Doe Deere: A Brief Overview

Doe Deere is a fashion maven with a passion for breaking rules and decorum for the purpose of generating a unique look that defies convention and embraces unbridled individuality. At the same time, Deere’s entrepreneurial inclinations have led her to build a business through which she provides the public with cosmetics that can help them define and flaunt their own individual aesthetic. Learn more about Doe Deere, what she does, and how she does it by reviewing this short overview:

Doe Deere: Rule Breaker

One defining aspect of Doe Deere’s personhood and approach to cosmetics is her proclivity for breaking the rules. Deere doesn’t believe that people, including herself, have to conform to any specific beauty guidelines or regulations when playing with make-up and clothing. Here are just a few of the beauty rules Deere loves to break:

1. Don’t Wear Bold Eyes With Bold Lips.

Deere understands that the principle behind this philosophy is keeping one’s look as subtle as possible. Yet as an individual who loves making bold statements, this approach to applying cosmetics is not for her. Deere enjoys wearing bold colors on multiple spaces of her face, and she appreciates the distinct, in-your-face aesthetic that the look signifies.

2. Don’t Combine A Lot Of Colors.

Another beauty rule Doe Deere loves to break is color combinations. Conventional wisdom says that one shouldn’t combine too many colors on her or his face. Yet Deere loves to do this very thing.

3. Dress Your Age.

Deere hates this beauty rule and is fond of breaking it with regularity. She greatly admires fashion mogul Betsy Johnson, in part because the woman continues to wear tutus into her 70s.

Doe Deere: Business Woman

In addition to defying conventional fashion and beauty wisdom, Deere enjoys making her way through and taking over the business world. To do so, she founded her own cosmetics company, Lime Crime. The business is predicated on providing consumers with the wide range of unique, eye-catching make-up products that enable people to cultivate their own distinct look. Deere’s entrepreneurial endeavors have earned her recognition, including her appearance on the cover of Self-Made magazine. Deere says that to appear alongside other female entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman has been an amazing experience.

Doe Deere – The Story Behind a Quirky Makeup

Doe Deere is a name that arouses curiosity in the fashion world because Doe continues to achieve impossible feats that other celebrities couldn’t. In the business world, she is known by multiple names and her brands continually reflects something unique. In fact, Doe Deere is also the name of persistence in face of failure. Unlike other celebrities, the fame was not instantaneous because she had failed to attract buyers as a fashion designer and a musician.

Even when everyone rebuked her style, she stood tall and continued to introduce new products. For instance, her newer product Lime Crime is already garnering interest in customers who are switching their loyalties to Lime Crime from brand names such as Revlon. Currently, Doe Deere has die-hard fans who regularly promote products designed by Doe Deere on social media and other channels. Actually, it is the large loyal following on social media that has kept Doe Deere on the media spotlight.

Early Career

Before starting Lime Crime, Doe Deere tried her luck at the rock concert. With her family firmly at her side, she and her husband created Sky Salt. However, the band was not as successful as the family had anticipated. At the time, Doe claimed that the audiences in the early shows were more than her expectations. In contrast, her opponents continued to lash at her for not attracting large audience. Regardless of the debate, Doe Deere was able to achieve widespread publicity in the media and social circles like by attracting thousands of individuals who debated the practicality of such endeavors.

Her first product-line was Thunderwear, which did not sell through the traditional channels because there was little demand for her unique dresses at retail shops. Realizing that she needs to capture broader audience, Doe Deere changed the product name to Lime Crime in 2004. Her family and friends prompted her to sell her dresses and makeup on EBay and other online stores. Taking the risk, Doe Deere created massive marketing campaigns for her products on online channels from the proceeds of her previous business. The gamble paid off as Doe Deere realized that a large group of buyers were eager to buy online instead of the traditional retail channels.

Road to Fame

In the early days of Lime Crime, there were few buyers willing to purchase distinctive products. The falling sales and increasing operational expense forced Doe Deere to work full-time at a bank. During these hard times, Doe was busy introducing new products to Lime Crime. Gradually, she was able to attract horde of visitors to Lime Crime by dubbing her makeup products as a form of freedom and self-expression. Instead of targeting a wider audience, the new product focused on young girls. The transformation worked instantly as thousands of young girls accepted the new version making the brand an instant hit. The new product-line are prompted as colorful, magical and cruelty-free cosmetics. As of 2015, the sales have skyrocketed making Lime Crime one of the most talked about fashion brands on the Internet.