Corporates World Glass Ceiling Being Shattered By Helane

One needs to really take a lot in order to be able to maintain ethical integrity in his or her entire lifetime. Definitely, any person would be interested in doing anything in the right way; every person knows the benefit associated with following the rules. However, not every person has the character to keep her or himself on the narrow and straight. It will always take a distinct type of person to be successful in such an environment especially in an industry that has not achieved anything but soiled its reputation. 

Helane Morrison has been working with an aim of preventing corruption and protecting the vulnerable since her beginnings in journalism to her years in the government service. Morrison is considered to be one of the most important players in the industry today though it is not clear if her main focus was to expose the corrupt brokers or to transform the financial work place. Morrison has been making her mark on the industry for over 30 yes and she is still going strong and is very powerful, determined and very influential. 
It didn’t take long before her abilities were noticed by the government and Helane was invited to take a position at the US Securities and Exchange office in San Francisco. Morrison was given full power that will enable her protect the corporations and persons against fraud while at the same time ensuring full disclosure of information and ensuring there is high standard of fair in dealing whenever investing. 

About Helane Morrison 

Helane Morrison graduated from the University of Northwestern with a bachelor in Journalism before earning the J.D from the California University at the Berkeley School of Law. Morrison used to be the Editor in Chief of the California Law Review. 

Helane Morrison is also a Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director and a General Counsel of the Hall Capital Partners. She is also among the company’s executive committee. Before joining the company back in 2007, Morrison was heading the San Francisco Office at the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission. During her reign as the Regional Director and as a District Administrator, she was looking after litigation, securities and regulatory matters in Northern California. Morrison also sat the Regional Parks Foundation board. She was also at the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. She is always a periodic speaker concerning the legal and compliance issues which are affecting investment advisers.

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