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With all the press along with the highly successful movie “The Holiday”, starring, Kate Winslet, Jack Black, and Cameron Diaz, renting you home out for holiday seekers has become a major business. It also sounds so easy. There are also scores of magazines and websites offering villas and homes in every country in the world including every state or province you can think of. Just name a place you’d like to live for a few days or a month and you can guarantee there are homes for rent there. Or you might even want to rent your home out. Millions of people do and the extra income can help make your real estate payments, pay for maintenance and upgrades, or just about anything you want or need. But the big question you should ask should be is it safe? But what most people fail to realize is that when you start taking money for renting out your home you are acting as an amateur hotelier and when you do that most of the rental platforms place any risks on you. In addition to that, there is the question of homeowners insurance liability. Also, most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover liabilities incurred by commercial activity or short term renters. You can probably get extended coverage but you need to call and check your coverage limits.

Why is this? It’s simple to understand really, because when you invite someone to share your home and you charge them, you are liable for damages to that individual. This can include risks like:

Damages to the property
Illegal activity
The loss of income
Injuries to the guest or someone else on your property

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm started by Richard Blair and located in Austin Texas. His goal in starting the company was simple, make a profound difference in the lives of the people, families and small business owners that became his clients. He has all the tools and education to make that become a reality too, he is a Registered Investment Adviser, a Certified Annuity Specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, Certified Fund Specialist and a Retirement Income Certified Professional.

After many years in financial planning, Richard has honed his experience to focus on planning for his clients to live successfully in retirement. This has been greatly helped by understanding and steering his clients away from the common pitfalls in retirement planning and to help his clients realize and pursue a prosperous retirement.

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Igor Cornelsen Successful Investment Advisor

Banker And Investor

Igor Cornelsen is a born and raised native of Brazil. He retired in 2010 from banking and investment and is currently living in South Florida. He is a person that is very well recognized as one of the leading bankers and investors in Brazil and all over the globe. Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor simply because he has mastered a great deal about the stock market over many years. Igor Cornelsen has worked well for many banks. After moving to South Florida he created the investment firm Bainbridge Investments Group in the Bahamas. He works at the firm as an advisor for stocks, foreign exchange, and commodities.

Advisor And Mentor

Igor Cornelsen has been a terrific advisor and mentor for training many investors when it comes to their investment portfolios. He highly advises on investing for a stable, long-term increase rather than short-term profits. For many investors who are looking for investment advice, Mr. Cornelsen suggests starting investing more rapidly than to wait and invest later on. By investing in more than one stock, investors should make several small investment to prevent from losing due to slow performance of that one stock.


Igor Cornelsen also is an author and disqus.com blogger who has written many articles for anyone looking for guidance in investments. The fact, details, and information that he has written about presents numerous beneficial techniques of the investment industry. He is very serious about the importance of committing to invest for the long term in order to achieve a successful outcome. His major point that he wants investors to understand is there is no instant fulfillment without long term commitment. An investor can gain a huge substantial profit as much as over five hundred percent as long as they commit to the investment market for a life span.

Investment Tips

In accordance with Igor Cornelsen, short-term investment options are often more dangerous and will leave an investor without the feeling of stability. If you’re seeking to engage in the investment markets, and you’re not committed to long-term investing methods, you will never find success. Investing in stocks is not like playing the lottery.

Mr. Cornelsen states most billionaire investors become very wealthy from long-term investments. Mr. Cornelsen concentrates on investment options in Brazil because of his substantial knowledge of the Brazilian banking market and because it has the eight largest economies. Anyone looking to invest in a company should do a background check. Don’t invest in a company who have many turnovers from the leadership at the top level of the company. Investors are urged to make wise investment decisions.