Couple sheds over 140 pounds by NutriMost

The success story on facebook for Connecticut couple Al & Linda Sparaco begins from a radio ad that Linda had heard claiming to help overweight people to lose weight. They were tired all the time and not happy, wanting to make a change they decided to try the Nutrimost system and lost 60 pounds on their first 40 day session. The reasoning behind their success stems from the programs focus on genetic evaluation to help customize a program that fits the individual. As Dr. Mitch the explains, because the nutrimost recipes program is catered to the individual client it is sustainable and unlike fad diets or specialty brand foods that other programs push, it adaptable to work at all stages of life and incomes.
Linda and Al’s families were amazed by their transformation and due to the weight loss they feel healthier. The couple have reaped the benefits of being able to come off their various prescribed medications due to their new lifestyle choices and no longer suffer from high cholesterol, acid reflux, and high blood pressure. They have since continued additional rounds of NutriMost with Dr. Mitch and his staff and lost over 140 pounds together with the program. In a time of weight-loss uncertainty the Sparaco are extremely pleased with their results and recommend the program to everyone.

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