Evolving Democrat Campaigning with NGP VAN

In a recent article on Tech News Spy, a discussion about the latest update by NGP VAN was completed. The update makes it easier for campaigns to be ran during elections in regards to fundraising. This new way of campaigning looks easy, but if the managers of the campaign have not grasped the importance of the evolution of the program then a campaign can fail once started. NGP VAN allows for the Democratic party to advance by technological data-driven and focused campaign strategies that are built to evolve with today’s world. Daniel Kreiss wrote a book called Prototype Politics: Technology-Intensive Campaigning and the Data of Democracy that explains the political parties and the way that they face advanced campaigning technology. In 2012, with around the clock- dedicated creation and troubleshooting, the Obama campaign initiated a mobile app called Pollwatcher that was backed by NGP VAN.


Romney is mentioned because the campaign he was running failed, ORCA, because of the lack of knowledge when it came to a digital platform. There can be a said ignorance when a web-based, smartphone app can control voter utilization; this will cause an unfortunate loss of a campaign. NGP VAN has developed a contemporary voter model allowing Democrats to gain in-depth knowledge about their potential voter base and ultimately set in motion a large turnout during voting on Election Day. Since 2004, the Democratic Party have invested large sums in order to learn, troubleshoot, and apply the technologies of digital media to analyze the data behind the scenes. Large amounts of data have altered the political setting which in turn compiles the data and analytics creating a new edge of advanced election politics.

The way NGP VAN allows this new campaign system works for the Democrats is by streamlining the currencies that are invested with a campaign. This important factor can help diminish the rise of any potential rivals. The fundraising software includes enhanced voter data reporting, improved campaigns’ analyzing, and the groups’ ability to view the outcome and make any necessary changes before the end of a campaign. Another great feature is that the software allows a current fundraiser to track the candidate’s performance.