Nobilis Health: The deal for Phoenix Hospital closed

Nobilis Health Corporation has recently announced that transaction related to operating the former hospital located in Scottsdale (Freedom Pain Hospital) has been closed, which ended in Nobilis Health’s control of the joint venture whose function was to operate the future hospital. Furthermore, Nobilis Health has also acquired a 60 % stake, which is just another step in future endeavors of this corporation. In order to obtain a 60 % stake, Nobilis Health had to contribute about $3.2 million, which is a big donation for any corporation, but the results are definitely worth this. Nobilis will now be involved in managing new hospital’s corporate affairs, together with regularly providing different management services as a part of this transaction. Chris Lloyd, the CEO of Nobilis, states that the hospital will surely complement the surgery center in Phoenix, and everything will be in accordance with Dallas and Houston business. After closing the deal, the joint will eventually be worth about $4.2 million in capital. Furthermore, Nobilis agreed on facilitating a credit of $4.5 million that will later provide even additional working capital.

About Nobilis Health

Nobilis Health is a healthcare management and development company that has many acute care facility centers under its control, which are aimed at delivering the best healthcare services to its patients. The focus of this company is on improving providing procedures that can be performed in those outpatients setting that are not so expensive. Its innovative marketing technologies will even further improve the corporation’s business operations. The company offers a friendly environment, and there are numerous opportunities for the individuals willing to be part for of company’s success. There are about seven surgical centers that are under the control of Nobilis Health, some of which are based in Houston and Dallas. Furthermore, Nobilis is a partner with other facilities as well, such as the ones based in Oregon, Minnesota, Michigan, New Jersey, Arizona and Tennessee. To conclude, the transaction was a great idea for many reasons. The hospital will now be able to carry out many complex surgeries, which will allow Nobilis Health realize the point of adding additional capacity to the existing facility.