Bruno Fagali Advocacy Firm Efforts Now Hit The Media With Fagapress Updates

Bruno Fagali’s efforts to help the corporate sector to achieve ethical compliance are a matter of public knowledge. Fagapress is an initiative of the Fagali Advocacy activities online to bring emerging ethical issues to the attention of the public. In recent news, a federal court has ordered beer companies to make sure that all cereals used in the manufacture of beer are listed on the label. The ruling emanates from the practice of the companies to withhold information under the guise of protecting their patent rights. Judge Juliano Taveira from Goias state, a Judge of the 4th Court ruled that a customer has every right to know what cereals have been used in the beer that they drink.

Protecting Public Interest

The ruling by Judge Bernades results from a case in 2016 where the office of the prosecutor presented before the court a civil action urgent suit that required all beer manufacturing companies to indicate all the unmalted cereals that have been used in the beer brewing. The prayers in the suit were that the beer companies comply within 60 days of the granting of the prayers. The courts declined to see the urgency in the matter then. The matter was to be settled by consensus by a TAC conclusion. However, the parties failed to agree. It turned out to be winding issue that resulted in a full hearing that saw the petitioners have their way in their recent ruling. In the recent ruling, the judge explained that the practice by the beer firms to fail to show that the cereals are maize and rice in some cases fails the consumer law requirements. The judge concludes that the practice lacks clarity and precision, a requirement that CDC demands.

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About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is a lawyer with a special focus on ethics compliance by the corporate sector. He works with the Fagali Law firm to educate and exert pressure on the corporate sector in Brazil to toe the line. He is a law graduate from University of Sao Paolo with a focus on administrative law. Bruno Fagali has an advertising firm called Fagali Advocacy that takes the lead in demonstrating the need for accountability. Bruno speaks several languages including English, Portuguese and French. He has made a name for himself as the people’s king of corporate ethics.

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Jeremy Goldstein’s Legal Prowess

The financial sustainability depends upon many factors, and addressing them all is quite difficult. Attorney Jeremy Goldstein, who practices law in New York, has seen the conclusions of such situations that often become a battlefield where both business financiers and employees’ incentives do not win.



Goldstein has worked with many prominent companies like Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Verizon, he offers advice on how Earnings per Share or EPS should be handled, including other incentive base programs. He likewise presents insight over the discussion on the correct use of pay programs that are performance-based.



In general, EPS is positive depending on how they are managed. And as for the investors, EPS is one of the prominent influencing factors that affect the stock price. This is what motivates shareholders to sell or buy, and at the same time, it provides companies to increase the amount of incentives they give their employees. Current studies show that the inclusion of EPS in the overall pay structure within a corporation makes it more profitable.



Initially, the Earnings per Share may look to be a beneficial system that can be integrated into a business scheme. But taking into consideration the competitive characteristics of trading and shares at times permit companies to influence the EPS turning it into a biased advantage.



Those against the EPS rationalized that using the EPS within a company could lead CEOs turning blind eyes and favoritism within the organization. They pre-suppose that instead of being able to have collective control CEO’s and executives are given a lot of authority on whether the metrics are being met or not in relation to EPS that may affect results that are accurate. To expound – this could lead to executive bosses tipping the results of the metrics to inflate share sales which would affect shareholders. And this is not only misleading but likewise illegal.



Other non-EPS believers stressed that said metrics are only for short-term gains, which means that EPS does not provide justifiable revenues to reinforce the company’s growth in terms of expansion and the reinvestment of profits for the long-term. Moreover, performance-based pay packages are known to be volatile and unpredictable. Experts advise that investments must be focused on long-term and not the short term to give organizations time to reinforce the value of their shares.



Jeremy Goldstein practices law in New York City for a couple of years. He started his career by working with large firms then creating his own practice. Aside from working with several big companies or their cases, Goldstein also worked with numerous companies engaged in stocks, oil and petroleum, banks and cellular telecommunications.



Goldstein is listed for top selection in legal matters in the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers and Legal 500. Learn more:


Bruno Fagali Explains The Compliance Law

According to the English grammar, compliance or to comply is acting according to the law with a command, a request or with an internal respect. It means that it is a specific area that is supposed to encourage and monitor compliance with the laid out laws and regulations of that activity involved. In these days, compliance is one of the primary responsibilities of any corporate governance. Compliance has the function of detecting and treating unethical conduct and illegal acts in the company and its partners.

Bruno Fagali is one of the highlights of compliance matters. Bruno Fagali points out that it is because of the importance of the Compliance area that the Brazilian Law 12.846/13 the anti-corruption Law was published in Brazil. Bruno adds that it was published by published by the Decree 8420/15 in Brazil.

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Bruno Fagali notes that it was a significant for companies to adopt the Compliance programs because there was the possibility of companies to be penalized for acts harmful to the public Administration like corruption and fraud. Only individual persons would be punished for such practices previously before the law was passed. Bruno Fagali said that there was another critical point which was raised by Luiz Fernando Godoy one of the founders of Equipo Gestao that it was also essential to keep an eye to any company’s partners too. Furthermore, subsidiary and solidarity responsibilities are crucial, and it’s not a wonder to discover a partner involved in scandal cases that may be disastrous operations of the company. Bruno insists that it’s important to list some effective practices like ensuring that a partner complies with the legal obligations of a company. To do this, any partner must have an updated and monitored registration to avoid the consequences like low quality of deliverables.

Bruno Fagali who is an Attorney in Brazil is a Member of the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics. Fagali specializes in Compliance, Parliamentary law, anti-corruption law, public law, advertising and corporate law. Bruno Fagali is the co-founder of Fagali advocacy. Having completed his high school in2002, Fagali joined the University of Sao Paulo between 2004 and 2009. He is currently doing masters of Law at the University of Sao Paulo.

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Reviewing the Role of Labaton Sucharow’s Whistleblower Attorneys

When the United States Congress passed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, not many people had an idea about the impacts that it would have. The Act has greatly helped to transform the financial services industry. It paved way for the creation of a whistleblower program. This program provides financial rewards and employment protections to individuals who report wrongdoings to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Labaton Sucharow prides itself for being the first legal firm in the US to set up a whistleblower program. The division is under the leadership of Jordan A. Thomas, who is a former high-ranking official of the SEC. The division brings together experienced legal practitioners, financial analysts, and investigators. This guarantees competent representation to whistleblowers. The SEC whistleblower program allows anonymous reporting. It similarly shields whistleblowers from any form of retaliation.

Employment Protection

More often than less, those who raise alarm about violations are people who work within an organization. Whistleblowing is a difficult decision professionally. Those who report misdoings might start getting intimidated or threatened by their bosses. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act totally bars employers from sacking, demoting, intimidating or threatening employees to report violations to the SEC. This is applicable whether the report made leads to an enforcement action or not. Labaton Sucharow guarantees the employment rights of its clients who decide to report financial misdemeanors to the SEC.

Anonymous Reporting

It takes a lot of courage to blow the whistle on corrupt dealings. Not many people are willing to have their identities revealed. Labaton Sucharow’s whistleblower program has provisions for anonymous reporting. This protects whistleblowers from negative sanctions from the society. Normally, those who make reports are often seen to be opposed to group ideals. Most members of the society believe that reporting negates long-established social values such as loyalty and team work. To shield whistleblowers from social ridicule and any resultant stigma, the program allows anonymous reporting.

In this case, informants can anonymously make reports to the SEC. Labaton Sucharow’s lawyers often make submissions on behalf of clients who do not wish to have their identities made public. Nevertheless, a whistleblower’s identity has to be substantiated. Besides this, the identity has to be disclosed to the SEC if the report made leads to a successful action. This disclosure often comes into play in the event that there are monetary rewards. Labaton Sucharow offers world-class representation, which ensures that its clients are recompensed maximally.

Ross Abelow: Choosing The Right Attorney For Your Need

Choosing an attorney is an important decision. It requires a thorough research to ensure that you choose someone you can work with. Your attorney will provide advice and guide you through the entire legal process in a supportive way, and will strive to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

There are several considerations for selecting the right attorney for you. Important aspects of an attorney’s practice that you need to consider when hiring an attorney include: Experience, past results and cost.

While experience is not everything, an attorney who has represented clients in your type of situation or case may be able to help you obtain favorable outcome. So look for an attorney in New York who is well versed and experienced in your type of case.

When speaking with an attorney about your case, it’s always advisable to ask about track record. Find out how well the attorney handles cases in court or during a negotiation and how successfully he or she advocates for clients.

When you begin to evaluate attorneys on your list of possibilities, it is important to find out whether the law firm or attorney offers free initial consultations. Most attorneys offer the initial consultation at no charge, which allows you and attorney to discuss the case and assess the strength of your case.

Once you have been involved in a legal battle or dispute, the stress you have experienced is tough enough. It is important to be sure you are dealing with a good attorney who has the expertise and experience to help you. You also want to make sure the attorney’s fee is reasonable. By doing your home work and asking important questions before choosing an attorney to represent you, you can be sure that you select the best attorney in New York to to handle your case.

When it comes to selecting an attorney in New York City, consider Ross Abelow. Having a competent attorney can give you the confidence and assurance that your legal issue will receive proper attention. When Ross Abelow represents a client, he takes the time to review the matter thoroughly and then comes up with a powerful legal strategy to address the issue.

Ross Abelow is an accomplished attorney with the flair of persuasiveness. He is a New York based attorney, specializing in Family, Matrimonial and Commercial Litigation Law. Mr Ross Abelow has many years experience in the field and his reputation as an attorney has grown over the years. Ross Abelow has provided excellent services to both businesses and individuals clients. Ross Abelow is well versed in handling high profile cases, and has clients from all walks of life.