Eric Lefkofsky Has a Personal Stake in His Latest Venture

Eric Lefkofsky was at a stage of his career that was beyond the starting of new companies when he created Tempus in 2016. However, this venture was different from those of the past. Tempus was established for the specific purpose helping cancer patients, among whom is his wife Elizabeth.

Based in Chicago, Tempus is a high-tech company that uses the latest data to fight cancer. Working in conjunction with a number of health related organizations, including the Mayo Clinic and the University of Chicago, Tempus employs an automated analyzing technique to study various forms of cancer. Using the information provided, doctors can determine the type of cancer that has developed in their patients and create a personalized treatment plan in each case. The company has expanded rapidly and presently employs some 150 personnel, some of whom are medical doctors.

The 47-year-old Lefkofsky launched Tempus with the help of long-time business partner Brad Keywell. Reportedly possessing a net worth of nearly $2 billion, Lefkofsky said he is willing to continue investing his own money to ensure that the company remains operational. Fighting cancer became a personal issue for Lefkofsky after his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with the disease.

Accompanying Elizabeth the many times she sought treatment, Lefkofsky saw first-hand the confusion and frustration that is often experienced cancer patients and the health professionals who care for them. He often found that the technology used to provide cancer information to doctors was inferior to that used in providing data to truck drivers. Lefkofsky admitted that the goals of Tempus are long-term in nature, but the data that has been collected could eventually help save lives.

Tempus is only the latest venture for Lefkofsky, who also helped establish such media and information-related companies as Groupon, InnerWorkings and Lightbank. In 2006, he and his wife created the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a charitable organization designed to benefit citizens in a number of ways.

A graduate of the University of Michigan Law School, Lefkofsky serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. His commitment to the community is displayed by his financial support of some local institutions, including Lurie Children’s Hospital, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Whitney Wolfe as an Entrepreneur Decides Her Own Life

     Whitney Wolfe has worked many different jobs. Then she has discovered the advantages of being an entrepreneur. When she has decided on being an entrepreneur, she realized that she can actually create the type of job she wants in any industry. This has brought forth the opportunity of creating an online dating app. However, she also knew that there is a need for something different. Otherwise, she is not going to be very successful at attracting the customers she needs in order for her app to be a success. Therefore, she looked at what she could provide that the other apps don’t provide.

One of the ways that Whitney Wolfe has figured out what she can offer is by looking at the other dating apps that are on the market. As she has looked at the apps, she has gotten ideas. For one thing, she has seen that the balance of online dating has been skewed towards the women. In other words, women often had their message inbox while men were empty. In many cases, men have gone around sending messages in order to see what they can get. One thing that happens a lot is that men are on message boards talking about how hard it is to get a date with dating apps. This is where Whitney Wolfe came up with the idea for Bumble.

Whitney has decided that she wanted to try something different with dating apps. She has looked into different ways to configure the app. She has finally decided that she can prevent men from messaging women. Instead, women are going to have to make the first move. This is actually a dream come true for men that don’t like to initiate. This also encourages women to go after what they want in their lives.

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The Remarkable Career of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a residential Realtor in Delaware, Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking counties located in Central Ohio. She stands out from all other real estate agents at Ohio as she treats all of her clients. Due to her much experience in this field, she can carefully guide her clients through till the final process. She can retain her clients who may need her assistance to purchase homes in future. This is as a result of maintaining her performance in selling homes at a fast rate. She aims to offer her clients a wonderful experience as they buy or sell a home in Ohio. The results are always exemplary as she ensures that her clients obtain what they deserve.


According to Philly Purge Tammy Mazzocco started off her career with a commercial real estate corporation known as The Edwards Realty Company. Mike Zelnik was in leadership as the dynamic commercial Realtor as she worked in a team of nine agents. For the next seven years, Tammy Mazzocco served in the condominium management, a branch at the Scotland Yard Condominiums. Within this same period, she received her license as a real estate agent. This was a proposal from the general manager of Scotland and Cook Realty Owner, Ken Cook in the year 1995. He had been a great source of encouragement to Tammy Mazzocco when she began her career.


Tammy later moved to T&R Properties where she served as the property manager of multi-site, for a warehouse office complex and two complexes for apartments. In 1998, she worked as the personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a known producer of RE/MAX. This was in Columbus, around the Victorian Village region. In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco decided to pursue real estate as a full-time career after learning from the day to day activities of the successful realtor. She then joined the Associates in Pickerington and Judy Gang at Ohio. Eventually, she has become the successful real estate agent that she has always desired to become.


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How Eric Lefkofsky Has Helped People Through His Entrepreneurship And Philanthropy

Eric Lefkofsky is a 47-year-old entrepreneur who has been heavily involved throughout his career in technology and founding new companies. He founded his first company, InnerWorkings, in May 2001 which developed into a leader in the global print manager industry. After successfully launching this company, which today serves more than 6,000 customers around the globe, he left in order to found another company in 2005 called Echo Global Logistics. This company provides supply chain and transportation management systems to businesses including those in the retail, manufacturing, and construction trades.While Eric Lefkofsky has founded other companies, so far he is probably best known for launching Groupon as a co-founder. This site connects consumers to great deals in their local community. He co-founded this company in 2007 and continues to serve as the company’s Chairman of the Board. Groupon, like all of his companies, is headquartered in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

It was in 2015 that Eric Lefkofsky launched what might be his most important commercial enterprise, Tempus, Inc. This company is dedicated to using technology to help patient’s around the world battle cancer. He serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company and oversees it days to day operations as well as its strategic vision and key partnerships with healthcare providers.At Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky delivers a platform that enables physicians to deliver individualized care to each patient based on their genes as well as their molecular and therapeutic data profiles. This helps doctors establish the best treatment for each patient that they will benefit from in order to cure them of their life-threatening disease.

In addition to his career dedicated to helping people, Lefkofsky also engages in philanthropy. He serves as a Trustee of a number of nonprofits including the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and the Art Institute of Chicago. Eric Lefkosky earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan. He earned a law degree from that university’s law school in 1993. Soon after graduating he was able to launch his lifelong career as an entrepreneur who seeks to improve the lives of people around the globe.

The Success of Dick DeVos

One of the most generous families in the United States is a wealthy and prominent family that currently resides in West Michigan and is the owner as well as the founder of Amway Corporation, a multi-billion dollar corporation that is dedicated to offering individuals with the best products all over the world. This family is known as the DeVos family, a family that has generously donated billions of dollars to worthy organizations across the United States that all have the same end goal: improve the community and to help others. The DeVos family believes that their wealth should be used to help individuals that may have had misfortune in the past. Among the many family members of the DeVos family, Dick DeVos is one of the most influential members. Dick DeVos is a businessman in his own right and has worked hard in not only the family company, but has also worked hard with charities across the United States.


Dick DeVos is a hard working individual who grew up knowing that he wanted to be successful and to help build the name of the DeVos family. Dick DeVos has always had the goal of making his father, Richard DeVos proud, and has worked hard to grow the name of DeVos. For over four decades, Dick DeVos has climbed the latter within the DeVos’ company and even became the CEO of Amway Corporation. As a leader of the company, Dick DeVos worked hard to create a wider international market for the company. As a leader of Amway Corporation, the international sales matched the domestic sales thanks to the hard work of Dick DeVos.


Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos, have always been charitable individuals and truly believe in giving back to communities that are in need of economic growth. Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy believe that the key to economic growth is the increase in human capital. As a result, Dick DeVos has invested millions of dollars in scholarships as well as to build schools in order to help every single individual receive a higher level education.


Dick DeVos is a true believer in hard work as well as in education. As a graduate with an economics degree, Dick DeVos understands that hard work can yield much success in life. Dick DeVos believes that those who receive an education should receive one based upon their merit and not based upon how much money their family can contribute. Thanks to Dick DeVos as well as Betsy DeVos, thousands of dollars worth of scholarships reach children on an annual basis to make sure that each one of them receives a quality education that will secure their successful and fruitful future to come.


Duda Melzer Makes RBS A Leader In Communications

Duda Melzer belongs to the third generation of the Sirotsky family. Since his grandfather founded the RBS Group, hence nobody was surprised when he became the president as well as the chairman of this Group. The company operates in the digital sector. Presently it operates in the United States along with Brazil.

Duda Melzer did his graduation in Business Administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS). He has done his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and two executive courses. These were from Harvard Business School.

He joined Sirotsky in 2004 as the Director General for the National Market of the RBS Group. Duda Melzer became the Chairman of this RBS group in 2012.

He is inspired by John Davis, who is an American and worked at Harvard as a professor. Also, he is a specialist in family business and renowned the world over in this field. His first customer was the RBS Group in 1999. As per Acaert, he has rules of excellence that are able to impact governance in a major way. Duda Melzer made use of these rules in order to lead the RBS Group and make it the biggest communication group of his country. All this is the result of the vision of Davis along with the hard work that was put in by his family.

According to Clicrbs, there are various other thinkers who have influenced Duda Melzer and made an impact in his entrepreneurial world. This is why he is visiting them from time to time to get consultations. They include Jim Collins besides Ram Charan. He feels that businesses that are run by families have the potential to become successful in case they are able to manage everything in a professional manner.

Duda Melzer has the right education as well as experience to take any organization to greater heights.

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Todd Lubar Promotes Helping Others

Todd Lubar has been a part of the financial industry for a long time. He started with finances right after he got out of school and has continued to deal with finances from that time. Throughout his time working, though, he has always been an entrepreneur and this has allowed him the chance to make sure that he is doing things the right way. It has also shown him that there are many things that go into doing more and that they are able to make a difference when people are doing what they can. Despite the fact that Lubar is a financial expert and a professional entrepreneur, he has always done what he could to stay humble. This has helped him to be more successful and has given him the chance to show people that he can do more with the options that they have when it comes to their opportunities.

The business that he has would not have been as successful as what it is if Lubar had given up what he was doing with it each time that he had a trial or a problem that came up as a result of the business. He knew that it was hard to be able to get the options that he needed but he also knew that sticking it out would be the only way he could make sure that he was getting what he could out of the opportunities that he had while he was doing more with the business that he had.

Another option that Todd Lubar had was organization. He knew that if he stayed organized, it would be easier for him to make sure that the business was running well. By staying organized, he has been able to stay active in the business. This has helped it to make more money and has shown him that he can be successful no matter what. Keeping his hands in every part of the business has been a major aspect of the success that he is able to enjoy from the lending business that he has for people who need it.

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The Team That Treats Wine As A Science

Not everyone understands the importance of the right wine for the right occasion, but many specialists in the area know that it actually makes a difference in meetings and reunions. Experience and knowledge about this drink are things that you don’t find anywhere and can help you understand a very profitable market that is rising in popularity around the world.

The British company UKV PLC offers the possibility of such wine specialists to serve as consultants for customers that are looking to buy, sell, or store wines by themselves. UKV PLC makes sure to hire professionals that have a lot of experience to guide them as requested.

They have the Bordeaux wine that is produced in France, Italian, Portuguese and Burgundy wines, as well as Champagne, which is also manufactured in France and covers a different process of preparation. They also sell glasses and accessories that go well with the drink.

Each type of wine comes with a range of brands for the clients to choose from and they all can be ordered through their website and delivered anywhere in the UK, being either an address inside M25 or other addresses in the country.

You can find contact information from this wine company on their Facebook page, their LinkedIn page or their official website where you can call them in their commercial number or send an email to one of their agents.

The UKV PLC is a serious company that offers selling services, buying, delivery, storage and, their biggest differential, assistance, and information from specialists that know everything about wine. Buyer or investor, anyone that wants to tackle the drink would benefit from their experience in the market and their willingness to help a potential customer.

Being an independent team, the UKV PLC is highly recommended for wine lovers living in the UK as it is one of the best wine distribution companies available with a lot of dedication.

How EOS Grew In a Stagnant Market

EOS was able to grow into a powerful competitor in the lip balm industry by concentrating on their customer base and by crafting unique products that they marked well to quickly expand into a competitive market. How they did so was addressed in an article in Fast Company which outlined the ascent of EOS lip balm.

EOS was founded by two individuals who had a significant amount of experience in the personal care industry working for companies like Unilever and Pepsi. They learned how large companies worked, how they react to new competitors, and what opportunities are available for small nimble companies entering into a new market. EOS’ co-founders saw the lip balm market as a perfect opportunity for a small player as they believed that the current companies selling lip balm were not reacting effectively to the needs of consumers. They weren’t changing or innovating with their products and providing customers with the products that they were looking for.

EOS set to change that and began with a rigorous process of interviewing people who buy lip balm and finding out what they like and want in lip balm products. For example, while they liked the sanitary aspect of their lip balm tubes, they found them too easy to lose. EOS then designed an orb that was still sanitary, but stood out in your bag and was hard to misplace. It was also color coded with a variety of different flavors; another customer desire. The flavor options of lip balms were too limited and only a few options were available to customers. EOS set to change that by designing new flavors that were unique and different from the norm and sourcing them with organic and natural ingredients that were higher quality than the used by larger competitors. EOS lip balm products are available online on eBay and Amazon.

This strategy allowed EOS to create a unique lip balm product that appealed to customers and allowed the brand ( to grow significantly in the industry, becoming a favorite of consumers along the way.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. – The Company of Example

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the best examples of the American ethic of hard work, seizing an opportunity, and the providing of goods and services that are needed by customers in a growing market. Nationwide started out like all other new startup companies in 1991, but through good effort, great leadership, and the application of knowledge, the company has grown into one of the national leaders in its field.


Nationwide provides complete and accurate mortgage and loan documents to retail mortgage and lending companies. In fact, eight out of the top ten of these entities have chosen Nationwide as their primary source for these documents.


Some of the services provided by Nationwide include lien release, assignments. Document retrieval, final document processing, nationwide abstractor services, assignment verification reports, lien verification reports, current owner reports, and collateral file audits.


The investment in technology that has been made and committed to by Nationwide has placed the company at the forefront of the wholesale mortgage industry. Clients have the ability to gain access to mortgage documents electronically through a security process assigned to that particular customer. They can then download certain documents which are received instantly.


The technology allows Nationwide and their customers to be able to reach out to every jurisdiction and county in the country that houses and stores documents. As one can imagine, keeping a nationwide database like that in good working order requires diligent attention, but Nationwide has that process perfected.


Nationwide has had so many audits, including their own on these processes, that they have put in place very detailed best practices for every step in the document processing and transmission events. Best practices are ingrained into the employees in charge of each segment of the process, and that is a key reason for the success of the company.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.98% and a failure rate of only .78. These figures attest to the fact that close to 100% of all documents that are transmitted get to their destinations on time and fully accurate.


The employees of Nationwide are very active in the local Tampa Bay community. They gladly serve as volunteers in such organizations as Feeding Tampa Bay, Southeastern Guide Dogs, The Ronald McDonald House, the Humane Society of Pinellas, Habitat Pinellas, and the American Cancer Society Relay for life.


If the past is a snapshot of the future of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., then there are great things to expect as the company moves forward and embraces the challenges that are to come.