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Online reputation management can be seen as a lot of things, but in many cases it is simply a matter of marketing strategies. I was recently reading an article on online reputation management at , and it detailed how certain entertainment industry people protect their reputations online. However, it also details why this type of maneuver is necessary in this type of industry. Many times, it is direct competition with others in the industry that causes online reputation management to be necessary to prevent attacks from competitors. Ruining a competitor’s reputation is an easy way to eliminate them in a damaging and complete way.

One way to prevent this is by first determining from where the attacks originated. This is important because it may prove very difficult to tamp down a situation that has begun to go viral, and if the source is not identified, they can continue to perpetuate the story without any defensive measures being leveled back upon them. Additionally, it allows a person that is under attack to contact an online reputation management service and determine the proper course of action stop and reverse the damage. However, this may be very hard to do if someone chose to try this themselves. Online reputation management services that are comprehensive and good at what they do have many devices and strategies that are not at the disposal of ordinary individuals.

Another problem is that the damaging information is often leaked out quietly. By leaking information in this manner, the information can proliferate greatly before anyone knows that anything is occurring online. The only way to prevent this is by monitoring your online presence constantly. This vigilance will pay off in spades because one of the keys to successfully preventing attacks online is to identify them early. Additionally, simply reacting blindly to the threat is not enough and is often detrimental. Before responding people should contact a service or publicist if necessary and map out a strategy. A good defense can thwart these issues and also provide a road map for dealing with issues like these when they occur in the future.