Backstage With The Chainsmokers Making Somebody

In the recently published article by Billboard music, we got an inside look on the production of the recent hit “Somebody” by The Chainsmokers. Through a compilation of self recorded videos we see the duo unleashing their creative sides to produce this popular EDM jam.

Alex “Drew” Taggart (Age 28) stages as the duos producer, writer, and vocalist. He is pictured in the video unleashing his magic. He was raised in Maine, but was introduced to EDM music at the age of 15 while abroad in Argentina.

The Chainsmokers are soaring the billboards as a popular EDM-pop DJ and production duo. Winning the Grammy Award for their hit single “Don’t Let me Down”, the duo’s popularity has soared and has everyone wanting more. Collaborations with other artists shows the grand diversity of their musical skill. The Chainsmokers continuously breaks through the boundaries of music genres by creating spectacular combinations of pop, indie, EDM, and more.

These are the only successes the EDM group has had recently. In February, The Chainsmokers were full of excitement and congratulations as their steady stream of hits gained attention. The duo was named number one on the Billboards Dance 100 list. And their new album ‘Sick Boy’ drew a lot of attention with the new incorporation of live instrumentation into the music. New singles were also dropped and soared to the top of the rankings like “You Owe Me”. Month after month the group continues to rocket. The new release of the single “Everybody Hates Me” has truly resonated with their fans and has everyone asking for more!

It seems like after the release of their hit “Closer” featuring popular new artist Halsey, that the dynamic of the duo is changing. Everyone is loving the change. As more live instrumentals are incorporated along with the glorious melodies being sung by Drew on the tracks, the EDM mix group is attracting a broader audience which must be contributing to their popularity as well. I think I speak for most Chainsmokers fans when I say, I can’t wait to see where these two very talented men take their sound.

The Life of Entrepreneur Dick DeVos

Dick DeVos is an innovative, reputable community and business entrepreneur. He was born on October 21, 1955, as Richard Marvin DeVos, Jr. He is the son of Richard DeVos, Sr, who is the co-founder of Amway. Dick has covered his business career serving in various executive positions at The Windquest Group, where he is currently the President, the NBA’s Orlando Magic and Amway.


Dick DeVos was the President of Amway from 1993 to 2002, where he was responsible for all the aspects of the operations of Amway in 50 countries around six continents. In the final fiscal year of service at Amway, the company reported $4.5 billion sales. Before assuming the Presidency, DeVos was the Vice President of Amway International. As the Vice President, he was responsible for the operations of the company in 18 nations outside North America. It was under his administration that the organization opened up to new markets, which led to the tripling of international sales. For the first time, the domestic sales were exceeded by global sales in the company.


In 1991, the DeVos family acquired Orlando Magic, and he became the President and CEO of the team, a position he served for three years. In addition to successfully executed business roles, DeVos has been an impassioned leader in a broad spectrum of community initiatives. He is the proud founder of the Education Freedom Fund, which granted over 4,000 scholarships to the less privileged children in Michigan. These awards went to the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a High School that purposes to provide a rigorous and in-depth educational program with a focus on aviation.


He has also been privileged to serve on the State Board of Education. He has chaired and co-chaired numerous regional health care improvements and revitalization in the Grand Rapid area. Some of such include a $90 million medical school, $130 million heart hospital, $30 million Downtown Market, $212 million convention center, and a $75 million downtown arena. Dick DeVos is the proud author of “Rediscovering American Values“, which is New York Times best-selling book. The book was published in 1997 and is accessible in seven languages.


Dick DeVos is a qualified helicopter and jet pilot. He is also a two-time National Champion sailor. Dick is a magna cum laude graduate of Northwood University with a Bachelor in Business Administration. He has also attended the Harvard Business School in addition to attending the Executive Study Programs at the Wharton School. Dick DeVos has also received several honorary doctorates from various universities like Grove City College, Northwood University, and Central Michigan University.

Business and Marketing Leaders in Chicago are Enjoying Maximum Profits

Chicago is endowed with one of the varied and advancing markets in the United States. New businesses are established every year. However, only a few are successful. Some firms have been capable of enduring the economic downturn and mayhem. But the fact is that this has been achieved with a lot of strategy, headwork and determination.

The majority of Chicagoan business attained tremendous achievements in the year of 2014. This year as well appear that there is some potential and according to Silicon Valley bank’s annual innovation economy outlook, the development is most properly to continue toward the end of the year. The business leaders in Chicago are well prepared, and they are members of different business associations like the magnificent mile association. This organization held its yearly conference, and it involved business leaders in Chicago who were celebrating 100 years of achievements an occasion that saw previous leaders being acknowledged and new ones being inaugurated.

The Chicagoan ecosystem has been characterized by bringing new sale strategies and marketing policies to have financing opportunities from financiers. Retention of staffs has also been accomplished through enhancement of brand perception, salary increase and training opportunities dedicated to their individual development. Nevertheless, developing the talent of the employees has been the main challenge.

Over the last few years, businesses in Chicago have experienced a change in terms of gender equality. The number of ladies holding administrative and managerial positions has been an upward tendency. A woman of influence, a business journal in Chicago is devoted to identifying and celebrates women business leaders and builds a platform that will more innovative and thriving women.

Chicagoan business and marketing leaders are not able to vie at equal measures with firms situated in North California and northeast that attract several investors because they hugely rely on angel investors. The Chicagoan companies range from microloan companies, financial institutions, healthcare companies and advertising agencies.
Majeed Ekbal is a versatile and skillful man with knowledge of several years, working as a marketing manager and businessman at the same time. He joined the University of American in Washington D.C where he pursued his undergraduate degree. Majeed Ekbal has a vimeo account and also founded a company called Expresso that specializes in offering perfect grocery shopping experience. The company buys foodstuff on behalf of customers and delivers to them within a stated period. At the moment, he serves as customer relation and brand executive for Razorfish, a marketing and public relation company.