FreedomPop’s Customers Receive Free Minutes and Texts

Los Angeles-based mobile phone upstart FreedomPop is now offering services in the U.K. Started in 2012, the company has well over 1 million customers and growing in the U.S. Many people are surprised by a company offering no-contract mobile phone with free calling and text, but that’s exactly what FreedomPop does. The company offers 200 free mobile minutes, 200 texts and free data plans. You are only obligated to make a purchase if you run out of the free services.

The business model is one of the best in the market. Unlike major wireless companies such as Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon, FreedomPop on itunes uses third-party carriers to save money. FreedomPop plans to used similar services in the U.K that are offered in the U.S. “We feel that all people should be able to have good quality mobile service,” says FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols.

Customers can also receive more data and other services by completing surveys, and any unused data at the end of the month can be rolled over to the next month. If you have family members who use FreedomPop, you can share data with them. FreedomPop plan is ideal for individuals who only use their phones moderately. Most people like the freedom of being able to use their phone as much as they like without the usual restrictions of contract phone users. With FreedomPop up and running in the U.K., the company plans to launch services in at least 7 additional countries in the next year.

Slyce Taking Marketing To A New Level

Slyce is an Internet marketing company who has worked extensively hard over the past few years to help businesses grow their brand using new types of marketing. Advertising a business is not that easy. It takes time, work, and plenty of patience to be able to market your business and make more money in the industry that you are in. The key is to work with a top of the line advertising company who can get your business to the top. This is the company who can provide you with all that you will need to get your business to more people. They know exactly what to do

Slyce Taking Marketing To A New Level

Slyce is simply a marketing company that provides users with top of the line marketing techniques. They are changing the way retailers are getting their business out there. There are so many ways they are dedicating their marketing tactics to build any brand. Their staff members constantly look for any new way to get a brand and their business more clientele.

One of their most amazing techniques is their image recognition technique. All people need to do is take a picture, search for that exact product or something similar on the web, and they can buy the product straight from this system. You can now activate your customer’s mobile cameras with the power of image recognition technology. You can empower your shoppers to search for and discover almost anything that they photograph, and then find it with a click of a button almost instantly.

Why Slyce?

Unlike other providers in this specific industry, you will find that Slyce is known for coming up with some of the most innovative tactics for visual search and image recognition. They are consistently looking for new tactics and programs to help any business get their business to garner more growth. Your products can be found today if you start working with Slyce.

The reason why they are the best to choose from is simply the fact that they are the leading platform for all things visual search and image recognition. Their latest techniques and tactics are constantly developing, and they continue to work towards improving online marketing with retailers and businesses.

In order to see success with their marketing system is to talk to the company themselves. You can speak to Slyce personally and ask them about their current tactics and what they can provide you. It’s merely all about knowing what works and what will benefit your business specifically since every business is different. Slyce has constantly changed their form of marketing over the years by looking to improve all their current systems to approach different marketing as effective as possible.