Wen Experiment Worked Out The Kinks

Braving the unknown, Emily McClure of Bustle magazine changed her beauty routine for an experiment and used Wen hair care products. She describes her entire trial in an article on Bustle.com but to sum it up there are excellent benefits to the product but it comes with a catch.

During McClure’s test of Wen by Chaz Dean kicked off with WEN Hair Cleansing Conditioner, hoping her results would be similar to that seen by women in the commercials who flaunt their flawless, voluminous hair for the camera. The first couple of days yielded mixed results for her, while her hair was soft and flowing it also had a noticeably greasy feeling and fell flat fast. Once she realized the trick of the new beauty routine, McClure loved the Wen hair product but offered some very specific advice. Shower in the morning and prepare to style your hair daily, this product is not for lazy hair days. Showering at night was the culprit behind leaving her hair feeling less than fabulous.

Wen Hair was created Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles celebrity hair stylist, who believes in an all-natural and healthy lifestyle. In effort to bring that philosophy to the salon chair these products are made from natural ingredients and contain no harsh chemicals. A full line of cleansing and styling products are available on sephora.com with a variety of natural scents, as well as a line for kids. Pet products to keep furry companions naturally clean and pampered are also offered by Wen.