ClassDojo Enhancing Learning By Improving The Classroom Experience

Learning has for many years been something that students have to tolerate but with the introduction of ClassDojo application, it will now be a fun experience to spend time in a classroom. The ClassDojo application is offering teachers and parents a seamless way through which they can connect and understand more about the learning process of the students. The application seeks to eliminate the many meetings teachers have with parents at towards the end of the terms. ClassDojo allows teachers to turn the classroom into an enjoyable space by communicating with parents in real-time and offering the resources needed for students to learn better.  Check for more postings.

Through the application, parents can see what their students are doing and can understand more about their children. This allows them to contribute to the learning process and to also offer resources that help the students to handle their studies more seamlessly. It is a revolutionary app that is looking to eliminate the tedious processes that force teachers to keep asking parents to show up at schools.

Since the launch of the application in 2010, 2 in 3 schools across the U.S. have adopted it and this shows the growth at which it has been moving and the appreciation it has been getting from parents and teachers. As the CEO of ClassDojo explained, their aim is not to first make money off the application. They are after developing the platform and getting as many teachers and parents on board as possible.

Premium features that can lead to monetization will be added later when the app gains many users and its infrastructure reinforced enough to handle the traffic. ClassDojo is also supporting students in the sense that they can also take part in the discussions that concern their welfare. This means they can help in decisions that affect their learning, hence creating a better environment for their growth.

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More about ClassDojo
ClassDojo is a mobile application that was launched in 2010 that is working to offer teachers and parents a conducive environment where they can enhance the learning experience. It is built as a platform where teachers can share live videos of the students then parents can also submit their ideas through a real-time messaging system.

With the application, it is possible to include students in managing their affairs and hence in the process improve the learning experience. Students stand to gain more with the great support they receive from both parents and teachers.