Skout is giving back to the community in the best way they know how.


Skout is one of the latest and largest global online application that helps people find and make new friends in the social media circle. With a coverage of more than 170 countries, and available in more than 16 different languages, skout is fast spreading to more countries and users globally. Skout’s main aim is to connect people globally with the safest, easiest and convenient way possible. The company was started in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and has its headquarters at San Fransisco. The main aim was to use the application to help people find, interact, make new friends and share ideas.

It allows you to view the profile of users who are online at the time by just clicking on their image. You can then add them to the favorites list, if you are interested, or choose from other various options available. Options like shake to chat starts a conversation with a random unfamiliar individual, but will be able to see their profile after 40 seconds.
In its quest for giving back to the community, the company is making a donation to Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area, for every time a superhero-themed virtual gift, within the application, sent to a Skouter by another skouter. This will continue until a wish is fully funded. This was started to celebrate the National Superhero Day, which the company did a survey on to find out how people felt about superheroes and give the people a chance to be real life superheroes to others in the community. It is a great privilege for the Skout Company and community to be able to help make somebody’s wish come to be. In compliance with the CEO and founder of the company, Mr. Wiklund, to send a virtual gift to your friend not only shows that you are thinking about them but also about others out there too.

Superheroes do not have to be the people we see on the televisions and movies who have individual superhuman abilities or special devices to save the world from villains. Some belief that real superheroes do exist, and others believe that helping others with the little we can and have superhero enough. Helping those in the community who need different aid in various areas is being a superhero in your unique way. Truly, Skout is a superhero application to the whole world.

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Securus Unveils New Mobile Video Chat Application

Securus Technologies is a company that has been providing security communications software and hardware to prisons and correctional facilities for over twenty years. The company currently has a client base of over 2,000 facilities located in all areas of the country, has regional offices in several different states, and has hundreds of employees. While Securus has historically provided inmate phone calls and other secure communication services, they have recently introduced a new product line that utilizes the technology of mobile phones and other mobile applications.

In the past year, Securus unveiled a new mobile application that brings a prisoner and their families closer together than ever before. Any person with a mobile Android or iPhone can now download the new application that allows for a secure video chat line between themselves and an incarcerated individual. The prisoner can then dial in remotely from a secured area of the prison that comes equipped with a camera and screen. Download Securus’ app from Google Play here.

This new technology has benefited all parties involved. The family members enjoy it as it makes inmate communication much more convenient, less time consuming, and much safer. The prisoners enjoy the service, as they are now able to speak with their loved ones on a regular basis and do not need to jump through as many hoops to set up an official visiting time. Administrators and security officers of the facilities enjoy it as it limits the amount of staff that they need to dedicate to ensuring that visitors are safe when visiting the property. 

Thus far, Securus has sold over 50,000 downloads of the mobile video visitation application. The company believes that it will continue to sell many new downloads of the application as they expand the footprint of the technology to more and more correctional facilities and even expand its use to different platforms. The company will likely sell at least another 100,000 downloads in the coming year.

Note: Securus Technologies is not the same thing as the Securus America agency nor is it affiliated with the health supplement Securus.

The Innovative Criminal Justice Technology Solutions of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies continues to remain the world’s leader in criminal justice solutions for jails, correctional employees, inmates and their families. Securus is a technology firm based out of Dallas, TX. The firm services over 3,400 public safety law enforcement and corrections institutions as well as servicing over 1,200,000 inmates. They are dedicated to providing biometric analysis, data engineering and other inmate communication solutions to everyone involved in the corrections industry whether they are an employee or a consumer.

The technology company recently announced the first major 2016 platform upgrade to many of their technological options. The newest release will have better front-end and back-end technology to give users the best experience possible. One of the first things users will notice is that usage and performance is much more streamlined.

Russell Roberts, who is the vice president of marketing and technology with Securus Technologies, said that their main purpose is to create a sense of community and keep everyone safe. “We have the largest IT development staff in the correction industry,” Roberts said. “We’re able to help everyone because we reduce the inconvenience of incarceration. It makes everyone’s experience better.” 

Officials with the company were very excited this year because their platform update literally touched every part of their system. The online component, video visitation, the secure inmate phone calls platform, the investigator pro system, and the SecureView tablet system. 

They have also launched a video visitation platform that allows inmates to connect with their families via their mobile app. You can register on Securus’ website for the software then download the app to your mobile phone by getting it for free from Google Play here >>

The CEO of Securus was also very excited about the different options under the new platform. He said that each release helps them to move further ahead of the competition. They have been able to do this with a great team and with a state-of-the-art calling platform and a good investment strategy for all of their clients. Those in corrections, family and friends of inmates, and corrections agencies will be pleased with the improved ancillary platform of the Securus system. 

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Skout: A Perfect Gateway to Finding Love

In many ways, relationships have become complicated due to the changes that have happened in the modern world. Unlike the traditional systems where people would pursue their lovers through tedious and expensive methods, the modern world has seen many positive changes that have eased the process of connecting with users on different levels. The creation of platforms like Skout has led to many changes in the way people get connected and this is one of the many advantages technology has availed. It is easier to understand what different persons expect from their lovers and the type of lovers they want to have. Skout is a premium developer and has managed to create websites that have made social life better. Skout has been identified specifically for creating the Skout dating application and website, which have helped many people to find love.

Using the Skout application does not call for one to have a long experience using different applications. The system is made in a unique manner that offers flexibility and simplicity. Therefore, all types of users are able to easily use the application regardless of one’s location. Skout has been praised for offering a flawless system that is compatible with most mobile devices. It can be installed in both the iOS and Android systems. Skout app does not contribute to bloat ware and has been categorized among efficient applications that do not make the gadget slow.

One of the advantages users get using Skout is the fact that the platform offers hundreds of users searching for love. This ensures there is a wide variety to choose from, especially for people who have tight schedules that cannot allow them to find love elsewhere. All members are allowed to specify the type of lovers they are searching for and this makes it easy for one to locate those with similar characteristics as stated. Navigating through the system is also easy as there are many features that allow users to locate the right persons. This includes the sort feature that is designed to allow users to search through the hundreds based on specific criteria. For instance, one can specify the age bracket that is needed when searching and the results that are needed will be displayed.

Sharing photos has been a major feature on the Skout platform. Members can share photos, either through private messages, or one can upload the image for all to see. The system does not charge much for users to access all these features. Joining Skout is easy and free. They offer information that allows users to understand how the system works. Their support is also always available to respond to some inquiries that are submitted by users and most people will confirm they are fairly responsive and considerate to the needs of the users. Security is something that has also been addressed in the design of the application and the Skout website. They offer a secure system that protects the information of the users against access by unauthorized persons.