Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Line Expands To Brick And Mortar Stores



The Fabletics line of athletic clothing for women was founded by actress Kate Hudson to help women look their best at the gym. Kate is known for her perfect figure, but she works very hard to have such a figure. Her athletic wear has become one of the best-selling products in the industry, and this article explains how Fabletics is expanding to brick and mortar stores after a report in Racked. The finest athletic wear in the world could be around the corner from customers very soon.

#1: What Is The Fabletics Line All About?

Kate Hudson has been seen in countless pictures entering and leaving the gym. She is consistently lauded for her high fitness level, and she shows off her figure regularly in TV and movies. She looks perfect when she goes to the gym, and she wanted to offer women around the world an opportunity to look just as good at the gym. Her Fabletics line was inspired by her personal style, and the company was launched as a subscription service for customers.

#2: How Will The Company Move From Subscriptions To Brick And Mortar?

A few stores have been opened around America, but Fabletics plans to open many more stores to flood the market with athletic wear. Subscription services will continue, but many customers have expressed a desire to look through the clothes on their own. A brick and mortar presence from an athletic wear company will serve high-end customers well, and anyone who is afraid of subscribing to a service may shop those very same items in the store.

#3: Fabletics Clothes Are Beautiful

Fabletics clothes are among the most-attractive in the industry. The combination of black and grey with darting colors has made Fabletics the perfect brand for women who want a little color in their gym wardrobe. Fabletics has been designed for women who know how to dress themselves, and none of the pieces in the line are overdone. The clothes reflect how Kate Hudson dresses to go to the gym, and a woman who wants to have a bit of subtle sophistication at the gym will find what she needs when shopping with Fabletics.

Fabletics has managed to cover both the subscription and retail sales market with its new initiative. Women who prefer to shop through the store slowly will have stores to visit in the future, and women who prefer the subscription service will receive their clothes in the mail every month. Fabletics is a breakthrough in how women get ready for the gym. One of the most attractive and stylish women in Hollywood has brought her personal style to the gym, and her personal style is now for sale at Fabletics stores.