Malini Saba: Woman Extraordinaire

In a time of worldwide hatred and sadness, it is a relief to read about people who are trying to promote the good in others. This is exactly the case of a recent article published on The article was about one of the most extraordinary women in today’s world, Malini Saba.

The article on was a brief recap of the amazing works of Malini Saba. It briefly described the many charitable works that she has done around the world. The article also briefly touched on her career in philanthropy. It also lists the name of her company Saban Group and the non-profit organization she began, Stree.

After high school, Ms. Saban attended university at the University of Western Australia. She earned a Master degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She later attended Stanford University, in California, and earned her PhD, also in Psychology. In between earning these degrees, Ms. Saban began her career as a venture capitalist.

Malina Saban has had an extremely successful career as a venture capitalist and philanthropist. She began the Saban Group over twenty-five years ago. This organization holds interests in many different industries around the world. These interests include oil, gas, real estate, and technology. The Saban Group operates in many different countries around the world too. The headquarters for this organization is located in Los Angeles, California.

Another important interest to Ms. Saban is the health and welfare of women and children. She began the “Stree-Global Investments” in the early 2000s. This non-profit organization’s goal is to help low income women and children obtain better healthcare, education, and other needs. Ms. Saban is the president of this organization. The headquarters for Stree is located in Switzerland.

Ms. Saban is also very compassionate about the effects the 2004 tsunami had on the people and region of India and Sri Lanka. Ms. Saban felt so compassionate about this event that she personally visited the areas affected. She also personally donated over $5,000,000. to the victims.

There is little doubt that Malini Saban is one of the greatest women of our time. Her investment experience and philanthropist work has better the lives of millions of people around the world. The companies and organizations she has created will also help millions more for years to come.

Products And Services Labelled ‘Made in Switzerland’ Are Worth In The Global Market According To Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

A recent study conducted by the Institute of Marketing discovered what most people in the world already knew. Products and services that are made in Switzerland or come from Swiss companies have a greater value to consumers than products from other countries. In fact, people all over the world are willing to pay 100 percent more for Swiss products, according to Mike Baur, the co-founder of the Swiss Startup Factory.

The Swiss Startup Factory helps young Swiss companies get started in the global market. Baur said that the theory behind the Swiss Startup Factory is to show the world that the Swiss are capable of being the top digitization center in the financial industry. Baur knows a lot about the Swiss financial industry. He was a Swiss investment banker for more than 25 years. During those years, Baur was able to develop a client list that extends around the world. Most of those clients now support Baur’s efforts. Baur is turning creative entrepreneurs into knowledgeable business leaders.

Switzerland has a lot of admirers around the world. China Brazil, India, and Russia can’t get enough products from Switzerland, and those countries are constantly keeping their eyes on the innovative ideas that start in the country that is best known for banking, watches, and the Alps. Baur plans to add the Swiss Startup Factory’s name to that list, and he’s making progress in that endeavor. Several companies have completed the accelerated training that Baur offers over a three-month period. The Swiss Startup Factory provides everything his trainees need to get started. Baur even includes office space and desks for companies that enter the program. But it’s not just desks that give the Swiss Startup Factory such a great reputation.

The companies that enter the program are given tools like networking advice, investor information, marketing and accounting courses as well as operational training. Baur also said the partnership that was established with FINTECH and Mike Hartweg has helped the Swiss Startup Factory produce some amazing new startups. Most of the startups have stayed in the Swiss market, but they have the potential to compete in the global market as soon as they work through some of the minor startup glitches. Baur believes that his banking background, especially his time with Sallfort the equity investment firm, has helped him overcome several obstacles during these first three years in business.

Gaining Inspiration from Marc Sparks

I think that Marc Sparks has managed to do something that is quite noble in the business world. He has managed to become someone that others look to for entrepreneur advice, and many people should. He has owned lots of businesses, and he has the vision to take new entrepreneurs even further in their business endeavors. I am guessing that is the reason that he started the Spark Tank.

It is good to have someone like Marc Sparks that is familiar with the business of starting a business. It can be difficult to go into a business – even if your plan is a good one – when you don’t know what you are doing. Marc Sparks has taken time to boost the spirit of entrepreneurs by making them compete.

He has used the Spark Tank to get people interested in competing and winning money to further fund their idea. I think that there are more than a few people that have made it their mission to see what Sparks has to say because he has been involved in more than 40 businesses.  Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

Sparks wasn’t alone with the start of the Spark Tank. He acquired help from a friend by the name of Lynne Sipiora. This duo of entrepreneurial experts would help those entrepreneurs that had ideas that he and Lynne believed in. It doesn’t matter if other financial sectors don’t see these ideas as profitable.

As long as Marc Sparks and Sipiora agree on the value of these businesses there is a chance for the businesses to flourish. That is what I may like about the Spark Tank the most. It is a program that is meant to encourage those that are going off the beaten path.

It is great to see someone like Marc Sparks work to help those that may not have another chance any other way. I have seen some entrepreneurs that have great ideas, but somehow they still fail. I believe that their lack of funding plays a part in this. Learn more about Marc Sparks: and

If no one believes in the idea it can be difficult to get the business started. That is why Marc Sparks is important. He is encouraging people that think outside of the box.

He knows that the best business ideas are not always the most popular ones. Sparks believes that he can help those that are willing to think outside of the box.

That is what Spark Tank does. He helps those entrepreneurs with the ideas that others may have overlooked. It gives companies that may have been bypassed a chance to shine and thrive.

Marc Sparks has a lot of power. He has invested in alternative business ideas and still saw returns on investment.

IAP Worldwide Services Unique Services

IAP is the short term for Ingenuity and Purpose, which is a company that specializes in making the impossible possible. The company provides facilities management, logistics, technical and advanced professional services on a global scale. The company has more than 1600 employees operating in more than 20 countries to solve challenges for the customers in both private and public sector.

Formerly known as Johnson Controls World Services Inc. the company changed its name after being purchased by IAP Worldwide Services.

Ingenuity and Purpose services
The company’s range of services involve even the unexpected areas such as in natural disasters such as overseas battlefields by being readily available at a moment’s notice. The company has the experience to plan and coordinate complicated logistics and technical challenges. There is a military installation that IAP operates which is about the size of a small city where there are remote research laboratories and civilian facilities. IAP Worldwide Services aim is to deliver the people, program management and technologies that are required in case of customer’s workforce needs around the world.

The company has built its reputation for more than 60 years in operation by being responsive and a strong market leader and exceeding customers’ expectations. The company sets itself apart from the rest of the competitors by acknowledging that the same issues that keep the customers up at night should be the same reasons that should make the company get out of bed every morning. Adopting customers’ mission as part of the company’s lifeblood by channeling passion, experience and conviction into exceptional results and inventive solutions is how the company works.

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Government services
IAP Worldwide services go further to cover the most demanding challenges even from the public sector. The company has that capability to solve problems quickly, efficiently and resourcefully matched by the unwavering commitment of the team and mission. The company uses a global network of integrated facilities to ensure that United States government is capable of fulfilling its objectives in a dynamic environment.

The services provided by IAP comprehensive services range from airfields to field hospitals that are provided in global-scale to keep US strong and secure. Combining proven experience in technology with expertise, IAP enables defense, and civilian agencies to perform in the more dynamic environment.

The services are very many apart from customers and government agency services included above. IAP Worldwide services can be summarized to be very efficient and committed to meeting customer needs by having their mission’s to be part of the company reason for being.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:,-inc-l-virginia.aspx

U.S. Money Reserve Launches New Online Coin Catalogue And Website

The name U.S. Money Reserve has been around for years. You might know them from the fine products they offer or the way you can have the coins shipped to your home or office. Regardless of what you might or might not know about the company, they have moved online. The U.S. Money Reserve has put up a new website and e-commerce catalogue for visitors to browse through and make their selections. As an established coin collector you might already know that you can get so many nice coins from U.S. Money Reserve. What you might not know is that they are a great resource for people who are just getting started in the hobby of coin collecting.
Anyone who loves coins will enjoy the vast collectables that can be found on the U.S. Money Reserve website and catalogue. News of the online efforts quickly spread when CBS 19 covered the story. You can read what they had to say at this link:

The new website is consumer friendly and provides the user with product information that is informative and functional. As a leader in the industry of precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve is helping people get started with collecting. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The company is ran by a former director of the U.S. Mint. U.S. Money Reserve helps consumers learn and understand the many benefits of buying and owning bullion and gold coins that are government issued. This company is one of the largest, privately held distributors of United States government issued products. These items include silver, gold and platinum.

This company has a variety of experts who are highly trained in the art of rare coins and metals. These experts help to make sure that U.S. Money Reserve is providing the best advice and highest quality products. These experts do coin research and other forms of research so that buyers can just buy the coins and products and know they are getting the highest quality. They have eliminated as many of the risk factors as they can. They are making the buying process easy, simple and fun. You simply go on to the new website, read over the product information, select your product and the
U.S. Money Reserve will ship them to your home or office. What could be easier? All the risk is taken out of coin collecting when you use this company. You no longer have to worry about the quality of your coins or the person you are buying from. The U.S. Money Reserve has made coin collecting simple, fun and safe.

If you have been doing business with them before or if you are a first time coin buyer, you owe it to yourself to take a look at the new website and order your coins today.

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The Street on George Soros


When it comes to investing, the best way to go about it is taking the advice of people who know what they are doing. Billionaires such as George Soros are typically the best people to watch, especially when he makes bold market moves that will either lead him to greater financial glory or torpedo everything that he has worked for. In an article published online by The Street Goerge Soros has reportedly funneled the majority of his wealth into energy companies such as Chevron, Chesapeake Energy, and NRG energy. While this is a simple process for a man of such means, it indicates that the energy market could likely see a dramatic increase very soon, with stocks rising and value increasing. Oil prices are surging and then falling while the energy market shows no sign of consistency whatsoever, swinging back and forth at the drop of a hat and cost people millions and making them the same amount of profits. With such unpredictability, it is only logical that one would avoid investments in such companies. However, it is not likely that George Soros would invest so unwisely without knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would pay off. Indeed, because he has shown such faith in the energy market, we should as well. An intelligent investor follows other intelligent investors. After all, great minds think alike. And George Soros is truly a great mind. His wealth is a testament to his impressive ability to read the market and maximize his profits from it. Only an investing genius would have survived this long in so cutthroat and industry. Ignoring Soros would result in a loss of money as well as an opportunity to make huge profits that no one else is in on quite yet. Even though the odds are not in our favor when it comes to past dealing with such a market, George Soros has never been a poor example to follow.
To say that George Soros has seen and survived a lot is an understatement. Founder of Soros Fund Management, George Soros was born in Budapest and survived the Nazi occupation during World War II. A strong advocate for human rights, Soros has used his vast wealth to improve the lives of millions. A few notable accomplishments are facilitating the black students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa to attend class despite the growing apartheid in the region. He has always worked to improve human society and his philanthropy is exemplary to say the least. In addition to his many accomplishments in business and economics, he is also the author of numerous books, all of which receive attention and even article publication in the foremost newspapers and magazines around the world.

Coriant and New CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant is a successful and exciting company noted for its’ ability to offer innovative networking solutions. The business world is a fast changing place and Coriant is able to help clients simplify the world of high speed, edgy networking and business applications, Coriant was formed in 2013 as an independent company. Today the company is so large and well respected that the staff aids network executives in over 100 countries. Hundreds of thousands of networking systems are now used worldwide and Coriant creates exciting solutions that serve as the foundation for billions of dollars in revenue.

Shaygan Kheradpir is currently the CEO of Coriant and is responsible for some if its success. He is a noted business and technology executive. Born in London and raised in Iran, his father was a doctor. Kheradpir moved to the United States to attend Cornell University where he received a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. Previous positions include being an executive at GTE, Barclays, Verizon, and Juniper Networks. He is the creator of several cost-cutting programs for clients and while at GTE he concentrated on network routing and became chief information officer.

When GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in 2000 the company formed Verizon Communications. Kheradpir was president of Verizon’s e-business division and later became the company’s first CIO/CTO. While he was at Verizon, Kheradpir impressed the business world by making several big business changes in the company. He was instrumental in reducing its information technology budget by two percent. In another huge cost saving measure he was able to reduce the IT staff by 20 percent and reduced purchasing from technology vendors by 30 percent.

Coriant is poised to enjoy a bright future as a strong force in the network and business application world. With strong leadership, a staff comprised of the best in the field, and financial security clients are sure to keep lining up to implement the programs they create.

Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader

The majority of people are well aware of the fact that the world of business has changed a lot, which means that it has become more complex and competitive than it used to be. This is due to the increasing competition, and other complexities included here are becoming even more obvious. Business has also gone through a new revolution when it comes to gender in the last couple of years. This means that men are not the only ones with the roles of executive officers. Women as well have proved to be quite successful in this field. One such example is Susan McGalla.

Susan McGalla As A Business Leader
Susan McGalla represents a founder of P3 Executive Consulting, which is located in Pittsburgh, the CEO of The Wet Seal, and the president of the American Eagle Outfitters brand on These titles were deserved thanks to her skills and experience, and she is now regarded as one of the most successful businesswomen. Furthermore, she works as a director of Strategic Planning and Growth for The Pittsburgh Steelers, and her other companies focus on organizational development when it comes to retail industry.

Susan worked in many different management and marketing positions. She first worked for Joseph Horne Company, after which she began working as a merchandise buyer for women’s clothing line at American Eagle Outfitters, until becoming the company’s president. After that, she was appointed the CEO of Wet Seal.

Susan states that American Eagle Outfitters was a company that consisted of males, so Mrs. McGalla was the only women there who held various positions, which was an experience of a lifetime. Susan has continued to be successful since then, and she is now a consultant of some of the most influential people in the world of business.

Susan McGalla Discusses Business And Gender
Susan McGalla has spent a lot of time discussing the gender issues in the world of business, and she is certainly best suited to show how this can affect many businesswomen on a daily basis.

Susan McGalla states that there are many business fields where the issue of gender can be expressed in many ways. She has always lived in those arenas dominated by men, even when she was a child, when she was living with her father and brothers. This helped her to achieve many goals, since her father treated her in the same way as his sons. So, her childhood was a good preparation for life in the industry dominated by men, and she is also trying to encourage many women to enter this workplace without hesitation. She also states that many experts tend to use political terminology that usually alienates many women from their goals. She thinks that in order to encourage them to purse their career, one should speak honestly about this problem.

So, Susan’s own story of succeeding in the business world dominated by males can show many possibilities in this industry for women who are willing to follow the same path. So, women will be much more confident if they had the Susan’s approach to life and business.

The Profit

Highland Capital Management is one of the major finance companies of the United States of America. Their also one of the main players on the global market with bases of operation all around United Nations friendly territory. With such a massive structure to provide the key players of world business the materials to conduct the process needed to perform. But their services are not only to the heads of world affairs but also to the men in the cities just getting ready to make their start on the market. With flexible plans to secure an grow financial prosperity anyone with the right brains an budget can surely lead a fruitful life with the assistance of Highland brilliant team of experts. But how does an organization of this size function? Well that answer is simple with the right leader to ensure that this global power has the resources to maintain itself for the future to come. This leader is Mr. James Dondero a southern man that for the past three decades has devoted himself to understanding the nature of this beast. With his career starting in the early days of the Reagan administration giving him insight to the dark days of the late 20th century. His education being in the great state of Virgina this man knows where his brains come from with a guarantee in common sense. As of now Mr. Dondero lives in Dallas Texas spending his spare time taking part in the affairs of his community on help that both parties thrive for long term periods of time. With knowledge of the man who makes this great company operate lets look into the aspect of doing work with Highland if you want to take a legal chance to make it big. Today going from tags to riches is harder then ever with more then plenty scams tricking the common man into thinking he could pull it off. Even in the high end their still risks of falling for a con. However Highland as not only proven but has passed all legal tests to ensure they are the best choice to take your business too. Remember my friends when you want to play smart with your future play with Highland Capital Management. Best of luck to you who are ready to work and have a nice day.

James Dondero, the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management

He is known to be a robust individual who is opinionated in terms of setting standards in a professional manner. James Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of Highland Capital Management (HCM) on He is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. He is gifted with having over 30 years of experience in the equity and credit markets. As a market analyst, he focused mainly on high yield and distressed investing. The organization began in 1993 with the pioneering move to be the leader in development in the Collateralized Loan Obligation. The organization offered oriented solutions for real investors and institutional entities to offer product offerings that include separate accounts, hedge funds, private equity funds, ETFs, and REITs.

As such, the organization mainly targeted large corporates with the aim of making sure that product initiatives relevant to institutional success are achieved. As the chief investment officer, his duty incorporated supporting initiatives in education, veteran affairs, and public policy. The individual, Mr. Dondero is known to be philanthropic, dedicated and with different perspectives on different issues but very eloquent when handling any issues that may arise. The individual Mr. Dondero operates under numerous subtitles. For instance, he operated as a Corporate Bond Analyst and Portfolio Manager at American Express.

The year 1984 saw him begin his career having graduated from the University of Virginia. He graduated with the highest honors and continued his illustrious education in the McIntire School of Commerce with dual majors in Accounting and Finance. He worked in several accounting firms where he became a Certified Management Accountant. He also earned the right of use vis-à-vis Chartered Financial Analyst designation forms. Mr. Dondero earned his rights to the name entrepreneur as he established several ventures with worthy partners. For example, he co-founded Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada in 1993. His portfolio spans from mortgage-backed securities, emerging market knowledge, common and preferred stocks and management experience, especially during investments.

Through the alliances, several organizations came to life like the NexPoint Residential Trust. The organization known as NexPoint is a publicly traded REIT with its shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol NXRT. The trust was mainly established with a primary focus on acquiring, owning and operating under multifamily properties with a ‘value-add’ potential in large cities. The target audience was the middle-income families to the rich & wealthy in Southeastern and Southwestern United States. The advisors of the NexPoint organization include NexPoint Real Estate Advisors. Board advising NexPoint operates under the wise leadership of Mr. Dondero. The knowledge gathered by Mr. Dondero over the years allows him earn prestigious job positions like working in a bank. He managed to work in several banks like nexbank where he was on the board of directors. He advised the banks on the different issues that may arise. The financial markets occasionally rose and fell depending on the value of stocks. For example, shares selling at a low price most likely sell more and shares selling at a high price will most likely sell less. As such, it was vital to have an individual that comprehended the infrequent trends in share prices.