Excellent Work of Securus Technologies Gets Rewarded

On 24 February 2017, Securus Technology received a Gold Stevie Award in a gala banquet prepared by Stevie Awards, which recognizes customer service in different organizations. Securus Technologies was named in January as a finalist and came top in the 11th Annual Stevie Award.

Securus Technologies is situated in the United States of America, and its Headquarters are in Dallas, Texas. It is serving more than 3,450 public safety, Law enforcement and correction Agencies, and more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. Securus Technologies serves a broad range in providing an Emergency response, management, Public information, investigation, biometric Analysis, communication, giving information, and keeping guard of products and services to ensure the whole world is a good place to live.

Securus Technologies is ranked as the top provider of civil and criminal justice Technology for public safety, corrections and ensuring there is security. The Securus Technologies offers different types of jobs which include; Implementations Specialist, Account manager, customer service Representatives, Helpdesk technicians, field services, lead Developer, Investigative Analyst 1, and UI developer 2. The Securus Technologies mission is to be recognized as the best brand in law enforcement Industry as a result of having the best services and giving the most valued customer –improving solutions. The Securus Technologies values are integrity, honesty, treating others with respect and courtesy, and accountability to the clients.

Securus Technologies, Inc. has a strong reputation and is highly competitive in the communication industry. Secures controls the environment of innovation, teamwork, and excellent customer service. The Securus Technologies is committed to equal employment opportunity, and give jobs to the Qualified Employees and applicants without regard to the race, gender, colour, religion, national origin, and age status. The obligations of Securus Technologies are hiring, promotion, transfer, termination and training, and treatment during employment.

The Securus Technologies give competitive pay and benefit packages. The benefits are two medical and dental plans, vision care, life insurance and long-term disability Benefits. Securus Technologies provides eligible full-time associates paid off to the sick employees.