Jeffry Schneider: Altruism Isn’t Dead

In addition to being a business man, philanthropist, father, and adventurer, Jeff Schneider owns a small company based in Austin, Texas. He’s an outgoing, friendly guy who’s excited to share his personal experience with anyone who is curious. Occasionally, Jeff Schneider details a traveling experience from a business trip or family vacation and discusses the unique traits of his entrepreneurial lifestyle. By divulging personal experiences, he not only inspires others, but he also motivates them to adopt healthy lifestyles and work on their personal development.

As the world changes at a rapid pace, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by daily stress, but it’s vital for our future to remember to help our neighbors. When it comes to putting other people first, few people have the care and dedication of Jeffry Schneider, a father, business leader, and philanthropist. In a place of personal reflection and improvement, Jeff feels that helping others with their health and fitness is of utmost importance.  He is mentally and physically dedicated to not only his health but also the health of others. Jeff strives to help kids and adults with mental and physical wellness. In doing so, he regularly participates in charity work as a means of growth and personal fulfillment in addition to participating in community marathons and other nonprofit fitness events. Knowing every day is a gift and an opportunity to help someone else, he puts others first and makes the world a better place in which to live.

As a humanitarian, Jeffry Schneider knows that monetary contributions to a nonprofit organization is not enough; it is equally important to volunteer and to participate in its activities. So that’s just what he is doing: focusing his time on charities. Today, the world needs people with empathy and leadership abilities to uplift at-risk communities and our evolving environment. Jeffry Schneider understands that if we seek to have a positive effect on our world, we must build stronger communities but knows that accomplishing this requires a strong, seasoned leader. Fortunately, Jeffry is more than up for the task as over the last decade, he’s supported a multitude of organizations during their community outreach projects.

Throughout the last 10 years of his life, Jeffry has prioritized what’s truly valuable to him. Whether he’s spending his time with family, volunteering with medical professionals who work with children, fundraising for children’s advocacy organizations, or working alongside nonprofit groups to build revitalizing programs for at-risk communities, Jeffry is committed to helping today’s youth. An enthusiastic philanthropist, he even sponsors individuals who help kids overcome adversity.

When he’s not helping his neighbors, Jeffry is guiding his business team to success. Jeff’s primary goal is to maintain a positive, healthy workplace environment that encourages employees to focus on their tasks while working at peak production level. To accomplish this, Jeff instills companywide wellness agendas which create a healthy, relaxed, and mindful office culture.

Even though Jeffry Schneider has been continuously giving back to his community for years, he shows no sign of fatigue. He exemplifies daily what it takes to be an excellent leader to those around him. Jeff, continuing to focus on altruism, is ever-ready to extend his philanthropic reach.

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EOS Offers a Tasty Treatment For Cracked Lips

People are often faced with a lot of different issues. Taking care of one’s own lips often gets lost in the shuffle for those that are living hectic lives. After all, when there are plenty of other things that need to get done, some things may get lost in the shuffle. This is especially the case if there is no creativity put into the treatment of dry lips. Fortunately, EOS has outdid Chapstick when it comes to the creativity of treating the lips. For one thing, EOS has taken the time to think about many different solutions to certain factors that may cause people to forget about their lips.

Among the factors that have been addressed by EOS lip balm are the size, shape and flavor of the products. Therefore, they have taken the time to come up with multiple sizes and shapes for taking care of people’s lips. Also, the sizes and shapes make it easier for people to keep track of their items. Therefore, they will have an easier time making sure their lips are moist. They will be less likely to deal with the issues that come with dry lips. For one thing, they will consider applying lip balm to be one of the most important aspects of the day.

One of the most important aspects of the fun of applying lip balm is the flavor. When people taste the products that they apply to their lips, they will find that they will be looking forward to the next time they use the products. They are also very effective because of the Shea butter ingredient that provides deep moisture and rejuvenation to the lips. One is not going to be able to find a reason to not use EOS lip balm. They will only be doing their lips a disservice if they ignore EOS. EOS products are available on Target stores, Walmart and Costco. The products are also available online.

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Timothy Armour’s Success In The Business World

Timothy D. Armour is the current head of the Capital Group Companies and principal executive officer of the famous Capital Research and Management Committee. He studied at Middlebury College where he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Economics.

He then joined the Capital Group companies as a participant in the Associates Program, but has since served in several other roles. The Los Angeles businessman is currently, besides chairman, an equity portfolio manager. He has had 34 years of investment experience with the company, having also served as an equity investment analyst where he covered global telecommunications and U.S service companies. Amour confirmed that his company would work with Samsung Asset Management focused on product supervision, investment administration, distribution channels and retirement organization.

The wall street Journal published an article of Tim Armour speaking on the merits of a passive investment approach. He explained that managers should be able to find value in multiple places by way of intense research and, in that way, help clients to do well in the long run. Before giving a client a green light on a project they want to invest in, the managers should have found out on the risk of the business; that will determine whether it’s worth to invest in a certain business or not.

Tim Armour was adamant that a good manager could deliver people with credit issues from being caught in the pangs of mortgage debts, school fees balances and retirement funds and help them make a turn around. Research from his company showed that active funds that have low expenditure and are well invested in passed the test; many managers had done so in the industry. In the words of Tim, no one hires average people but individuals opt for those who can help achieve beyond what most people have.