What Happens When You Switch to a Cell Phone Carrier With Contracts, No Contracts, or Freedom Pop

Wanting to change cell phone carriers is one thing; actually doing it is another. To switch keep these tips in mind:

1: Don’t trade two more years of contract for a new cell phone.
As your contract begins to expire, phone companies begin to barrage you with offers for shiny new free phones. Don’t be tempted. If you’ve been wanting to switch ignore the new toys, wait out the remainder of your contract with your now-old phone, and make a change.

2: Some cell phone carriers will buy out your existing contract.
The major cell phone companies that operate under contracts often offer a promotional deal for switching to them. These deals change fast, so if you’re dissatisfied with your current service, check weekly to see what they’re offering.

3: You might need a new cell phone.
While you can usually keep your phone number, your current cell phone might not be compatible with the new cell phone provider’s network. This isn’t a huge problem; each phone operating system (Android, Apple, and Microsoft) contains ample backup software, and the tremendous variety of 3rd-party software solutions means you can turn your new phone into your old phone in less than an hour if needed.

4: It’s important to choose the right provider for you: Contract, no contract, or free.
Contract carriers are the old guard of cell phones. They lock you in to one or to year contracts. Often they build the price of free and cheap phones into that contract.
No contract carriers are a newer iterations. The phones cost a little more upfront, but you pay by the month, and if you want to switch carriers, you can.
Free carriers are new, and as of now, there is only one major player: FreedomPop. With FreedomPop, you can have completely free phone and data service. While the free service is currently limited by number of minutes, it’s remarkable that it exists at all, and their expanded offerings are very competitively priced against the best the other companies offer.

A note about FreedomPop: Yes, they really are free, and you can bring most existing cell phones onto their network.

Decking The Halls With 1 Million Customers-Freedom Pop Wireless Soars

During the holiday season all of the competitors bring out their biggest and best offers to try to draw in new customers. The same can be said for FreedomPop Wireless who offered cellular phones for as low as $40. It seems uncanny that one can get a cell phone that has internet and texting capabilities for such a low price, but it is true. What is even more amazing is how far this cellular phone company has come in the past 2 years since they opened their doors. No, they are not another Sprint or Verizon with a mega customer base and packages galore, but what they do offer is cell phone service done right.

Throw out the contracts and tear up the credit applications. Freedom Pop Wireless is a new kind of cellular service that gives their customers what they want and nothing more. They base their philosophy on the amount of unused minutes every month that are wasted. So many people buy these huge packaged with thousands of minutes and some only use a small fraction of that. Of course, they are not a company for the large business customer, what they are going for is the budget minded person who wants nothing more than good service at a great price.

Their price is so good in fact some would say they’re giving it away. They allow their customers to have 500 voice, data and texting minutes. If they want more, they can purchase packages based on their needs. Their exceptional packages for the black Friday sales come as a way to boost their customer base. Their goal was to reach a whopping 1 million customers by the end of 2015. Some would say that is a rather huge feat for a company that is only 2 years old, but they set these goals for themselves before they opened for business.

2015 has been good to this company. They have expanded into Europe and seen the huge potential that an international market offers them. Since they started out as a company that was only in California, it seems they have really impressed the market by expanding globally. These increases have been noticed by companies like Sprint, who made official offers to buy the company. The owner said they are too new in the game to sell. Right now, they are focused on expansion. With $30 million in funding raised this year alone, it seems that expansion is all that is on their mind.