Nutri-Most- the Diet for Mind, Body, and Soul

Nutri-Most is the new diet craze on facebook is sweeping America. It was created by Ray Wisnieski, PScD under the theory that no two people gain weight alike, therefore, no two people can lose weight alike. Some individuals gain weight because of adrenal issues, some because of liver problems, even others due to thyroid conditions. Because of this, unlike traditional diet programs, Nutrimost is designed around each specific individual who enrolls. No two Nutri-Most plans are alike.
Nutri-Most plans are formulated by a body scan that sends different stimuli throughout the body. Results are tabulated according to the body’s response to the stimuli. This tells the medical professionals why you specifically are not losing fat.

With this information, medical professionals then provide you with a consultation explaining the body scan results. They inform you about your body’s fat composition, hormonal imbalances, stresses to the body, and your metabolic rate as seen in the scan. Using this information, the medical professionals explain how to target the unwanted fat such as that in the hips, thighs, and belly which everyone is looking for in a diet. However, Nutri-Most takes it further than most diets and helps explain and create a plan customized for you that also resets metabolic rate, helps reset a new weight point for you, and eliminates your hunger cravings during the program.

The end result is not only visual in the amount of weight you have lost but also changes what you can feel and see in your health, such as increased energy. Due to the doctor supervision during‘s program, not only are you participating in a weight loss program but also in a health program. The goal is not only weight but overall physical health for life.

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