Kim Dao Does A Meet & Greet

Kim Dao is now in Singapore. She just came from Tokyo, which was a 6 1/2 hour flight. She will be in Singapore for 12 hours. She will be going to hang out with her friend and have lunch with family.   She has made it through immigration and now she is having a latte at Starbucks. She is relaxing because she is tired from only sleeping a few hours on the plane. She is thinking about going live on Instagram for a little bit to kill some time before her meet and greet. Kim Dao meets her first follower. She received a gift from her. She met more people.

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She has met up with her friend. They are going to a buffet of Asian food. Kim Dao is so excited about the food. She looks at all the food choices. They also have Indian food. They finished having lunch and now they are on their way to a museum. Kim Dao is excited. They made it there and they are going to Future World. Kim Dao enjoyed it. Next, she goes to Sephora to look at makeup. They finish shopping around and head back to the museum so Kim Dao can pick up her belongings and head to the airport.   Kim Dao is now at the airport about to board. She is going back home to Australia. She is back in Australia and happy to be back. She opens the gifts and cards given by her followers.

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View Her vlog here.

How YouTube Makes It Easy To Become Famous

Wengie is a name that a lot of people are getting to know. She has become a YouTube star that has become a dominant force in the cosmetics industry. She had managed to build an audience that is interested in what she has to say. Her makeup tips have become very helpful. This is evident from the growth of her audience.

What Wengie actually represents is a new era of Internet celebrities that are able to build up a new audience based a new generation of consumers. What Wengie has done is become a leader in the world of Japanese makeup videos in Australia. She has become someone that has mastered the makeup, and she is good at given general skin care tips. These are the types of things that have made her a person that others will subscribe to on YouTube.

This is the new era where people can promote what they like, and people will follow them if they are good at it. This is evident for talents like Tori Kelly. She has blossomed into a beautiful singer, but she started with the web videos on YouTube. Wengie is big in Australia, but her fame is spreading beyond this area. She has managed to build an audience that is passionate about what she does, and her fans love to see what she is going to post next. It is obvious that this is one of the most prolific online YouTube personalities when it comes to applying Japanese makeup. She has all the tips and tricks that people love. This is what makes the YouTube videos pop. Wengie presents people with something that they have not thought of before. That is why people continue to tune in and watch.

The same can be said for people that are discovered on YouTube. They have something that separates them from the rest of the people out there. A large majority of singers that join shows like American Idol or The Voice will start out YouTube. Some of them will become what people call “YouTube Famous” before they move even further up into the big leagues. This is a great stepping stone for most people. Some people even make a lucrative career with posting videos that other people watch. Google pays people that have channels when they are getting lots of viewers for videos. This allows YouTube to advertise to more consumers.