Bruno Fagali Advocacy Firm Efforts Now Hit The Media With Fagapress Updates

Bruno Fagali’s efforts to help the corporate sector to achieve ethical compliance are a matter of public knowledge. Fagapress is an initiative of the Fagali Advocacy activities online to bring emerging ethical issues to the attention of the public. In recent news, a federal court has ordered beer companies to make sure that all cereals used in the manufacture of beer are listed on the label. The ruling emanates from the practice of the companies to withhold information under the guise of protecting their patent rights. Judge Juliano Taveira from Goias state, a Judge of the 4th Court ruled that a customer has every right to know what cereals have been used in the beer that they drink.

Protecting Public Interest

The ruling by Judge Bernades results from a case in 2016 where the office of the prosecutor presented before the court a civil action urgent suit that required all beer manufacturing companies to indicate all the unmalted cereals that have been used in the beer brewing. The prayers in the suit were that the beer companies comply within 60 days of the granting of the prayers. The courts declined to see the urgency in the matter then. The matter was to be settled by consensus by a TAC conclusion. However, the parties failed to agree. It turned out to be winding issue that resulted in a full hearing that saw the petitioners have their way in their recent ruling. In the recent ruling, the judge explained that the practice by the beer firms to fail to show that the cereals are maize and rice in some cases fails the consumer law requirements. The judge concludes that the practice lacks clarity and precision, a requirement that CDC demands.

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About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer with a special focus on ethics compliance by the corporate sector. He works with the Fagali Law firm to educate and exert pressure on the corporate sector in Brazil to toe the line. He is a law graduate from University of Sao Paolo with a focus on administrative law. Bruno Fagali has an advertising firm called Fagali Advocacy that takes the lead in demonstrating the need for accountability. Bruno speaks several languages including English, Portuguese and French. He has made a name for himself as the people’s king of corporate ethics.

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