Flavio Maluf Reports On The Export Activity In Brazil

The results are in for June’s exports in Brazilian agribusiness. According Flavio Maluf, there was a decrease of 0.7% when you match it against June of last year. This year the exports came up to $9.21 billion. This time last year, the sector’s exports were at that number. The agricultural sector makes up 45.6% of the total foreign transactions in the month. The sectors imports were $1.04 billion this year these numbers have a difference of 10.1% compared to this time last year. Flavio Maluf says these fluctuations caused a balance of trade in agribusiness that totaled $8.17 billion. Visit on his twitter for more updates.

A Breakdown Of Export Activity

Soy took up over half of the total exports in June. It was at 53.5%. There were four others that had an important share in the exports. Those were meat at 8.3%, forest products at 14.4%, coffee at 3.9% and sugar-alcohol at 7%. When looking at export destinations Flavio Maluf says that China has take the majority of Brazilian exports in the last year. The main products that went there were soybeans and cellulose.

The European Union was the second biggest stop for Brazilian exports in June. It was noted that sales increased for soybean by $94.7 million, green coffee by $17.64 million, pulp by $60.36 million and orange juice by $35.40 million.

Analyzing The Survey

Looking at Conab’s most recent survey of this past year’s harvest things are looking favorable for the agribusiness balance. Mainly about the sales of the soybean complex. The production is hoped to rise to 119 million tonnes which would be 4.2% more that the last harvest, Flavio Maluf reports. Conab has also estimated that the country’s total soybean export numbers for the year will be around 72 million tons. If true, this number would beat out the last period by 5.6%.

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