How Dog Food Companies Are Making a Better Tasting Meal

Anyone interested in high quality gourmet food might feel as if they’ve seen it all. One of the best parts of modern society is the fact that culinary culture has converged into a worldwide phenomenon. People have a wide variety of taste experiences to sample, all made with delicious high quality ingredients. But the operating term there is people. A recent report from the Daily Herald showed that culinary culture is crossing the species barrier thanks to a variety of gourmet dog foods. The story went on to mention that many types of human meals were making their way to the dog bowl. For example, the minds behind the “he’ll have what you’re having” campaign have created dog food flavors as surprising as lasagna and beef stroganoff. But one of the most important points has come from how these high quality foods are being made. In the past most dog food was heavy on artificial flavors and low on natural ingredients. But these days it’s becoming ever more common for dog food to be made with the same ingredients as what people put on their own plate. But this Facebook trend is hardly new. There’s been a few dog food companies which have paved the way for the rest. In particular, the high quality dog food brand Beneful was created right from the start with a mission statement focused on natural ingredients. One of the most important points about Beneful’s dog food was that the customer must be able to see what they’re getting. No person would want an unidentifiable mass on their plate. And in the same way a dog food’s mark of quality comes from being able to note the specific ingredients within any meal. Beneful was and continues to be devoted to the idea that dog food should be made with real foods. Instead of simply looking at it as a nutritional supplement, Beneful looks at their product as a set of meals. People don’t sit down to eat a single thing. And dogs also crave a variety of different tastes and textures when they’re running to their bowls. As such, all of Beneful’s brands contain a mix of different flavorful and natural ingredients within the package.