End Citizens United Will Soon Make Its Name A Full Reality

People sometimes feel a sudden, terrible disappointment on how the politics in America gets to run and operates across the 50 states. Everyone wants something to change, and they want something that will change the rules, improve the current ones and bring forth the reforms that will benefit the greater number of people. This vision of changing how politics operates today is the fuel in End Citizens United’s goals and advocacies.

Who Are The People Behind End Citizens United?
End Citizens United is the group of individuals who want to address the complications pushed by the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in the landmark case Citizens United vs. F.E.C. which is a case that outstandingly changed the American elections today.

The landscape of how elections get operated today is controversial, filled with loopholes and dangerous threats. One of the threats that End Citizens United addressed is the problem of money, precisely the dangerous, unprecedented power of money to buy out votes and influence the elections’ turnout. The landmark case also established that corporations are entities and could get considered as people, and therefore they have the right to spend unlimited and often in many cases untraceable money just to bend the results of the American elections today.

This danger is what End Citizens United wants to stop because they believe that big money should not influence who gets to win in the electoral ballots.

End Citizens United also seeks to terminate the power of money to tip the-the balance of who gets to hold political power in the elections, but it also wants to further dedicate itself to making sure that the grassroots donors who believe in the cause will see measurable results in the fight.

Established last March 1st, 2015, End Citizens United is pushing the argument and belief that the grassroots individuals will fight the elected officials, voters, and the press to show that the billionaire’s brazen use of their financial power will not influence today’s elections.

Making The Name A Reality
MSNBC recently reported that End Citizens United is showing great enthusiasm about how their supporters are not fragile and how they are robust activists who want to make extra effort to push their advocacies. It also reported that End Citizens United would soon make their name a reality. End Citizens United will continue to use their supporters’ power, including the $4 million that the supporters raised for the cause, to achieve their ultimate goal.

This target or goal is to pass the comprehensive and complete constitutional amendment that will turn back and reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010, which brought out a lot of danger in how dark money can diminish the legitimacy of the elections. With the 325,000 and more people who signed up for support, this goal will see its fruition anytime soon.

IOL’s Woke Twitter Article Review

The article by Imaan Latief and Robin Henney defined and outlined an incident that happened mostly online. The article looks at a group of individuals whose racist comments went under close inspection from the online community of Woke Twitter. The article reveals how their comments online had real world effects in that the individuals received threatening phone messages, lost their jobs and possibly might face time in prison.

It is astounding how quickly the anonymous warriors picked up on the comments of Penny Sparrow, Chris Hart and Justin van Vurren and sought to bring them to justice. But there seems to be a question on whether or not this is “legal”.

They brought in the voice of Brenda Wardle who is a legal analyst with her own take on the Pistorius trial from 2014. An article states that she is a “respected legal authority”1 with much more on her resume to boast about. Her voice has helped people comb their way towards understanding the complicated jargon of the law which then would help them be able to make their own decisions on issues being held in court. She has even wrote a book granting a “behind the scenes” look at the Pistorius case.

Wardle’s take on the whistle blowers vs. the racists seems the lean more toward Woke Twitter’s side. She states that even though the racist comments are protected by freedom of speech, it is not protected by the law to degrade the dignity of other people which is one of the fundamental human rights. So the racist comments ended up being a crime. When you consider that the internet is a place where posts never really go away, the evidence will remain seen. Therefore, Sparrow, Hart and van Vurren will perpetually be shamed by the online and offline community.

The article sums up the information with a warning to “stay woke” since the constant connectivity of the world on issues of human rights is fresh in the spotlight with all of the riots and unrest. We all have to be careful with what we say in real life as well as what we post onto our various social media feeds. Although it is almost like you cannot make a move without offending someone online.