Ara Chackerian Is On The Leading Edge In Healthcare

For Ara Chackerian, investing his money into startup companies in the healthcare field is an easy decision. He believes that the new technology that has been coming out in recent years is the way the industry is headed. With artificial intelligence becoming more and more popular, the ways it can be used in the medical community are becoming more apparent. Ara is also looking at the use of handheld devices which can be used medically. He believes that apps can be produced that would enable physicians and patients to communicate electronically without the need for an office visit. The application of virtual medicine in the field is essential to the future of the business. Many times, doctors are stretched beyond their limits to provide for their patients. By using an app to have a virtual visit, they can see more patients from their office and make diagnoses rapidly. The need for a patient with a simple cold to come into the office is no longer required and the doctor can make necessary recommendations via the internet. The physician can also electronically send prescriptions out to area pharmacies for patients to retrieve. You can visit for more.



Ara Chackerian has been working in this medical technology field for many years and offers experience to new companies coming out with products to enhance it. He often takes time to hike and surf in order to keep himself fit. He believes that time spent alone doing what he likes to do, is what keeps him on top of his game. He invests his own money into many projects and advises others on where to invest theirs. Many people have come to him because of his high success rate. Many times, he has worked with new companies in order to have them perfect a project they are working on. To know more visit his page.



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