware of the red tape. This is something that people will get discouraged about if they are not careful. There can be a lot of friction that comes into play when a new business is started up. People can find themselves waiting on the investments in companies that may not be allowed to operate in Brazil in the beginning on Facebook. It takes time to iron things out and investors just have to expect this when they invest in Brazil.

Another thing that people have to consider is the way that the current rates of exchange will affect investments. This is really something that people have to be mindful of anywhere that they look. The investment world at can be a real challenge so you must know how your American dollars stack up to the currency exchange rate in Brazilian dollars.

The third thing that people can realize when they become fans of investing in Brazil is that they have to take in touch with the natives. There is no way to know what the favorable investments on are without staying connected to what the people of Brazil are doing. When you have access to these people and the things that they are interested in you can make better decisions about your long term investment goals.

Igor Cornelsen knows all of these things because he has lived in Brazil and made plenty of investments in Latin America. He knows what works. He knows about the things that will not work. Cornelsen lives in America now, but he has shared this information online for all that wish to consider Brazilian investing.

Josh Verne Soaring On His Passion

Josh Verne is the current CEO of He is an entrepreneur with over twenty years of starting, developing, and selling companies. His favorite quote is from Johnathan Swift who said that vision is visualizing what others see as invisible.


Josh Verne works on the principal of being a leader but not a boss. A boss takes advantage of his position to do things to the best of his interest while a leader respects his people and uses that connection to achieve company goals.


So as to succeed in business, any transaction made should be a Win-Win situation. Don’t ever agree to a win-lose circumstance. A Win-Win situation motivates your clients, employees and yourself. There’s always a strategy to build a win for everyone.


Josh Verne emphasizes that leaders should speak less and listen more as they’ve one mouth and two ears.


Leaders should have a balance in life meaning that one should make time for everything proportionally because if your family suffers in one way but not financially, you’ll also suffer in that way. A balanced life means making progress in all divisions of life.


Your success lies within your passion. Most entrepreneurs who do what they love are successful because they wake up with a drive to achieve more. Your interests hold the key to good life.


About Josh Verne

Josh Verne founded, in 2012 together with Paul Dumas, and Jon Dorfman. is a fully developed firm that has several million clients in the United States only. The company gives 0% financing via payments that paid in installments of 2, 4, 8 or 12 months. only takes these installments from a customer’s bank account like deductible fees. There is no other form of payment.


Josh Verne who has accrued 20 years of founding, developing and selling companies. He sold at a profit to Global Analytics. Currently, Mr. Verne serves as the CEO of

Why Lori Senacal is the answer to CP + B Company

Lori Senecal is an established lady in career industry as she is the Global CEO of CP + B Company, reports Ad Week. A company she got appointed out of her experience and hard work in the industry. Her professional career has been such to envy as she has been rising from rank to rank till she reached her current position. She has worked in various organizations, and that has equipped her with the necessary skills to achieve the best in her current body. Among the companies, she has used to work for is the MDC where she was the president and the CEO, McCann Erickson where she was the co-founder. Of her other achievements is in the McCann NY where she rose from different ranks to become the president. Other organization in her profile includes the Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal.

What makes her a special leader is her attainment of a degree in marketing and finance from McGill University. During her various leadership roles in the organization, she has gotten other attributes that make her successful in every organization that she may be. Among the most notable skills are the Leadership, E-commerce, digital strategy among many others. It has put her in the forefront as she can understand all the stakeholders in the organizations like the employee, clients and any other in interested party.

Due to her many accomplishments, she has been awarded many times. The awards she has in her pocket include AWNY Game Charger Award, Quantum Leap Award, and the Advertising age’s women award. On her free time, she engages in giving advising on leadership in various media stations. See her Forbes profile to view more.

Her function in the current organization is to propel the team achieve the fast growth and thus see it expands its operations. She is also the one assigned the task of seeing that the eight offices are working coherently.

She appears best suited for the position as she has a lot of knowledge concerning the agency. The organization hopes to benefit from her wealth of experience.

She hopes to propel the company higher by working with the talented team in the organization.

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Mike Baur Furthers Support For Young Entrepreneurs Across Switzerland

Mike Baur has been working with successful entrepreneurs across Switzerland to help young individuals understand about running small businesses. He is among professionals who have helped to build small businesses across the country through the Swiss Startup Factory, which he founded with the sole aim to support the growth of entrepreneurship across the country. Mike Baur is a professional who worked as a banker for nearly 20 years before he resigned in 2014 to pursue his dream. Although a difficult idea, the resignation allowed him to join an industry that opened his life up and allowed him to get a better view of the world of business.


What the Swiss Startup Factory does is to offer young entrepreneurs the key to running their businesses profitably. The company offers a three months incubation program that is designed to allow entrepreneurs to get a clearer picture of the industry they are about to join. They take the startups through several stages, each with a distinct message and plan for development that ensures the business finally gets to grip the market well. The Swiss Startup Factory is made up of experts from different industries, who avail the tools needed to help the startups to implement their ideas.



A brand that is presented well and marketed for the entire world to see is able to make impact within a short duration. Lack of branding skills could stall the progress of a startup, reason the Swiss Startup Factory offers support to startups to ensure they embrace the right practices for branding.


Access to finance

Financing a business is one of the most demanding tasks that every startup has to work around. Although many talented entrepreneurs have good ideas, they lack the financial muscle to push their ideas to grow. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, entrepreneurs are able to access financial support from the wide pool of investors, who are always prepared to join any startup that promises growth and success in the long run.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the few entrepreneurs in Switzerland who have gone out of their way to offer assistance to upcoming entrepreneurs. In 2014, he exited banking and joined entrepreneurship, where he kicked his career off with launching the Swiss Startup Factory, which is working with startups across the Switzerland to help them get on the path of development. He is a Finance and Banking graduate with an Executive MBA.


The Very Best In Skin Lightening

Back in the day, skin lightening cream was known to be a bit taboo to some degree. Black People or any People of Color has high amounts of melanin in their skin, which gives it that beautiful brown hue. Brightening the skin (via) chemicals is frowned upon in this community because it isn’t natural, but brightening the skin naturally is looked at in a positive light. Makari de Suisse, which is a luxurious line of skin brightening products, is the world leader in this field.

Makari, which means “beautiful” in Swahili, is loaded with the very best of fine ingredients that grow from the earth itself. Unlike chemically loaded products, Makari gives you that radiant glowing skin without any of the ill side effects. Being the most diverse group of people on the planet, anyone of a darket hue can benefit from these innovative products whether you’re tan toned, copper colored, honey brown, or dark chocolate.

Day Cream,Night Treatment Cream, Caviar Face Cream, Exfoiating Whitening Soaps, and over 60 more products will give you that smooth brighter appearance that you’ve been seeking. Makari has set a new standard that the rest of the field has to catch up to. For more info, go to