Visions of Change – Boraies Influence

This past summer the New Brunswick New Jersey State Theatre had the return of their free summer movie series. The series featured six films from July 12th to August 16th and as the original article published by the New Jersey Stage explains, the series was open to all people of the community including youth, families, and other members of the community. State Theatre, originally constructed in 1921 as a movie palace, has become a notable venue for such events to take place. The free series was sponsored by several prominent establishments, one of these being the Boraie Development.

The Boraie Development, originally founded over 30 years ago, is a real estate company based out of New Brunswick. They have a large array of expertise including but not limited to, real estate development, property management, and real estate marketing. Over the last several decades New Brunswick has seen radical changes in the real estate market, many of which are in part due to The Boraie Development. This can be greatly attributed to the Boraie Developments president, Omar Boraie.

Omar Boraie, now in his 70s, was a man with a vision when he saw New Brunswick. Where many others saw abandoned buildings Boraie saw potential, and starting in 1972 he began to transform New Brunswick. With Boraie’s guidance and planning, Albany Street Plaza Tower One gave birth to Class A office space for the city, followed shortly by the creation of Tower Two, providing another expansion of office space. With no end in sight to New Brunswicks growth, Boraie turned his attention to creating residential space and along with this came many skeptics. Never the less Boraie pursued his idea and in 2007 the residential building was completed. Space in the building sold out within two months.  Check out

Boraie Development continues to serve the New Brunswick community today in both big and small ways. Everything from the revival of real estate in the city to the return of the summer movie series, you can be sure that Boraie Realty has lent a hand in making these things possible.

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