Emily McClure Abolishes Wen by Chaz Skepticism

It is quite alright to be skeptical of any product. After all, your money is precious and deserves to be invested in quality products sold on Amazon that will do what their company claims. Wen by Chaz, for example, are celebrity haircare products boasting of transforming lifeless hair to vibrant, look at me locks. As always, though, the proof is in the experiment; Emily McClure, a certified Youtube vlogger, embarked on a week-long journey in which she only used the professional cleansing conditioner by Wen. Her self-proclaimed fine hair was the test subject.
Well, what happened?

Wonderful results happened, of course! Emily used the recommended amount of product for her medium length hair each time that she showered. Her hair became immediately soft upon washing out the product, but some missed residue resulted in oily hair until her next wash.

Then what happened?

Her experiment continued, and she noticed a drastic difference in her hair almost immediately. The noticeable softness paired with the volume certainly boosted Emily’s confidence.

Did anyone else notice? It does not count if nobody noticed!

As her experiment reared to a close, Emily met with some friends. They began asking her what salon she just stepped out of, if she got a haircut, and what she was using as a product. So, to answer the question: Yes, everybody began noticing after only a week of Wen by Chaz use!

Any complaints?

The only complaint received by McClure was that her hair was unable to hold curls like it once did. While that might seem discouraging, it is important to note that her hair returned to its natural state after using these products–ultimately making her locks entirely too healthy and heat-resistant. Who would not want that problem, right?

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