The Superlative New Brown Modeling Agency

The brown model agency underwent rebranding after the acquisition of Heyman talent south in September 2015.This addition has led to the collaboration of the two most massive modeling giants in the industry. With the merger comes the complimenting of each of the organization’s services. Under the development, the brown modeling agency becomes the only operational fulltime agency in Austin, Texas.

The agency began in 2010 with the visionary Justin Brown and the industrious Wilhelmina Austin. The organization’s reputation has developed to its high status over the past three years. The agency managed to carve its standing in the modeling market of central Texas thanks to its recruitment and production of talented models. Simultaneously, another company within the locale has been growing in reputation. The Heyman Talent-South is located in Austin. The sudden organization growth has been due to its crop of talented models. The merger of the two organizations to create a single entity has led to the increase of the company’s image. The new group will offer clients a wide range of services regarding talented models. Clients will be able to pick models that suit the brand they wish to represent. The variety provided increases the company’s flexibility.

The launched brown model agency will have its headquarters in Austin and other subsidiaries in Dallas and Los Angeles. Top of management will be Justin Brown who previously stewarded Wilhelmina Austin and Michael B Bonnee being in charge of the theatrical department. Michael experience in the industry suits his position as he formerly headed the Heyman Talent south agency.

The CEO, Justin brown stresses on the importance of mergers to growth in the industry. With this type of growth, the organization will enhance its commitment to the clients to make sure that it keeps delivering to the utmost. With this kind of collaboration, the team can select the best models out of its growing crop of talent. The wide selection also offers to create competition among its workforce which is healthy for the development of the brand. The diverse range of choice, the company will be in a position to give professional and reliable services. The large number increase room for more expansion of the group

The previous head of Heyman Talent-south expressed his desire to be in the thick of the merger. With his leadership in the theatrical division, he hopes to enhance further the growth of the Brown model Agency. The merger will create an excellent opportunity for Michael B Bonnee to showcase his impressive skills.

Currently, the Brown model agency is the largest of its kind in central Texas. The organization boasts of having good numbers of models who are not only talented but also trained to offer the best services. Some of the models have worked for major brands including Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton L’Oreal and many other reputable organizations. You can visit their Instagram page.