Peter Briger Plans to Take Fortress Digital with Cryptocurrency Exchange

Peter Briger is President and Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group. As a high-ranking member of the Board of Directors, Briger is credited with finally taking Fortress public. A giant in the finance sector, and one Forbes top 400 business professionals, Briger is a driving force for investment banking. Prior to Fortress Peter served as a partner with Goldman Sachs & Company.Peter Briger is a graduate of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business with an MBA, he also holds a Bachelor’s from Princeton. During his fifteen-year stint at Goldman and Sachs he served in various management, operational, and leadership roles. His tenure for the investment firm garnered him much experience, developing an impressive skill set in distressed debt, real estate, trading, loans, and foreign investments. His skills soon made Briger noticeable to other companies. Fortress picked him up in 2002.

At Fortress Peter Briger runs the real estate and credit divisions. At present Briger is leading Fortress into the digital currency market, with serious plans to begin investing within it. Cryptocurrency has been on the rise since the release of Bitcoin. The virtual money enjoyed lauded success, bringing unexpected to may early-stage investors. Although it has the moxie to become a viable asset of trade, many businesses still stay away from it. If Briger has his way Fortress will not be one of them. In as conference thrown by Fortress, Peter Briger gave a presentation detailing his plans for Bitcoin. Working with Wells Fargo Fortress will begin using cryptocurrency to move money.

This will occur through the partnership of Wells Fargo and Fortress, who will form an exchange between each other. The exchange will allow for funds to become digitized. Well Fargo has shows interest but has kept to itself. An advocate that traditional ways of moving cash are out of date, the lack of a U.S. regulatory system for Bitcoin makes it great alternative. It would be fast, have the potential of an increase in interest, and transcend exchange boundaries set up for other forms of money. The world of online currency is still new and untested, making investments into the market are risky. Although Fortress has not green-lit a large scale transfer of currency, it has been quietly buying up Bitcoin.

Jeff Yastine Can Be Trusted With Financial Advice

There are very few options these days for people who want to become good at investing. In fact, generally speaking, there are only two options. The first option is to hire a financial advisor. A financial advisor will save you a lot of the time it will take you to research all the available stocks and find out which stocks are worth investing in and which stocks are going to be failures. On the other hand, a financial advisor is going to charge you a pretty penny in order for you to get access to their financial advice. Not only that, but there is no guarantee that the financial advisor is going to give you the best advice. It is very possible that the financial advisor will be wrong about his or her predictions. Follow Jeff on Twitter. This is true even if the financial advisor has the best intentions when dispensing his or her advice. However, there are times that the financial advisor will not be giving you the best advice out there. Sometimes, they may have a hidden agenda. They might want to pump up the price of a stock because they have invested in it themselves and want it to go up so that they can sell it before everyone else and make a lot of money. Maybe that is the reason why they are telling all of their clients to buy the stock and why they are publishing articles in the media about why the public should invest in that stock. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

The reality is that you can not be sure of the intentions or the accuracy of a financial advisor. That takes us to the second option. The second option is to not rely on a financial advisor but to rely on yourself and yourself only. You will do your own research and figure everything out on your own. The problem with this is that it takes a lot of time, and you will lose money at first.


There is another option, and that is to learn from Jeff Yastine and the other experts at Banyan Hill Publishing. This is the best option because you do not have to worry about their expertise. Jeff Yastine puts out Total Wealth Insider, which thousands of people trust. Jeff Yastine has a lot of education and experience in the field of investing and finance.

U.S Money Reserve Introduces An Online Shop

Owning precious metals in the modern world has been made easy by the U.S. Money Reserve. The company recently opened an online shop to help the online community understand the need for owning precious metals such as Gold, silver, platinum and others. The new introduction is attributed to the new president of the company, Mr. Philip Delhi. Since he took over the leadership of the company, PR Newswire reported he has made some positive changes, and many Americans believe that the company is in very good hands.
Precious metals have been owned by people for very many years. In the modern world, the amount of gold or silver owned by a certain country represents the country’s wealth, thanks to the value of these metals. Gold, for example, is a valuable commodity in the international community. According to CBS19 people who own gold are considered to be very wealthy.

During the batter trade that took place before the introduction of currency many years ago valued the precious metals, and they could be exchanged for valuable items too. To ensure that people pass the trend from the old generation to the next, the veterans in the industry decided to start a company that would sell and buy precious metals which are government approved. This company was started and given the name, U. S Money Reserve.

The competition in the industry is quite high, and there are many individuals in the lucrative industry. To ensure that the company stays on the top, the veterans put in place some measures to ensure that people who choose to buy or sell their coins to the company are always protected. The customer care in the company is very reliable, and they ensure that they give the buyers and sellers the best service when they come to the office of giving a call to the company.

The rest of the staff is equality knowledgeable, making the company stay ahead of the competitors. The president of the company has a lot of experience in the coin industry too. He was working in the U. S Mint, one of the rival companies to the U.S Money Reserve. He has brought a lot of progress since he took over the governance of the team, bringing new changes in the industry. He recently advocated for the abolishment of the cent, claiming that it was bringing losses to the industry. Although many groups opposed the idea, the CEO was right.

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