How You Can Really Cash In On Freedom Checks

If you ever hear an advertisement for a way to make big money through a means that seems simple, it’s understandable that your red flags will go up. There have been all kinds of scams that have taken consumers by surprise from multilevel marketing gigs that don’t pay correctly, gold dealers who never had the gold they claimed to sell in stock, and different ponzi schemes that have brought losses to investors. But there are some advertisements that actually do deliver on their product promise like freedom checks, investments that were uncovered by Matt Badiali, a senior editor at Banyan Hill. Read more about Freedom Checks at

What Matt Badiali found out is that if you buy certain stocks in natural resource companies, those stocks will make massive gains in just a matter of years that could end up securing wealth like you would never imagine. Since those investments are dividends paid out by Master Limited Partnerships and they’re tax-free, they’re known as freedom checks. You can receive your monthly payment on them either in physical checks format or via direct deposit, and Badiali says they could pay investors as much as $34 billion in the next year. According to the Banyan Hill experts, some of these freedom checks may bring in yearly gains as high as 39,832%. The reason you don’t have to pay income taxes on them is because unlike most regular stocks. Read this article at Money Morning.


Well before he discovered freedom checks, Matt Badiali was working out in the natural resource sites such as the mines and oil wells serving as a consultant to the foremen and drilling supervisors. He got his Bachelor’s in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and his master’s from Florida Atlantic. He also taught geology at Duke University for several years while doing field work, and his expertise has been in identifying mining and drilling data, and analyzing how efficient the operation is. He’s lent his acumen to companies all over the world from Switzerland to Hong Kong, but he also found out just how profitable it could be to by stocks in natural resources. Badiali bought a stock in one company trading at $0.06 per share, but as the recession worsened the stock actually gained more than 4,400% and had his portfolio in very strong position coming out of that period. Badiali started buying more stocks and ETFs, and eventually he retired and joined Banyan Hill to share more about his natural resource company discoveries. His main newsletter is “Real Wealth Strategist.”


Backstage With The Chainsmokers Making Somebody

In the recently published article by Billboard music, we got an inside look on the production of the recent hit “Somebody” by The Chainsmokers. Through a compilation of self recorded videos we see the duo unleashing their creative sides to produce this popular EDM jam.

Alex “Drew” Taggart (Age 28) stages as the duos producer, writer, and vocalist. He is pictured in the video unleashing his magic. He was raised in Maine, but was introduced to EDM music at the age of 15 while abroad in Argentina.

The Chainsmokers are soaring the billboards as a popular EDM-pop DJ and production duo. Winning the Grammy Award for their hit single “Don’t Let me Down”, the duo’s popularity has soared and has everyone wanting more. Collaborations with other artists shows the grand diversity of their musical skill. The Chainsmokers continuously breaks through the boundaries of music genres by creating spectacular combinations of pop, indie, EDM, and more.

These are the only successes the EDM group has had recently. In February, The Chainsmokers were full of excitement and congratulations as their steady stream of hits gained attention. The duo was named number one on the Billboards Dance 100 list. And their new album ‘Sick Boy’ drew a lot of attention with the new incorporation of live instrumentation into the music. New singles were also dropped and soared to the top of the rankings like “You Owe Me”. Month after month the group continues to rocket. The new release of the single “Everybody Hates Me” has truly resonated with their fans and has everyone asking for more!

It seems like after the release of their hit “Closer” featuring popular new artist Halsey, that the dynamic of the duo is changing. Everyone is loving the change. As more live instrumentals are incorporated along with the glorious melodies being sung by Drew on the tracks, the EDM mix group is attracting a broader audience which must be contributing to their popularity as well. I think I speak for most Chainsmokers fans when I say, I can’t wait to see where these two very talented men take their sound.

Peter Briger Plans to Take Fortress Digital with Cryptocurrency Exchange

Peter Briger is President and Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group. As a high-ranking member of the Board of Directors, Briger is credited with finally taking Fortress public. A giant in the finance sector, and one Forbes top 400 business professionals, Briger is a driving force for investment banking. Prior to Fortress Peter served as a partner with Goldman Sachs & Company.Peter Briger is a graduate of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business with an MBA, he also holds a Bachelor’s from Princeton. During his fifteen-year stint at Goldman and Sachs he served in various management, operational, and leadership roles. His tenure for the investment firm garnered him much experience, developing an impressive skill set in distressed debt, real estate, trading, loans, and foreign investments. His skills soon made Briger noticeable to other companies. Fortress picked him up in 2002.

At Fortress Peter Briger runs the real estate and credit divisions. At present Briger is leading Fortress into the digital currency market, with serious plans to begin investing within it. Cryptocurrency has been on the rise since the release of Bitcoin. The virtual money enjoyed lauded success, bringing unexpected to may early-stage investors. Although it has the moxie to become a viable asset of trade, many businesses still stay away from it. If Briger has his way Fortress will not be one of them. In as conference thrown by Fortress, Peter Briger gave a presentation detailing his plans for Bitcoin. Working with Wells Fargo Fortress will begin using cryptocurrency to move money.

This will occur through the partnership of Wells Fargo and Fortress, who will form an exchange between each other. The exchange will allow for funds to become digitized. Well Fargo has shows interest but has kept to itself. An advocate that traditional ways of moving cash are out of date, the lack of a U.S. regulatory system for Bitcoin makes it great alternative. It would be fast, have the potential of an increase in interest, and transcend exchange boundaries set up for other forms of money. The world of online currency is still new and untested, making investments into the market are risky. Although Fortress has not green-lit a large scale transfer of currency, it has been quietly buying up Bitcoin.

Leading Puerto Rico Lawyer Francisco Domenech

Francisco Domenech is a lawyer and managing partner at the Puerto Rico based company Politank, a government affairs law firm. Mr. Domenech was Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the P.R. Legislative Assembly (2005-2008), which is the local legislative equivalent of the U.S. Congress Congressional Research Service. He was also the P.R. Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel.

Francisco served as Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Campaign Manager in Puerto Rico for her Presidential run in both 2008 and 2016. He served as one of the national finance co-chairs for Ready for Hillary which coordinated fundraisers for her campaign throughout the nation. He sat on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign national finance committee and helped organize her trip to Puerto Rico during the 2016 election.

Mr. Domenech also served as Campaign Manager for Congresswoman Jenniffer Gonzalez’ bid to become Puerto Rico’s first woman and the youngest person to serve as Resident Commissioner.

In 2016 Francisco Domenech was part of the 40 Under 40 of Puerto Rico. This honor was given to young people within across many different industries. This was the first year that the nominees were voted on by the public, and Mr. Domenech received the highest number of votes.

Mr. Domenech has been involved in supporting many philanthropic opportunities over the years. These include The Clinton Foundation, the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the Museo de Arte de Ponce, the TASIS Dorado Scholarship Fund, The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars, and the Hispanic Heritage Foundation.

Francisco received his B.A. in Political Science and his Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Puerto Rico and his undergrad at University of Puerto Rico in the College of Social Sciences. During the years of 1998 to 1999 he Student Body president. He served as a Academic Senator before the University of Puerto Rico Rio Pierdas Campus Academic Senate and was President of the General Student Body council during his 1999-2000 school year. While in law school, Francisco Domenech did a semester abroad at the University College London where he took several courses in comparative law there.

Ara Chackerian Is On The Leading Edge In Healthcare

For Ara Chackerian, investing his money into startup companies in the healthcare field is an easy decision. He believes that the new technology that has been coming out in recent years is the way the industry is headed. With artificial intelligence becoming more and more popular, the ways it can be used in the medical community are becoming more apparent. Ara is also looking at the use of handheld devices which can be used medically. He believes that apps can be produced that would enable physicians and patients to communicate electronically without the need for an office visit. The application of virtual medicine in the field is essential to the future of the business. Many times, doctors are stretched beyond their limits to provide for their patients. By using an app to have a virtual visit, they can see more patients from their office and make diagnoses rapidly. The need for a patient with a simple cold to come into the office is no longer required and the doctor can make necessary recommendations via the internet. The physician can also electronically send prescriptions out to area pharmacies for patients to retrieve. You can visit for more.



Ara Chackerian has been working in this medical technology field for many years and offers experience to new companies coming out with products to enhance it. He often takes time to hike and surf in order to keep himself fit. He believes that time spent alone doing what he likes to do, is what keeps him on top of his game. He invests his own money into many projects and advises others on where to invest theirs. Many people have come to him because of his high success rate. Many times, he has worked with new companies in order to have them perfect a project they are working on. To know more visit his page.



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Jeunesse Instant ageless

Jeunesse is the company that is keeping people young today. The company manufactures and distributes health skin care products and nutritional supplements. Most of these supplements reduce body weight by reducing an individual’s appetite and also increasing body muscles. So far, the company has produced several products that have registered very positive results in the market. One perfect example is the Luminesce. Luminesce rejuvenate is an anti-aging skin care product. The item is responsible for restoring the skin’s youthful nature. It protects the skin from any radical damage and reduces any appearance of wrinkles. This leaves the user with a glowing skin. The following are some of the products that are manufactured by Jeunesse.

Instant ageless.

This is a two-minute ageless skin care product. It decreases any appearance of fine- lines, wrinkles, under-eye bags and fills all pores. The product leaves the skin looking youthful and smooth.

The AM and PM essentials.

The AM product is an innovative formula that contains vitamins and other critical minerals that are proprietarily blended. The product helps the skin by slowing premature ageing and increasing body energy and boosting the User’s mood. The PM is a restorative formula that contains minerals and nutrients that are creatively blended to fight against any form of ageing. Moreover, the product prepares the user for a restful sleep.


The Nevo product acts as an energizer. It has an elegant twist of refreshing formulas. Nevo features various fruit juices and has over 50 calories per container. This is enough amount of energy to get an individual started. The product also contains no sweeteners or any artificial flavors.

The M1ND.

This product was inspired by the Eastern province. The item assists in improving an individual’s clarity. It acts as a concentration and memory supplement. The product is comprised of CERA-Q and I-theanine. These elements are clinically approved as reliable proteins that are derived from silkworm cocoons.


This is a unique product that is responsible for the skin’s defence. It’s comprised of a unique blend of super fruits that acts as a powerhouse for antioxidants that works as a significant defence from any radical damage.


Finiti contains unique ingredients that are blended with fruits and vegetable extracts. This is Jeunesse’s most innovative product.

Evolving Democrat Campaigning with NGP VAN

In a recent article on Tech News Spy, a discussion about the latest update by NGP VAN was completed. The update makes it easier for campaigns to be ran during elections in regards to fundraising. This new way of campaigning looks easy, but if the managers of the campaign have not grasped the importance of the evolution of the program then a campaign can fail once started. NGP VAN allows for the Democratic party to advance by technological data-driven and focused campaign strategies that are built to evolve with today’s world. Daniel Kreiss wrote a book called Prototype Politics: Technology-Intensive Campaigning and the Data of Democracy that explains the political parties and the way that they face advanced campaigning technology. In 2012, with around the clock- dedicated creation and troubleshooting, the Obama campaign initiated a mobile app called Pollwatcher that was backed by NGP VAN.


Romney is mentioned because the campaign he was running failed, ORCA, because of the lack of knowledge when it came to a digital platform. There can be a said ignorance when a web-based, smartphone app can control voter utilization; this will cause an unfortunate loss of a campaign. NGP VAN has developed a contemporary voter model allowing Democrats to gain in-depth knowledge about their potential voter base and ultimately set in motion a large turnout during voting on Election Day. Since 2004, the Democratic Party have invested large sums in order to learn, troubleshoot, and apply the technologies of digital media to analyze the data behind the scenes. Large amounts of data have altered the political setting which in turn compiles the data and analytics creating a new edge of advanced election politics.

The way NGP VAN allows this new campaign system works for the Democrats is by streamlining the currencies that are invested with a campaign. This important factor can help diminish the rise of any potential rivals. The fundraising software includes enhanced voter data reporting, improved campaigns’ analyzing, and the groups’ ability to view the outcome and make any necessary changes before the end of a campaign. Another great feature is that the software allows a current fundraiser to track the candidate’s performance.