Beneful providing nutritious dog for Walmart shoppers with pets

Walmart carries a variety of Beneful dog food including 15.5 pound bags of dry food and packages of 27, 3 ounce cans of wet dog food. They have also began carrying Beneful’s prepackaged meals. Beneful dog food prices range from $10 to $40. Walmart sells Beneful dog food cans for $14.94 for a package of 27 3-ounce cans and $10.58 for a package of 6 prepared meals. Walmart also sells bags of dry dog food at a variety of different weights and costs. Beneful’s 15.5 pound bag is $13.98, 40 pound bag is $33.98 and Beneful’s Incredibites 15 pound bag is also $13.98. Each bag of dog food comes in a variety of flavors including lamb, pork, salmon and beef.

Beneful offers a healthy weight with real salmon option in a 31 pound bag for $26.98. Beneful dry dog food with real ingredients has a price range of $13.98 for a 15.5 pound bag, $26 for a 31 pound bag and $33.98 for a 40 pound bag. Walmart also offers a three pound bag for $5.48. Walmart offers a variety of coupons, which can be found on their corporate website. Currently Walmart offers coupons for their prepackaged dog food and their bag of dry dog food. Coupons can also be found in your local newspaper and other online websites such as,, and Click here to watch video.

Walmart will rollback prices on their Beneful line when they become overstocked or are faced with unwanted inventory. Walmart does not offer any specials on Beneful’s dog food, however Walmart offers app that alerts you of any upcoming specials they may offer in the future. Walmart continues to offer Beneful as it has become a popular item for the shoppers who have dogs and want to keep their pets happy and healthy for as long as they can.