The Remarkable Career of Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is a residential Realtor in Delaware, Franklin, Fairfield, and Licking counties located in Central Ohio. She stands out from all other real estate agents at Ohio as she treats all of her clients. Due to her much experience in this field, she can carefully guide her clients through till the final process. She can retain her clients who may need her assistance to purchase homes in future. This is as a result of maintaining her performance in selling homes at a fast rate. She aims to offer her clients a wonderful experience as they buy or sell a home in Ohio. The results are always exemplary as she ensures that her clients obtain what they deserve.


According to Philly Purge Tammy Mazzocco started off her career with a commercial real estate corporation known as The Edwards Realty Company. Mike Zelnik was in leadership as the dynamic commercial Realtor as she worked in a team of nine agents. For the next seven years, Tammy Mazzocco served in the condominium management, a branch at the Scotland Yard Condominiums. Within this same period, she received her license as a real estate agent. This was a proposal from the general manager of Scotland and Cook Realty Owner, Ken Cook in the year 1995. He had been a great source of encouragement to Tammy Mazzocco when she began her career.


Tammy later moved to T&R Properties where she served as the property manager of multi-site, for a warehouse office complex and two complexes for apartments. In 1998, she worked as the personal assistant for Joe Armeni, a known producer of RE/MAX. This was in Columbus, around the Victorian Village region. In 1999, Tammy Mazzocco decided to pursue real estate as a full-time career after learning from the day to day activities of the successful realtor. She then joined the Associates in Pickerington and Judy Gang at Ohio. Eventually, she has become the successful real estate agent that she has always desired to become.


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