See it, want it, buy it: Visual Search and e-commerce

It happens to people browsing the internet all the time. A picture pops up on Pinterest, it’s the perfect item, it’s something they never even knew they wanted, and the person browsing cannot find out who makes it or where to purchase it. It’s a special sort of frustration when something is seen that they want so badly and nothing comes of it. Visual search on is changing the game.

Reverse image search has been an online tool for quite awhile. However if an individual is utilizing it to try and discover where to buy an item it can require a lot of patience with no guarantee of success. E-commerce merchants have realized that if they want to make sales then the process of finding products needs to be easier. Visual search is being utilized on a number of different sites so that the interested customer can easily purchase the scintillating items they’ve come across.

These merchants aren’t the only name in the game. There’s a new app from Slyce, a leading innovator in visual search. The current trend lets people crop a picture or click on an item to find out where to purchase similar products. Slyce’s ‘Scout” takes it to another level by not only helping customers find the item they’re looking for but also finding the best deal.

Someone with Scout will open the app and take a picture. The app uses image recognition software to identify the product. Once the product is identified it checks databases for coupons, rebates, and compares prices between online stores. This means that the interested party will be able to purchase their item at the best possible price.

Pinterest, Slyce, Flipkart, and Zalora. All of these companies are pushing forward visual search technology. Customers are not the only ones who can benefit from these new developments. Content producers will have new avenues of income and advertising. It’s an exciting time for customers and creators as they connect in new and dynamic ways.