Awesome Tips for Back-to-School Budgeting by Freedom Financial

Back-to-school can be chaotic if you are not well planned. However, if you are prepared in advance, you are likely to save a lot. Here are some few tips.

Involve your Child

Sometimes it is stressful to pack your child’s meal while at the same time trying to maintain a balanced diet. Pediatrician Fernando Nimali suggests having a meal board that is easy for kids of all ages to follow and buying a bento-type lunchbox. This allows your kid to pack his own food. You can easily check that he has done it according to the plan.

Show Interest in your Child’s Education

Be sure to attend all the parent/teacher orientation sessions, as they are a good time to understand your child’s learning environment. You also take the chance to meet all your child’s teachers and his classmates. Attending these meetings is important as you show your child that you care about his education while at the same time showing the teacher you value your child’s education.

Have a Routine

Go an extra mile and create a family calendar that marks all the events you are going to participate in throughout the year. Make it mandatory that your child must do his or her homework in time. Have a designated time and place where homework should be done. Also, remember to include co-curriculum activities. However, they should not interfere with the school or homework. The routine should be followed to the letter to ensure your child accomplishes everything including getting enough sleep.

About Freedom Financial

Freedom Financial was established in 2002 with the agenda of providing financial solutions to consumers. Over the years, the company under the leadership of co-CEOs Andrew Housser and Bradford Stroh has helped clients reduce debts, accumulate wealth, and get financial freedom.

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Meet Clay Seagall, An Exceptional Cancer Expert

Achievement is worked through seizing openings. Mr. Siegall had an eye opener amid his young years that influenced him to choose to seek after a wellbeing related vocation. Aside from procuring it huge monetarily, he set out to help growth patients in the detailing of malignancy drugs. Therefore, he is the Founder and the CEO of Seattle Genetics, a biotech organization that spotlights on the improvement of focused tumor treatment drugs.

Vocation decisions are provoked by various reasons. For Clay Siegall, the choice was invigorated by the way that solution intrigued him since adolescence. Also, the innovation in the field appeared to be very entrancing. With the new innovations, his interests turned out to be more striking, and his concentration was to encounter the energy of the propelled innovation. Plus, he needed to stifle the predominance of sicknesses on the planet.

Clay Siegall’s enthusiasm for prescription turned out to be all the more genuine amid his school years. Shockingly, his dad fell sick and was determined to have tumor. The treatment at the time was ruthless with the end goal that his dad practically surrendered to death, not as a result of the incessant sickness but rather the unfriendly symptoms of the chemotherapy treatment. In his mission to look for better treatments, his want was enlivened like never before, and he proceeded to assemble a vocation on it. After some time, he has created to be among the most productive researchers centering disease treatments and medicines.

Mr. Siegall has been the power behind his organization’s advancement of restrictive medications that have worked amazingly well. The persistent offer of the medications has infused significant incomes into his business. Clay achieved a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He is additionally a Ph.D. holder in Genetics from the University of George Washington.

Clay’s profession at Seattle Genetics has been set apart by mind boggling accomplishments. Likewise, he has worked for other profoundly trustworthy therapeutic offices. For example, he has rendered his extraordinary expert administrations at the National Institute of Health, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute, and furthermore the National Cancer Institute. In addition, Siegall sits on the Board of Alder BioPharmaceuticals. Clay has likewise wrote various productions and holds around 15 licenses. He ascribes his accomplishments to his inbuilt enthusiasm, center and diligent work in his work.


Logan Stout Is A Successful Man Who Believes In Positive Thinking

Helping and encouraging other people to succeed is a big part of Logan Stout’s life. Although he is well-known as the founder and CEO of the IDLife health and wellness company, Mr. Stout also wears several other hats.

As a former All-American college baseball player who went on to play minor league baseball, Logan Stout founded the Dallas Patriots baseball team, and the Premier Baseball Academy in Plano and Frisco, Texas.

As a leadership trainer and motivational speaker, Logan Stout regularly urges other people to realistically pursue their goals. He is a big believer in positive thinking, and attributes his success to that positivity.

Being the author of the best-selling book Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams!, Mr. Stout consistently puts his winning ideas to work through his multiple endeavors.

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Logan Stout believes that to attain one’s goals, a person’s body, mind, and soul should be in tune with each other. This also involves maintaining a focus on staying as healthy as possible.

By establishing the IDLife line of healthcare products, Logan Stout has made it possible for consumers to easily access high quality vitamins, sleep strips, weight management products, and skin care items.

Recognizing that every person has their own nutritional needs, IDLife offers a confidential, free health assessment to consumers. Through this assessment, scientifically based recommendations can be formed regarding the best vitamin choices for each person.

A married father of two sons, Logan Stout is a graduate of the University of Dallas, and is involved with several community and charitable organizations. Even though he is regularly featured on various media outlets, and often makes live appearances before crowds of people, Mr. Stout remains a faithful and grateful man.

With the IDLife company, Logan Stout has assembled a top-rate organization that includes the executive team, fitness ambassadors, partners and investors, and a scientific medical advisory board.

Visions of Change – Boraies Influence

This past summer the New Brunswick New Jersey State Theatre had the return of their free summer movie series. The series featured six films from July 12th to August 16th and as the original article published by the New Jersey Stage explains, the series was open to all people of the community including youth, families, and other members of the community. State Theatre, originally constructed in 1921 as a movie palace, has become a notable venue for such events to take place. The free series was sponsored by several prominent establishments, one of these being the Boraie Development.

The Boraie Development, originally founded over 30 years ago, is a real estate company based out of New Brunswick. They have a large array of expertise including but not limited to, real estate development, property management, and real estate marketing. Over the last several decades New Brunswick has seen radical changes in the real estate market, many of which are in part due to The Boraie Development. This can be greatly attributed to the Boraie Developments president, Omar Boraie.

Omar Boraie, now in his 70s, was a man with a vision when he saw New Brunswick. Where many others saw abandoned buildings Boraie saw potential, and starting in 1972 he began to transform New Brunswick. With Boraie’s guidance and planning, Albany Street Plaza Tower One gave birth to Class A office space for the city, followed shortly by the creation of Tower Two, providing another expansion of office space. With no end in sight to New Brunswicks growth, Boraie turned his attention to creating residential space and along with this came many skeptics. Never the less Boraie pursued his idea and in 2007 the residential building was completed. Space in the building sold out within two months.  Check out

Boraie Development continues to serve the New Brunswick community today in both big and small ways. Everything from the revival of real estate in the city to the return of the summer movie series, you can be sure that Boraie Realty has lent a hand in making these things possible.

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Securus Technologies improves efficiency in correctional facilities

About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is a company that provides prison technology services. The company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since it was established in 1986, Securus Technologies has served over 2,000 prison facilities with their latest innovations in prison technology. Its main focus is to cater to the technological needs of the law enforcement and the inmate community.


Securus Technologies is mostly involved in providing inmate communications, tracking parole, and government information. Some of the products they have successfully managed to launch are wireless containment products, data analysis for law enforcement, parole monitoring systems, wireless forensic services, video visitations, money transfers, and software for jail management.


Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies says they provide their customer base with what they need for them to provide efficient services. This is mainly achieved through the input of the people involved in using the services; these are inmates, the prison authority, and inmate family members. The innovations by Securus Technologies has assisted in crime investigations, reduction in recidivism, efficiency in most correctional facilities, safer facilities and education of the inmate.


The CEO says the company gets a lot of feedback on their products via emails and letters. This gesture has helped them improve their services as well as maintain their focus of providing efficiency in correctional facilities. Some customers have sent feedback just to appreciate the services provided by Securus Technologies acknowledging how much the phone calls information has helped arrest corrupt prison authority that introduce contrabands in the facility, as well as intercept the distribution and usage of drugs.


The prison authority has accepted that Securus Technologies has assisted in investigative cases and improvement of the facilities’ security. It has also improved communication within facilities and to stop incidences of contrabands and any criminal activities in prison facilities.