Julia Jackson’s experience working at the Jackson Family Wines

Julia JacksonJulia Jackson has been a great influence in the Jackson Family wines. She is hardworking and dedicated towards the success of the business. Julia works with the Cambria Seeds of empowerment. She founded the non-profit organization alongside Katherine in order to empower women. It is committed to celebrating what women have accomplished especially in businesses dominated by men. They believe in supporting women to achieve more and break the barriers of gender in the corporate world. In addition, the organization donates to other organization that shares the same ideas in order to uplift women. Julia works as a spokesperson for the organization.

Julia JacksonJulia is an alumnus of Scripps College where she studied studio art. She had a passion for art and culture and took part in activities that promoted the same. She for instance took part in modelling for agencies at Los Angeles while at the college and taught French. She had mastered the language growing up since she worked at the family’s wineries in France. Julia also trained in the Intensive Institute for a general management program at Stanford University. Julia Jackson has worked at various family wineries that include Tenuta di Arceno, Arcanum, and Santa Maria Cambria. She has been instrumental in growing and developing the business through her commitment and dedication. Jackson family wines produce the award winning Julia’s Vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay among other brands.

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. – The Company of Example

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is one of the best examples of the American ethic of hard work, seizing an opportunity, and the providing of goods and services that are needed by customers in a growing market. Nationwide started out like all other new startup companies in 1991, but through good effort, great leadership, and the application of knowledge, the company has grown into one of the national leaders in its field.


Nationwide provides complete and accurate mortgage and loan documents to retail mortgage and lending companies. In fact, eight out of the top ten of these entities have chosen Nationwide as their primary source for these documents.


Some of the services provided by Nationwide include lien release, assignments. Document retrieval, final document processing, nationwide abstractor services, assignment verification reports, lien verification reports, current owner reports, and collateral file audits.


The investment in technology that has been made and committed to by Nationwide has placed the company at the forefront of the wholesale mortgage industry. Clients have the ability to gain access to mortgage documents electronically through a security process assigned to that particular customer. They can then download certain documents which are received instantly.


The technology allows Nationwide and their customers to be able to reach out to every jurisdiction and county in the country that houses and stores documents. As one can imagine, keeping a nationwide database like that in good working order requires diligent attention, but Nationwide has that process perfected.


Nationwide has had so many audits, including their own on these processes, that they have put in place very detailed best practices for every step in the document processing and transmission events. Best practices are ingrained into the employees in charge of each segment of the process, and that is a key reason for the success of the company.


Nationwide has a compliance rate of 99.98% and a failure rate of only .78. These figures attest to the fact that close to 100% of all documents that are transmitted get to their destinations on time and fully accurate.


The employees of Nationwide are very active in the local Tampa Bay community. They gladly serve as volunteers in such organizations as Feeding Tampa Bay, Southeastern Guide Dogs, The Ronald McDonald House, the Humane Society of Pinellas, Habitat Pinellas, and the American Cancer Society Relay for life.


If the past is a snapshot of the future of Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc., then there are great things to expect as the company moves forward and embraces the challenges that are to come.




Doe Deere Followed Her Heart To Makeup

Doe Deere Ideamensch

Doe Deere is a very successful business woman. she’s got her own makeup company which is blossoming and helping new men and women everyday embrace their unique look. It’s easy to see that Deere is an inspiration to anyone. She was recently asked what advice she would give others who want to start their own business and she told them to follow their heart. It seems like such a simple piece of advice but it’s never been more true. Deere believes that everyone has a unique talent and they need to embrace it and pursue it. It’s what they were put on the earth to do.

Deere got where she is today by following her dreams. It wasn’t easy but she knew she had a skill and passion and that’s how she was able to make Lime Crime so successful. Deere didn’t start out as someone pursuing makeup right away. She actually went a few different routes before she really got in tune with herself and learned what she was good at. Deere started out selling temporary tattoos in Russia when she was 13. This was actually a great start because she was able to learn that she can make others feel awesome through selling a product. Deere was also able to show off a product and inspire others to buy it. That’s key in any business. Deere further learned more skills while she was a musician.

Being a musician helped Deere to develop a drive and a passion. She learned what it was like to be in a business where you have to strive every day to be the best. Being a musician also had other perks, Deere met her husband. After being a musician, Doe Deere also took on a role in marketing. This was crucial to her success too because it taught her what it would be like to run a business.

Deere always loved bright colors. She looks great in lipsticks that are blues, greens, oranges, purples, and any other unique color. She loves it because it looks great with her hair and her great complexion. What Deere noticed, however, was that there wasn’t much selection in the stores. She was dismayed to find that stores were into a natural look and they were trying to conform everyone into that. Stores were selling lipsticks that were red and pink shades as well as very dull eyeshadows. They were trying to tell people that everyone should look the same. Deere didn’t like that and Lime Crime was born.

Lime Crime is a makeup line that specializes in unique colors in all products. They are colors that help people to make a statement. Lime Crime products are there for people who treat makeup as an art form and truly want to express themselves. They can wear glitter, hair chalk, purple lipstick, and anything else that makes them feel magical. Deere is all about helping others wear makeup that makes them happy. Her products also look great so it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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Learn more: http://lovedoedeere.tumblr.com/

Malini Saba: Woman Extraordinaire

In a time of worldwide hatred and sadness, it is a relief to read about people who are trying to promote the good in others. This is exactly the case of a recent article published on Huffingtonpost.com. The article was about one of the most extraordinary women in today’s world, Malini Saba.

The article on Huffingtonpost.com was a brief recap of the amazing works of Malini Saba. It briefly described the many charitable works that she has done around the world. The article also briefly touched on her career in philanthropy. It also lists the name of her company Saban Group and the non-profit organization she began, Stree.

After high school, Ms. Saban attended university at the University of Western Australia. She earned a Master degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She later attended Stanford University, in California, and earned her PhD, also in Psychology. In between earning these degrees, Ms. Saban began her career as a venture capitalist.

Malina Saban has had an extremely successful career as a venture capitalist and philanthropist. She began the Saban Group over twenty-five years ago. This organization holds interests in many different industries around the world. These interests include oil, gas, real estate, and technology. The Saban Group operates in many different countries around the world too. The headquarters for this organization is located in Los Angeles, California.

Another important interest to Ms. Saban is the health and welfare of women and children. She began the “Stree-Global Investments” in the early 2000s. This non-profit organization’s goal is to help low income women and children obtain better healthcare, education, and other needs. Ms. Saban is the president of this organization. The headquarters for Stree is located in Switzerland.

Ms. Saban is also very compassionate about the effects the 2004 tsunami had on the people and region of India and Sri Lanka. Ms. Saban felt so compassionate about this event that she personally visited the areas affected. She also personally donated over $5,000,000. to the victims.

There is little doubt that Malini Saban is one of the greatest women of our time. Her investment experience and philanthropist work has better the lives of millions of people around the world. The companies and organizations she has created will also help millions more for years to come.

Don’t Follow These Rules Like Doe Deere

Doe Deere has worked to make a fashion makeup line that is nothing like any other type of fashion makeup that you have ever seen. Instead of focusing on covering up your face, it focuses on showing off the things that you love about your face and the colors that you love to wear.

While the makeup line is all about makeup, Doe Deere is all about fashion and breaking the rules that have controlled it for so many years. Doe Deere makes sure that she always wears what she likes and doesn’t really worry about what the rules have to say about her favorite looks. She also thinks that there are some rules that are more fun to break than others and breaks these on a more frequent basis. She doesn’t like fashion rules and wants to make sure that she can break all of the rules that she has seen.

For this reason, Doe Deere never dresses her age. She doesn’t let a number determine the clothes that she wears and she certainly isn’t focused on clothes that look good on other women her age. She wants people to like the way that they look and makes sure that she always likes the way that she looks. The clothes that she wears have no age and she has no problem pairing a perfectly crocheted cardigan with a fun tutu. You don’t have to be any age to dress the way that you want and Doe Deere knows that because she always dresses only in the clothes that she likes.

It can be hard to find patterns that actually match each other but Doe Deere thinks that this shouldn’t matter and shouldn’t have an effect on the way that you dress. She thinks that patterns are only meant to be combined and that you should combine all of the patterns that you like no matter how much fashion rules say that they clash. This is one of the fashion rules that Doe Deere breaks on a regular basis and is one of the most common ones to see her breaking. She loves patterns.

There are many things that she does with the clothes that she wears, but she also focuses on makeup. The line that she created is just for makeup and is something that she is confident in. There are many makeup options that Doe Deere has created and many that break the rules of fashion. A bold lip and a bold eye is something that Doe Deere almost always shows off. She knows that these two can come together and look great no matter how dark or bright the makeup that you have on your face. She wants you to wear what you like.

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Doe Deere: A Brief Overview

Doe Deere is a fashion maven with a passion for breaking rules and decorum for the purpose of generating a unique look that defies convention and embraces unbridled individuality. At the same time, Deere’s entrepreneurial inclinations have led her to build a business through which she provides the public with cosmetics that can help them define and flaunt their own individual aesthetic. Learn more about Doe Deere, what she does, and how she does it by reviewing this short overview:

Doe Deere: Rule Breaker

One defining aspect of Doe Deere’s personhood and approach to cosmetics is her proclivity for breaking the rules. Deere doesn’t believe that people, including herself, have to conform to any specific beauty guidelines or regulations when playing with make-up and clothing. Here are just a few of the beauty rules Deere loves to break:

1. Don’t Wear Bold Eyes With Bold Lips.

Deere understands that the principle behind this philosophy is keeping one’s look as subtle as possible. Yet as an individual who loves making bold statements, this approach to applying cosmetics is not for her. Deere enjoys wearing bold colors on multiple spaces of her face, and she appreciates the distinct, in-your-face aesthetic that the look signifies.

2. Don’t Combine A Lot Of Colors.

Another beauty rule Doe Deere loves to break is color combinations. Conventional wisdom says that one shouldn’t combine too many colors on her or his face. Yet Deere loves to do this very thing.

3. Dress Your Age.

Deere hates this beauty rule and is fond of breaking it with regularity. She greatly admires fashion mogul Betsy Johnson, in part because the woman continues to wear tutus into her 70s.

Doe Deere: Business Woman

In addition to defying conventional fashion and beauty wisdom, Deere enjoys making her way through and taking over the business world. To do so, she founded her own cosmetics company, Lime Crime. The business is predicated on providing consumers with the wide range of unique, eye-catching make-up products that enable people to cultivate their own distinct look. Deere’s entrepreneurial endeavors have earned her recognition, including her appearance on the cover of Self-Made magazine. Deere says that to appear alongside other female entrepreneurs like Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman has been an amazing experience.

Qnet Can Make it Happen

There once was a time when if you did anything like a girl it was a put down. If you fought like a girl, even if you won the fight, you would more than likely be the object of ridicule. The power and significance of women is an overlooked virtue today. It’s the sexy body not the intellectual orator that more often than not is used as a symbol of fine womanhood. A nation is only as strong as its women. Allow them to grow, and you will grow. Qnet understands this and seeks to empower the world by empowering the women of the world.

Established in Hong Kong in 1998, Qnet is a member of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines. The company is an active sponsor of sporting events like football and badminton because the “drive, passion, and team work” of athletes and athletic events reflects that of Qnet.

This is why we’re so proud to be #QNETCITY!

Posted by QNET (Official) on Sunday, February 28, 2016

So what in the world is Qnet? Qnet is a prominent Asian company built on the foundation of a proprietary e-commerce with worldwide distribution. This direct selling company has a veritable storehouse of products that will enhance and change your life. Time pieces, humidifiers, and nutrient products are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their catalog of products. 

Qnet seeks to develop young female entrepreneurs. Qnet believes that “progress cannot be delivered in a vacuum.” If a society is to survive, its women must have equal access to cultural amenities that are a precursor to success. Women need a good education, affordable healthcare, and an understanding of technology if they are to take their place in society as leaders and providers. Women are often held back because they are thought inferior and incapable. By allowing women the opportunity to make decisions, families are enriched and lifestyles in impoverished communities improved. Qnet’s life-enhancing products and the opportunity to sell them have a positive influence in communities around the world because they develop and sustain the independence that the ability to make a living creates.

So much love for #LifeQode EDG3!

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Qnet believes in the application of RYTHM, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind on a daily basis. Qnet’s efforts to help mankind began when they helped women achieve their goals through entrepreneurial business opportunities. When women can stand on their own, the world is a better place, and we all are able to stand. 

Learn more about Qnet by visiting their Glassdoor profile or view their website here: http://www.qnetindia.com/