The Lime Crime Lifestyle

Chances are if I’m going to support a product I’m going to need to enjoy a little more than just what colors are available. What I wear is a reflection of who I decide to be and I choose to be more than simply a surface level experience so what I put on has to reflect my ideals and my passion just as deeply. I wouldn’t wear something that went directly against my values.

After searching around and few suggestions from friends I found Lime Crime’s line and fell in love. The colors, the models, the image was everything I wanted for myself. I just had to decide if I could support the company. Did it follow what I know to be true about the world?

According to Doll Skill, Lime Crime fit that decision perfectly, after looking into their philosophy, I found a line of products that mirrored my beliefs as well made amazing products.

Their adherence to fair and humane policies made purchasing sets of eye shadow palettes more than just a fashion decision but a declaration of support for a company that stood behind the same beliefs I do. Maintaining their cruelty-free testing, vegan-friendly manufacturing, and using models that promote healthy body image had me sold on the company.

After trying out the Velvetine Matte lipsticks though I was sold completely on the product as well.

First was a set of matte lipstick, then the venus eye shadow, followed by a jumper eventually I was getting complete outfits off of their site.

Their line of Mercy Doll clothes was unlike anything I had seen in other stores and soon my closet began to fill with tightly fitting mesh tops and winged shoes.

Much more than a line of products, Lime Crime embodies an entire philosophy of life. We share the same idea of being true to your identity, making bold statements, and looking good while doing it.