Your Christmas Using Securus

Holiday season can be very difficult for individuals in the prison system. It is incredibly important that you look for a system that works for you and allows you to do home video visitation that is going to enable you to have better communication with your loved one. One of the best systems on the market right now is known as Securus and is being used by thousands of prison families all over the world. This is a great quality system that enables you to video visit with your loved ones no matter where they happen to be around the country.


My own experience using Securus has been a wonderful one for me and my loved one because it allowed us both to communicate in a more responsible and secure manner. I had forgotten how difficult it was to keep in touch with a loved one when they were behind bars and this is why it truly changed my world when they were put into prison for several months. The holiday season was very difficult for the both of us because we did not have any way to keep in touch with each other and it was too expensive for me to make a trip to the prison to see them face to face. This is when I began to do my own research and discovered Securus as a result of this.


Securus is one of the best communication systems put into the prison system in the past several years and is being used by person family over the country. You will be amazed at how convenient and efficient this amazing system can be for you and it is why so many people have utilized in their own lives now that they know that it exists. During the Christmas season, it is especially important that you use a system like this so that you can have better quality communication with your loved one without necessarily having to make a trip to the prison just to be able to see them. It can be very difficult and costly to make a trip to the prison during the holidays when you are otherwise on a relatively strict budget from spending so much on presents and this system can make it easier for you when you make the decision to use it on a regular basis for the benefit of yourself and your loved one as well.


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Securus Technologies


Advances in Data Analytical Tool Put Securus on Top

Securus Technologies,provides technology answers with the safety of the public in mind, in the criminal justice area. PR Newswire reports on Securus’ release of a fully integrated “Big Data” analytical tool for the Department of Corrections.
It’s the latest web-based technology that preserves the bold analysis. THREADS’ redesign makes it easier to use and compliments the system performance. The user interface is streamlined and has increased the performance of how the system navigates and records loading and the search functions. This led to the performance increasing of the user experience.

THREADS 3.1 has released upgrades the software platform from Silverlight to HTML 5. This has allowed integration directly between Securus products like Secure Call Platform. The investigators find the product easier to use with a more proactive tool that will help them in their work. This Securus tool needs less training and can provides necessary leads in the investigations.

Some new features revealed by PR include being able to monitor the SCP calls within the THREADS application. Having real-time analysis, as well as context-sensitive reports with mapping and printing that can be customized.

Securus has held THREADS in high regard but THREADS 3.1 takes this to platinum level. They are upgrading their existing customers for free.

Securus Technologies [see,] based out of Dallas, Texas. They are committed to serve and connect by providing emergency response, communication and more. They serve over 3,450 safety for the public, police in cities, the sheriff department in the rural areas and correctional agencies. There are over 1,200,000 inmates across North America and with a unique self-service and products monitoring and reliable service that continues to monitor and provide a safe environment for all citizens.

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