Chief Editors and Future Plans of Oncotarget

Since its inception in 2010, Onoctarget has had several goals which are to provide their large reader base with accurate information and data, help spread the knowledge of latest medical and biological research, as well as to have their issues submitted to PubMed as soon as they go live online.

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The biomedical journal has been working towards accomplishing that goal, and after their 35th and 36th issues have been processed by the National Library of Medicine, they will be added to PubMed. That is a milestone for Oncotarget. Another milestone for the online journal is its d publication schedule. Oncotarget has been publishing once every week e its started in 2010. At the start of 2018, the Oncotarget journal started putting out issues two times a week in order o provide more information about current medical and biological research to its readers. So far, Oncotarget has accomplished seven volumes and s working on its eight one. There is a total of 324 issues as of December 2017. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Oncotarget can be accessed by the general public and not only medical experts and practitioners. in order to provide reader base with as accurate an information as possible, Oncotarget is also peer-reviewed. The journal has a hugely extensive editorial board. As it published research in several areas of research, Oncotarget has an advisory board for each discipline such as Immunology, Pathology, Chromosomes, Aging, Autophagy, and more.

Oncotarget has two doctors working as Editor in Chief. Dr. Andrei V. Gudjkov has been working at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) for more than a decade. He is also a Professor and Garman Family Chair in Cell Stress Biology as well as a Senior Vice President for Basic Research at the RPCI. Andrei V. Gudkov, Ph. D. as achieved a degree in molecular biology and experimental oncology. Gudkov co-founded the Cleveland Biolabs, Inc as well as Taris Inc.

Dr, Mikhail Blagosklonny used to work t RPCI as well up until 2016. He graduated from the Russian First Pavlov State University in cardiology and oncology. Dr, Mikhail Blagosklonny has made a substantial contribution through his articles and papers. He is Associate Editors of journals such as Cell Cycle, Cell Death Differ, Cancer Res, and more. Learn more about Oncotarget at

How Organo Gold Can Be A Healthy Addition To Your Diet

The Annals of Internal Medicine is one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the industry. This year they published two new studies which garnered a lot of interest. Both had results that said that the consumption of coffee was very healthy and reduced the risk drinkers of it had to a slew of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, as well as the risk of suffering a stroke. Read more at PRNewswire about Organo Gold.

Other studies in the past have indicated coffee drinking is healthy and life-extending as well.

One of the studies took place in the United States. It showed that the disease lowering risk resulted from drinking both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee. The results held true across races which included those that were white, Japanese America, Latino, and African American.

the other study that was published was conducted in Europe. This one showed that by drinking several cups a day participants had a drop of 18% in mortality rates compared to those who abstained. This study was conducted over the course of 16 years. Each participant reported their coffee consumption habits at the beginning of the study and then every five years after that. Organo Gold is also available at

Organo Gold is a company in British Columbia, Canada, that sells premium teas and coffees through global network marketing. Their products also include Ganoderma which has been shown to have a number of health benefits. They also sell personal care products with Ganoderma as well as body management products where some are consumed and others are used as a lotion.

Organo Gold’s products are available in more than 50 countries. For those who grow to love the products the company sells they can take advantage of a business opportunity of selling these products themselves. Organo Gold offers a very competitive compensation system to their distributors whether they want to pursue selling Organo Gold’s product full or part-time.


Boraie Development Adds Atlantic City Housing To Their Portfolio

Along the coastline of Atlantic City, a brand new housing complex is starting to be constructed and it’s another mark in the portfolio of Boraie Development. Boraie Development has been investing in vacant New Jersey properties over the last 30 or so years and turning them into full-scale commercial and residential centers. Right now, Atlantic City is becoming a target market because there’s been a few shutdowns of casinos in the usually popular gaming city, and many investors feel its time to bring in other industries as well as focus on updating the housing. Boraie Development says they want the new 250 apartments being built at the Inlet at South Beach to have the modern conveniences that appeal to young consumers and to be able to accommodate more city workers. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie Development is the creation of a man who was heading towards a career in science but learned how to turn real estate back into something profitable. That man is Omar Boraie who came to New Jersey from Egypt back in the 1970s, and at that time the cities of Newark and New Brunswick were struggling with businesses leaving and buildings becoming old and abandoned. Omar Boraie believed if he rebuilt many of these buildings that the city could once again see life come into it, so he started buying properties and showing city planning committees how he was going to do this. Most thought he was crazy and would never accomplish this, but he was undeterred and hopeful because the healthcare firm Johnson & Johnson announced that they were going to stay in New Brunswick.

It all began with an 8-story building on Albany Street known as tower one that Omar Boraie took from being abandoned to having brand new office space, and even put his own company headquarters in the building. But he went on to update even more buildings within that block, and soon he had a whole commercial and residential plaza on Albany Street that started thriving and bringing people back to the city. He defied even more urban development experts by investing in a new 25-story high-rise known as the Spring Street Condominium which sold out in just 2 months after it was built, and on the tail end of that came more developments for Rutgers University and the opening of the Aspire, a luxury apartment in 2014. Omar Boraie has not only invested in Atlantic City and New Brunswick, he’s also invested in cancer research and his large donation to Rutgers University’s genomics science department was honored with the Omar Boraie Chair.

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Highland Capital’s Energetic CEO James Dondero

Rated one of the best places to work in the USA by the Dallas Business Journal Highland Capital Management is a world leader in alternative investing. Founded in 1993 by James Dundero Highland Capital Management has assets at over 22 billion dollars. Mr. Dondero strategies include hedge funds, distressed and special situations, collateralized loans, mutual funds and ETFs. Located in Dallas, Texas the firm maintains offices globally in San Paulo, Seoul, Singapore and New York.

Under Mr. Dondero’s leadership Highland Capital holds a diverse client base of governments, endowments, corporations, wealth managers, foundations and financial institutions. Mr. James Dondero’s long-term leadership is directly responsible for Highland’s success. In 1985 he joined American Express and became its portfolio manager of fixed-income funds worth over one billion dollars and 1989 James Dundero joined Protective Life and brought its earnings to over two billion dollars. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

One of Mr. Dondero’s leading strategies is a focus on collateralized loan obligations. His belief in this alternative investing plan turned Highland Capital Management into a powerhouse of over 15 billion dollars worth of assets. In 2016 Jim Dondero invested in energy stocks generating a growth of 32% for Highland’s investors. This return was triple that of the S&P 500 Index.


Beyond his duties at Highland Capital Management Mr. Dondero is Chairman of the Board of Next Bank, Cornerstone Healthcare and sits on the board of multiple corporations including MGM and American Banknote. Jim Dondero and his family are also known for their philanthropy which includes the George W. Bush Library, Perot Museum of Natural Science and many more. He is dedicated to improving Dallas and offers grants to support many organizations in Dallas. He has donated over one million dollars to the hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo and under his guidance Highland Capital awarded a one million dollar grant to the Family Place in Dallas. The Family Place is a shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence

Mr. Dundero holds two Bachelor of Science degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia and he has worked at JP Morgan and Chase & Company. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Join Pacira Pharmaceuticals in Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative

In Markets Insider’s recent article provided by PR Newswire called “Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams with Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. on Innovative Collaboration to Educate Physicians and Patients about Responsible Opiod Use”, which discusses the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative.The Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative is the brainchild of Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The purpose of the initiative is to spread awareness of opioid alternatives through education, likewise improving cancer patients’ experience by providing different pain management options. Cancer Treatment Centers of America’s Chief of the Division of Anesthesia, Neil Seeley, reveals that narcotics have been the base of treating the cancer patient’s pain. However, with the help of Pacira, they began to recognize the risks of narcotics while also recognizing alternatives for pain control.

The education begins with helping physicians understand the alternative. In a national survey, more than 91% of the doctors felt pressure to prescribe narcotics and opioids for their patients, and often more than the patients need.The Opioid Risk Initiative seeks to accomplish three major goals. First, they hope to educate patients experiencing the harsh effects of cancer and treatment about the alternative pain relief options. The patients need to understand the alternatives to opioids and how to use opioids responsibly. After all, in a survey titled “Opioid Addiction and Dependence After Surgery is Significantly Higher than Previously Known”, it was revealed that many clinicians provide opioids to help their patients manage pain after surgery.

Second, the initiative is supposed to educate the medical community on opioid alternatives. Lastly, they seek to provide clinical standardization on evidence based non-opioid pain management procedures.Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals across the United States. They have locations in Florida, Illinois, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia. They have earned recognition by a variety of leading health care organizations and have earned numerous awards like the Top Performer on Key Quality Measures and Magnet Award.Cancer Treatment Centers of America use the latest treatment approaches and technology to provide patients with the latest therapy and medications available.

Talk Fusion Helps Individuals and Businesses That Are Struggling

Talk Fusion is once again making news with the opening of their new office in New Delhi, India. The new office space will serve as a central support office for the company which is already growing incredibly in India. One of the leading contenders in video communications space, they are always on the move for creating new products that are cutting edge. They create products and services that are aimed at email, newsletters, sign ups with forms, the use of Live Meetings and then the use of the two time video chat award winning services and products.


Talk Fusion is supported mainly by independent associates. These people are located around the world in 140 countries by allowing the use of inventory free services through direct selling opportunities. With the use of the program by Talk Fusion, they will receive the their payment in just three minutes following a sale. The 10 year company is bringing attention by the partners who are emerging throughout India and beyond.


It did not take long for the news to spread about India. The founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina is excited about the opportunities that are in front of them. The associates are very easily energized and they love the instant pay capabilities of Talk Fusion.


The new space that was opened in India will function as a meeting facility as well as a place to train the locals who are going to bring more to India through the messages that will come to life in video.


Talk Fusion is very committed to helping other businesses that will stand out against the crowd as well as the competitors who are trying to increase their own profits and sales. For them, they wanted to make sure that the customers who are being served by Talk Fusion are succeeding in marketing and video persuasiveness.


The founder, Bob Reina, first opened and established Talk Fusion in the year 2007. Through the use of the program, there are communities that will be served by the greater good of Talk Fusion while others still try to decide if they want to use the services or if they want to go with many different service providers to get their needs met. Learn more:

How to Go About Visiting the Mighty Fortress Church

If you have heard about the Mighty Fortress Church in Minnesota, you need to know why so many people go there themselves. This is due to the fact that the Mighty Fortress Church is one of the oldest churches in the area and is home to thousands of members. You can either choose to visit the Mighty Fortress Church yourself or you can become a member if this is something that you are interested in doing for yourself. You are going to want to look for different options in terms of getting to the Mighty Fortress Church and seeing what they can provide to you. Visit Yelp to write a review about Mighty Fortress Church.

There are a lot of people who have been visiting the Mighty Fortress Church with great success, as this is a church that you are going to be able to trust. This is why a lot of people have made the decision to visit the Mighty Fortress Church and are even visiting their website in order to learn more about what they offer to the general public. Once you make the decision to visit the Mighty Fortress Church, you are going to wonder why you never went there before in your life and why this is something you have never looked to find out for yourself.


Make sure that you visit the Mighty Fortress Church website to learn more about what they are offering and anything else that might pertain to you at the moment. There is a reason why so many people have chosen the Mighty Fortress Church because of what it is able to offer to them. There is nothing worse than knowing that you have a good church there for you to choose like what you will find with the Mighty Fortress Church and not being able to find a way to become a member. Because of the openness of the Mighty Fortress Church, you can visit at virtually any time that you would like and learn as much as possible about what they are offering to you if you are interested in becoming a member or just visiting for a quick church service. Visit to know more.

Desiree Perez Is The Amazing, Tough Woman Behind The Scenes Of Many Music Industry Favorites

The entertainment and music industry brings in billions of dollars every year, and Desiree Perez is a woman who has set herself apart in a male dominated field. As a producer and talent manager she has helped many big names in the music industry to find success and earn big money. Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has trusted her implicitly over the years to help him manage his business interests and grow his fortune, and many give her credit for making him the business leader he is now.The well-known names Desiree Perez has helped to make money is endless, and one of them is Rihanna; who she helped to get a $25 million Samsung deal.

She is said to be among the people that Rihanna trusts the most, and as Rihanna gets even more popular, Des will most likely be by her side. When Roc Nation and Live Nation’s deal was set to expire, it was Des that negotiated a renewal of the agreement. For many years, the success and monetary growth of the fortunes of many stars has happened thanks to Des Perez. Many say she is the woman behind the scenes who does the hard work that most people won’t.Desiree Perez, also known as Des Perez for short, is a ROC Nation executive who is best known for having close ties to Jay Z.

Also known for running SC Enterprises, Des is great at working with numbers and is known to be a ruthless negotiator. She was a big part of the reason behind the success of the Samsung deal for Rihanna.As a member of the Hova Circle of Influence, Desiree Perez joins Ty Ty Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown, and others in the task of running Roc Nation. It is her skills that have maximized the profits of many other musical figures. While some know her by name, many others know her simply as the tough, shrewd, and confident negotiator and business woman who ensures that their fortunes are well kept and growing.

Maximizing the AI Technology’s Potential in Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

One of the most noticeable technological developments in today’s world is the artificial intelligence. The application of artificial intelligence is widespread especially in the world of digital marketing, and social media campaigning. This technology has significantly improved digital marketing strategies, planning, and execution. Artificial intelligence is helping digital marketing more prominently. With search optimization, the artificial intelligence technology enables the simplification of the search engine ranking process. Different tools can help businesses in carrying out analysis on their websites and eventually restructuring them.

The Wave of AI technology in Digital Marketing

Marketers can make necessary changes based on the precise information provided by the artificial intelligence technology. The changes are also related to the introduction of new keywords on the site, backlink opportunities meant to improve the performance of the available search engines. To ensure effective campaign, marketers have two options when it comes to paid-per-click campaigns. The Artificial Intelligence algorithm generates suitable keywords when businesses enter their keywords. The technology has also helped digital marketers to plan their campaign efficiently through the provision of how much each link will cost. Businesses setting their campaigns during peak hours will be able to get more clicks easily.

Artificial intelligence has also impacted digital marketing through split testing. Many ad networks are using this strategy to help businesses manage their campaign funds more efficiently. This option gives marketers a chance to link several ad sets, and the AI technology will be able to watch how each ad set performs. The concept of AI technology in digital marketing is meant to revolutionize the industry altogether.

How AI Technology Assists in E-commerce

E-commerce transcends sending emails to consumers or letting them sign up for accounts. Artificial intelligent technology helps e-commerce to presents customers with interesting recommendations; make suggestions on items and deals that customers are more likely to be interested in and much more. Artificial intelligence technology is helping in the creation of virtual assistants on e-commerce sites. Virtual assistants will help customers with personalized references that are based on customers previous experience. They can, for instance, notify the customers when the price of an item goes down.

Artificial intelligence can process large volumes of data, enabling customers to makes purchases based on their preference and behavioral patterns. Through AI technology, e-commerce can get actionable insights to make their platforms better for their customers. AI also uses predictive intelligence to know when exactly to get a customer. This improves the engagement of the brand with the customer as well as ensuring higher rates of conversion.

E-commerce is using AI technology to ensure they have maximum utilization of different opportunities to meet the needs of their customers worldwide.

Management of Osteoarthritis Condition

Osteoarthritis alters the way of life for the patients. Individuals with this condition ought to consult physiotherapists to keep regular body exercise. Physical activities help in weight management and bone support. Overweight can result in worse conditions due to the massive weight strained on the bones.

Diet is another critical observation in the life of an ill individual. Osteoarthritis patients must consider taking a healthy diet. Osteoarthritis patients may try some nutritional tips like avoiding processed foods, massive intake of vegetables and fresh fruits. Learn more about Osteo Relief Institute at Better Business Bureau.

Severe osteoarthritis conditions may hinder patients from performing some tasks. In consultations with an occupational therapist, the ailing may be advised on alternative ways to handle their daily tasks. However, some states have social support programs that offer financial aid to individuals affected economically as a result of sickness.

Influenza vaccine is administered annually to protect the patients from flu. Particular patients can get a pneumococcal vaccine. If any alterations in the management plan this can be reviewed and best care provided. Good rapport should be encouraged between the practitioner and the patient.

The New Jersey private healthcare facility Osteo Relief Institute consists of trained experts on medical care communication. The clinic is equipped with highly advanced equipment to assist in offering prolonged pain relief options to bring back mobility. They use FDA approved technology, and the sick cannot lack solutions to their requests. Watch this video on

Osteo Relief Institute

Osteo Relief Institute safely enables patients to manage their condition by keeping away from surgery. They also administer other active treatments. The clinic has well trained and certified physical therapists and physicians.

The focus of Osteo Relief Institute is on the use of advanced technology. The practitioners create awareness of their various treatment solutions to the patients. The information assists individuals in making the right decision for future and health.

The facility offers support to patients suffering from knee arthritis, lower joint swelling, spine pain, knee grinding. Other manageable conditions through Osteo Relief Institute are pain experienced while using stairs, arms, and legs pains. It can be a severe experience for individuals suffering from chronic diseases.

Clinics like Osteo Relief Institute offer solutions to patients diagnosed with chronic back pain, neck problems, neuropathy, knee osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis. Other treatable conditions are sciatica, herniated and bulging discs. With the advanced technology, surgery is not an option in the treatment of some diseases.