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According to Australia’s Finder AU statistics, the average household in Australia owes a debt of over $200,000. Instead of getting out from under this debt with careful planning, people are adding to it with their continued use of credit cards. Then sooner or later, our financial lives have reduced our ability to save and achieve our financial goals.


Enter now is a financial coach to propel us toward a positive financial fitness goal. A financial coach helps individuals and families reduce their debt levels, improve credit scores, save more, and become better stick-to-itiveness managers of their own financial situations.


Infinity Group Australia (‘Infinity’) helps their clients customize a wealth plan over several weeks and months to reduce debt, to create a strategic wealth building plan, and to create better retirement solutions. Infinity looks at your valuables, resources, assets, and to help with your financial future to own a home or a business.


Financial coaching is doing more than just helping indebted families feel good about their reduced debt for a short period of time. Instead, money coaches delve deep into the changes that must take place during and after their financial coaching has enabled them to achieve their goals.


Coached families and individuals are helped through their financial liabilities to become better problem solvers and to eventually improve harmful financial habits. For example, when purchasing a product, you are asked to think before you buy. Ask yourself if this purchase is a ‘want’ or a ‘need.’


An experienced and certified financial coach platform like Infinity Group Australia helps to monitor the spending habits of their clients. They enable you to reduce any financial risk exposures and to help you receive a better yield. Clients are educated in how wealth is created through long-term strategies like ‘Wealth Creation’ which is designed to prepare their client’s future.


Financial fitness is about monitoring your normal cash flow expenditures, such as food, medical, housing and knowing how much you can afford to spend to keep your head above water. You must remember to realize how much you make, how much you need to save and to spend. Getting a handle on buying, saving, and spending is not an easy feat.


Financial coach platforms teach you how to build up your financial muscles with long-term money management structured fitness and discipline. If a heavy mortgage is the financial culprit in your life, a financial coach can help people find the specific solution to reduce the fees and interest costs associated with a mortgage, while also learning how to pay off your home loan in advance. Many Infinity Group Australia reviews identify the company as a trustworthy financial partner that guides you and then trains you to go through your life experiences with a renewed financial commitment. Learn more:


Equities First Holdings Finds an Emergent Trend among Individuals who Secure Working Capital Using Stock as Collateral

Global lender Equities First Holdings, LLC, finds more traction in margin loans and stock-collateralized loans in an economic atmosphere where financial institutions have made it harder to secure loans. For borrowers who want to raise capital quickly or are not qualified for more conventional credit-based loans, equities lending offers them an attractive alternative.

Despite the fact that some options still exist for these borrowers, not long ago, several banks and other financial institutions decreased their lending options, made the process of qualifying for loans more difficult, and increased interest rates. Equities First Holdings founder and CEO Al Christy Jr. sees stock-backed loans as an excellent borrowing option for people looking for working capital. Loans collateralized by stocks do not only have a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin alternatives but also offer a fixed interest rate, guaranteeing certainty all through the duration of the transaction.

As with a conventional loan, the borrower must be prequalified with a margin loan and may require that the loan is put to a particular use. The borrowers should expect to work with a variable interest rate and loan-to-value ratios between 10 to 50 percent. Moreover, the lending company may liquidate the collateral, in the event of a margin call, without giving notice.

With stock-backed loans, however, borrowers can anticipate a fixed interest rate ranging from three and four percent. These individuals can also expect loan-to-value ratios between 50 to 75 percent and no restrictions on the loan so that the loan can be put to any use. Besides, since most stock-based loans are non-recourse, borrowers are free to walk away at any time without any obligations.

About Equities First Holdings

Al Christy Jr. founded Equities First Holding is 2002. Since then, the company has grown from a local to an international firm. The Indianapolis-based firm has offices in seven countries, including London, Perth, Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.

Equities First Holdings is a full-service, non-purpose lender that specializes in providing securities based services. The company offers loans depending on their assessment of risk and future performance associated with the treasuries, bonds, and stocks. Through Equities Firsts’ straightforward process, clients can gain fast access to liquidity at quite affordable rates.