The Lovaganza Celebration Announcement Is The Start Of Something Big

Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

When J.F. and Genevieve Gagnon decided to use their talents in the entertainment industry to effect change in the world, they didn’t realize the response they would get from people around the world. People and organizations have been trying to eliminate childhood hunger for decades, but millions of kids are still dying from malnutrition every year. Even the kids in the United States are not immune. More than 8,000 kids die of hunger in the United States every year. What makes the Gagnon’s project so special is the fact that they are not trying to meet their goal in 2035 alone. The Gagnon’s are enlisting the help of political figures, celebrities, governments, and non-profit organizations all over the world and it’s working. The Gagnon’s call their project the Lovaganza Celebration, and it will begin in May 2020. That may sound like a delay tactic, but it is going to take the Gagnon’s that much time to put all the pieces of the Lovaganza Celebration together.

The first piece is called the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is the money-making piece of the Celebration. The second piece is the Lovaganza Foundation on Facebook. The Lovaganza Foundation is the non-profit piece that brings other non-profit organizations together to reach the six goals set by the Gagnon’s. The Third piece is the Lovaganza Convoy. Genevieve is the engine on the Lovaganza Convoy train. She is producing, directing, and at times, starring in a series of short films shot in countries around the world. The debut of the Lovaganza Convoy is set for 2017.

The six goals of the Lovaganza Celebration are to raise enough money, interest, support and caring to provide enough food for kids in every country in the world. The Celebration also wants to provide clean water, clothing, shelter, education, and safety for children around the world by the year 2035. That is a tall order, and a very aggressive goal, especially when all the past attempts to eliminate childhood hunger have failed. Past attempts didn’t succeed even though there is enough food, clean water, clothing, shelter and educational tools on the planet to offer children in every corner of the world. They failed because there wasn’t a joint effort to succeed by every nation and organization in the world.

But the Lovaganza Celebration is removing the fragmentation that exists in the world. Lovaganza is using cutting edge technology to get the attention of the world, and the first response to the challenge has exceeded the Gagnon’s expectations.

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