Beneful: A Beneficial Change

My love for animals goes about as deep as it comes. Ever since I was a small child I knew that animals were always going to be a big part of my life, dogs most of all. Call me naive, but I’ve always thought that all the dog food in our supermarkets was made well, and with wholesome ingredients. Well with further wikipedia research I became appalled at the harsh ingredient list in many leading dog foods. They were not actually using the ingredients pictured on their packages. I decided it was time to start looking for a new dog food. I decided to give Beneful a try with my three dogs, and they loved it. Their appetites improved, as did their weight. I had just gotten a puppy at that time, so I got some of their dry puppy chow and my dog ate it up. I got the Amazon best selling original Beneful dog food for my four year old dog. I also have an older dog that has trouble swallowing dry food, and to my pleasure they also make soft foods for the dogs. I’ve also found to love the dental sticks that Beneful has, the dogs love them and eat the whole thing in one sitting, and leave little to no mess. It feels good to know that the treats and food that I give my dogs are made with good ingredients, with our pets in mind. I’ve since decided that I will continue to stock the dog’s kitchen with new and different Beneful products. Visit for more information. Or go to: