Whitney Wolfe Not Giving Up to Intimidation by Match Group

     Whitney Wolfe is amongst the top-notch female entrepreneurs in not only the United States but across the globe. At a very young age, Whitney Wolfe, CEO, and Founder of Bumble dating app has achieved a lot of success. She has become a role model for hundreds and thousands of young women out there who want to pave their own way to success in the male-dominated corporate world. Before Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble, she used to work with Tinder, where she was a co-founder. Whitney left Tinder in 2014 and a year later started Bumble with the founder of Badoo, Andrey Andreev.

Whitney Wolfe has till then had an important idea and experience about the dating world and how it worked, which she used efficiently in designing and the development of Bumble. It is a dating app that contributed a lot in changing how the dating world works by allowing only the women members to message the male counterparts first. Bumble is a dating app where only females can message first, and it has made it easier to control bullying and abuse, which happens rampantly online. Whitney Wolfe believed that such a move would help filter out the crowd and keep the profiles classy and exciting.

As Bumble continues to gain popularity, it has been getting many acquisitions offers from other companies. Match Group offered to acquire at $450 million, which was rejected by Whitney Wolfe. Recently, Match Group filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Bumble. It came as a shock to the entire industry, but Whitney Wolfe gave a matching reply without being intimidated by a local newspaper. In the newspaper ad by Bumble, it said the company swipes left, read reject, on the bullying attitude of Match Group. Whitney Wolfe also gave a message in an open letter along with the full-sized ad that Bumble is here to stay and would not be bullied.

Tinder is one of the companies that belong to Match Group. Whitney Wolfe has made it clear from the very beginning that the company would not compromise on its values and ethics even when it faces challenges. As a marketing expert and a graduate in International Studies, Whitney Wolfe is quite confident that Bumble would pull itself up again under the challenges it faces today to come out with flying colors. Whitney Wolfe also made it clear in the open letter she wrote that while the company is looking at the acquisition offers it is receiving, Match Group is definitely out of the race.

Talos Energy on the Verge of Acquiring Stone Energy

When it comes to the development and production of natural gas and oil-related properties on the Gulf Coast, Talos Energy is one of the biggest names in the game. The company is based in the city of Houston and they have quickly become one of the most trusted providers in the exploration and development realm.

The company has been in existence for the past six years and founder Timothy Duncan has pressed all of the right buttons (so to speak) when it comes to building the aforementioned trust. After a recent discovery over one billion barrels of crude oil, they are well positioned for future success.

This includes their pending acquisition of Stone Energy. The merger that is about to take place is a $1.9 billion dollar acquisition and once the two companies have combined, they will be known as Talos Energy Inc.

At this time, the company will also go public for the first time. Once the company is added to the NYSE, it will be traded under the ticker symbol TALO. The deal is going to be closed by the time the second quarter of the current fiscal year has been completed. Timothy Duncan says that this acquisition will allow the company to achieve some of its most important goals.

Talos Energy Inc. is looking to bolster their reputation even further by becoming the premier company for production and offshore exploration. Thanks to the talent that will be assembled, the timetable for the projects that are currently in the pipeline can now be accelerated.

In addition to accelerating the timeline for the company’s current project inventory, other transactional opportunities can now be pursued. Once the deal has been completed, 37 percent of the shares will be owned by shareholders from stone. The remaining 63 percent of the company is still going to be owned by Talos.

The financial flexibility that this transaction is going to be able to provide also bears noting. Talos’ borrowing capacity will swell to $600 million and Duncan will become the CEO. A ten person board is also going to be formed. Six members are going to hail from Talos and Stone is responsible for the remaining four.

This acquisition is also designed to help Talos fend off all of the competition for Mexican offshore opportunities that currently exists in the area. The merger also allows Stone to successfully restructure its finances in the wake of their recent bankruptcy filing.


Matt Badiali: Zinc Is a Good Investment

If it were possible to know in advance just where to place your money whenever you are investing in you would be financially independent within a short number of years. It is impossible to know with 100% certainty the best areas to invest is the role always be unforeseen economic activity. However, you can significantly improve your odds of investing successfully if you know who to listen to. Follow Matt Badiali on Stocktwits.com.

Matt Badiali’s leading expert for Banyan Hill Publishing Company on the natural resources and commodities sectors. He has over 20 years of experience investing in the natural resources industry. Matt Badiali originally went to school at Florida Atlantic University where he received his Master’s degree in geology. He was in the process of pursuing his Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina whenever he first changed careers and began to work in the finance industry. Over the last 20 years, he has dedicated his time to researching firsthand potential investment opportunities in the natural resources and commodities sectors.

He is the current editor for Real Wealth Strategist a popular publication that advises readers on new economic trends within the commodity sector. Recently, Matt Badiali has published about a widely used metal that he believes will experience significant increases in price over the next year. The metal that he is speaking of is not gold or silver, but instead zinc. Zinc is an important metal that is used in a number of everyday items. It has uses as part of sunscreen, various fertilizers, and even components of automobiles. Follow Matt on Medium.

Over the last ten years, the price of zinc has been relatively low. This is caused a lack of interest in the mining community in the metal and has caused supplies to decrease. This decrease in supply is going to lead to an increase in the price as demand continues unabated. Overall the demand for zinc has been increasing on average 3% each year since 2000. The last high price of zinc is currently double what it is worth now. As supplies continue to decrease around the world, this is a strong indication that we could see a serious increase in the value of zinc in the near future.

Matt Badiali believes that this signals that both investments in zinc mining companies, as well as the metal itself, will be profitable. He cautions his readers that before they make the jump and invest into a company to do their research first.

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Achievements of OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions is the leading provider of food products for the food industry worldwide. The firm has established its operations across many countries around the globe and it mainly focuses on the provision of foods like beef seafood, fruits, poultry, among many others. The firm has grown tremendously over the recent years and established many of its affiliates both in Illinois, China, United Kingdom, Germany, and Aurora. Its products and operations have gained fame since its establishment due to their outstanding taste and quality. Besides, the firm has accomplished most of its goals since its launch and many people have accredited its achievements.

Osi Food Solutions recently received accreditations for its major contributions to the food industry, besides being ranked among the top companies that have marked a positive progress in the food and beverage industry. The firm was recently among the eighteen companies that received the Globe of Honor Award for their noticeable contributions towards the conservation of the environment. The great achievement of the OSI Food Solutions was also applauded by the British Safety council environment management audit scheme, which is majorly focused on identifying and rewarding firms that maintain noticeable levels of hygiene as well as other standards that meet environmental requirements in the country.

The firm has always inspired people towards excellence through the highly experienced leaders that they have. Together with the team of employees, the executives of the firm have strived to achieve the firm’s goals so as to ensure that it launches more investments in various parts of the globe.

Osi Food Solutions has since its launch had a commitment towards preserving the resources for environmental safety. The firm has also taken the initiative to encourage people to treat and handle livestock in a responsible manner.

OSI Food Solutions also encourages entrepreneurs to be keen on their relationship with their employees and customers, as a successful business is built on the foundation of a strong association with suppliers, customers, and employees.

The firm`s leaders encourage entrepreneurs with big investments to maintain high levels of security in their firms so as to prevent their data from being hacked and interfered with by cyber hackers. The firm recently took security measures to protect data in their company through employing the services of Forcepoint Web Security Cloud. Additionally, the firm has also adopted the use of modern technology in most of their operations and as a result, it has increased its production.

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Boraie Group partner with Shaquille O’Neal to spearhead the development in Newark.

Shaquille O’Neal who is an NBA hall of famer and a Newark native decided to invest in the real estate market of his hometown. His dream was to try and restore the lost splendor of the small town of Newark. He recently came home to mark the topping off of his more than 20-storey apartment and retail building on Rector Street. The city’s local authority has thanked O’Neal for his immense efforts in helping the city. Murphy who is the governor of Newark area says the city is experiencing a potential change in economic and real estate sector. Check out patch.com


The mayor and Goldman Sachs were among the investors who helped to fund the project. The Goldman Sachs MD reiterated that the best kind of developers is not just those who construct classy downtown buildings but those who are willing to do projects in the communities for the benefit of the city. The rise of Shaq towers provides opportunities for the folks in Newark. It gives leeway for further development in the area. The project was a stepping stone for the coordination between O’Neal and the city which gave rise to the birth of project IMPACT.

Shaquille O’Neal says that he trusted the well-known developers known as Boraie Group to bring his dream building to reality. The vice president of Boraie Development, Wasseem Boraie says that although it is the first project in a long while, it represents the five decades of development that the city of Newark has experienced. O’Neal has also funded $150 million project building to be done by Boraie Development. The project is a 35 Storey building that is set to be erected at the heart of Newark on McCarter Highway. Boraie Development has already broken ground on the project with the hopes of bringing it to completion by 2019. For more info boraie.com


Boraie Group which is led by Omar Boraie is an urban real estate developing firm. The group offers a variety of services that focus on all areas of the downtown real estate market. The team specializes in Property Management and Real Estate Marketers. Boraie Development group provides state of the art service to its clients while building them spectacular properties. The firm which has been around for over three decades has been a leader in real estate in New Jersey. Its excellent ability to envision projects and to come up with the necessary capital to fund it is unparalleled.



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An Expert Surgeon in the Pediatric Field

Dr. Saad Saad has had an interesting and impressive career as a pediatric surgeon. He began his education in the medical field when he was still living in Egypt, and received medical licensure and an MD in pediatric surgery in 1971 from Cairo University. After having gone through a rigorous training program the good doctor then decided to make the trek to the United States of America, where he has been practicing medecine ever since. His career and accomplishments are only matched by the good works he has done and the many children whose lives he has saved, a fact that makes him an ideal candidate for anyone whose child is in dire straits and need some attention.


Dr. Saad Saad has been working on the east coast for over thirty years, and as he enters into his 72 year of life he can happily look back at what he has done and know what he has been able to make a difference on the lives of many. His surgical endeavors have been as simple as basic cosmetic removals to complicated neural surgical procedures that have taken hours to complete. The unfortunate thing about his work is that as he increases in age he is not as sharp as he used to be. This fact has led to some accusations that are absolutely not true, although it may be time for Dr. Saad Saad to consider moving away from his current position and focusing his future attention on more of an advisory or administrative role. Learn more: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview


Dr. Saad’s decades long list of experiences can prove to be extremely beneficial to future medical practioners. Saad has published several academic works; articles that focus on the complicated nature of pedicatric health care and what can be done to adequately and professionally deal with the medical needs of children from various age groups. The articles themselves are easy to read, with Saad having mastery of the English language, which, even though it is not his native tongue, he uses with few errors and speaks and writes in fervent skill. While the articles themselves would seem to be nothing but techno-babble and can only truly be understood by members of medical world, they are still excellent additions to any MD, Pa, or other certified medical staff member’s library.


When it comes to expert opions, advice, or being able to handle a surgical team there is no better candidate than Dr. Saad Saad. He is a true pioneer for pediatric doctors and an example of how an Arabic man can make a difference in the United States, especially in the current times when there is so much tension between the US and the Middle East.

Roberto Santiago Skillfully Flourishes With His Shopping Mall, Manaira

In business, success is neither an accident nor a phenomenon, but a detailed process with formally laid procedure on how to offset, where to go, and how the envisioned outcome is to look like. Many of the successful people seemed to have a glimpse of that procedure which they have warmly received to be the successful people they are today. Such people include Roberto Santiago, who pioneered Manaira, an attractive shopping mall that has marshaled a wide range of products and services together for the convenience of the residence of Pessoa.

Background Information

The successful entrepreneur was born in mid of 1958 in Brazil. He attended his college education at X-Marist College before enrolling for a degree in business administration in a university in Joao Pessoa. He started an allotment area that paved a way for his current status. The idea of the current magnanimous mall developed when Roberto Santiago began manufacturing functional and decorative products. Today, the career has immensely surged into a firmly rooted RSM Shopping mall that remains the largest throughout Joao Pessoa. He anchored his goals on customers’ service which he has attained since the services and products are not only splendid but also tailored to satisfy their customers.

Features of Manaira Shopping Mall

The key pillar that immensely propagates the advancement of this mall is how they use entertainment to draw and too comfy their customers. They have a fully furnished world-class cinema in addition to a gourmet allowance to give serenity and sumptuous meals. In order to develop all these ideas, Robert Santiago had to devote 20 years. This has however matured for him to have his mall draw such massive customers.

The Domus Hall

The gigantic mall Manaira has a large concert hall with a very inclusive carrying capacity. This hall is tactfully engineered at the top of the mall which enables it have such a big carrying capacity. It is possible for the hall to house about 4000 people. The magnificent hall known as Domus Hall, organized a party in memory of seven years of existence. The function drew famous artist from both within and beyond the borders of Brazil. These artists are loyal customers.

The Overview

Manira mall will at all times having something for their customers. For those who prefer shopping, there are books, precious jewelry, and furniture for your house and sport gears among others. For those who prefer keeping fit, there is a fitness centre, moreover the mall contains central institutions such as banks, and a college. The institution was wisely situated to have students, workers and the staff within the mall premises. Conclusively, Roberto Santiago has shaped his career around a mall that majorly contributes to the healthy economy of Brazil.

Sheldon Lavin Has Made A Big Difference In The World Of Foodservice:

Sheldon Lavin began his entrepreneurial career as the owner of his own financial consulting firm Sheldon Lavin & Associates, LLC. It was through this operation that Sheldon first met the Kowlschowsky family, the original owners of global food powerhouse OSI Group, LLC. At the time, OSI still operated under Otto & Sons, the name it had been founder under back in 1909 by Otto Kowlschowsky. The family brought in Sheldon for his advice on attaining financing for a large expansion that they wanted to undertake. Within a year of working with Sheldon, Otto & Sons had already achieved a nationwide footprint. The sons of Otto Kowlschowsky were so impressed with Sheldon Lavin’s results that he was brought into the food business one hundred percent in 1970. After the brothers retired, Sheldon gained full control of the company, and today continues in his role as Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of OSI Group. Sheldon’s 40 plus year tenure with OSI Group has seen the company expand from a regional outfit in the Midwest United States to become a top 100 food company in the United States and a global leader in creative, custom food solutions for foodservice and retail companies. Through it all, Sheldon has stuck firmly to the core OSI Group beliefs of outstanding customer service and treating all OSI team members and customers as family.

Sheldon’s massive accomplishments at OSI Group were recently celebrated in 2016 when he was presented with India’s Vision World Academy’s prestigious Global Visionary Award. Sheldon was selected for the award due to his amazing accomplishments as the leader of OSI Group. The award is an annual recognition of individuals who have accomplished great things through the use of perseverance and persistence. Sheldon Lavin’s legendary OSI Group career was fittingly recognized as such an accomplishment.

2016 saw another big award go OSI Group’s way when the British Safety Council recognized the company’s commitment to environmental management by presenting it with its Globe of Honour Award. This award is presented annually to organizations and companies that have qualified with a 5-Star rating from the council and have demonstrated a commitment to being environmentally conscious.

Other big 2016 announcements for OSI Group included the acquisition of European food wholesalers Baho Food out of the Netherlands and Flagship Europe out of the United Kingdom. As part of a new look for the company, Flagship Europe will be rebranded under the name Creative Foods Europe.

For More info: www.amickfarms.com/corpresponsibility.html

Dr. David Samadi Understands the Importance of His Role

Dr. David Samadi knew what he was doing when he got into medicine. He tried to help people through all the opportunities they needed help with and that’s what allowed him to keep working to give back to those he was providing care for. There were times when Dr. David Samadi knew he was going to be the best in the business and that’s part of what made him so good at his job. As he continued working to help people, he felt good about the options he gave them. He also felt he was an important person in the medical field.

As long as Dr. David Samadi felt good about the work he did, he knew he’d continue working hard to give the community the help they needed. Dr. David Samadi is a urologist and knows the best ways to help people to ensure they’re getting the care they need. He plans to always give back no matter what issues people face or what they’re doing to feel good about the options they have. It is his way of making people understand the things that are going on in their own bodies. It’s also his way of showing people how they can get better on their own.

For Dr. David Samadi, the point of doing all this is so others don’t need to worry about how they’re going to get the care they need or the options they deserve. It is his best opportunity to allow people the chance to feel good about the things they’re doing. It’s also his way of making sure everyone knows how to feel good about their opportunities. For Dr. David Samadi, the medical industry is always changing and always getting better so people don’t need to worry about how their health is going to change in the future.

New York is a great place to practice medicine. People know the opportunities they have for healing and the doctors in the city are first-rate. They are among the best in the business and that’s how Dr. David Samadi continues helping other people through the options he has. It’s also how he knows to give back to the community he’s a big part of. For Dr. David Samadi, the help is something that allows him to keep giving back and keep showing people how their lives can get better based on all the issues he’s helped before.

Dr. David Samadi’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/DrDavidSamadi/

Paul Mampilly: Award-Winning Trader and Consultant

Paul Mampilly grew up in India and traveled to the United States to attend college. He worked diligently to earn his MBA from Fordham University in New York City, graduating in 1996. His business career began even before this when Banker’s Trust offered him an opportunity. He worked his way up the ladder reaching Bankers Trust Private Bank, Deutsche Bank, and ING and representing them by managing multi-million dollar accounts. Paul worked on Wall Street for over two decades. He was ultimately responsible for the fortunes of a high number of investors and had responsibility over 100’s of millions of dollars of cumulative investments.

The founder of Capuchin Consulting, Paul Mampilly has had astounding success in the investment realm; so much so that transition into the private sector seemed a natural progression. He initiated this consulting firm in 2013 in an effort to deliver income earning investment ideas to professional investors. View Paul’s profile on Linkedin.

After many years of thrilling financial endeavors, Paul Mampilly decided at age 42 to semi-retire from the economic realm. He now spends a considerable amount of time with his family and writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. Banyan Hill Publishing is one subsidiary of Agora, Inc. It is also known to be the most expansive underground research network in the world. In fact, Profits Unlimited is the newsletter established by Mampilly. Profits Unlimited started in 2016 with nearly 40,000 followers and has blossomed into an estimated 65,000 subscribers. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill.

Paul Mampilly was keenly aware that Banyan Hill was already a successful company and that it would become even more so with the addition of his ambitious writing intentions. Mampilly is considered to be the resident technology expert at Banyan Hill. His writings are greatly appreciated by the seasoned investor, as well as those with whom he shares techniques that the average citizen can use to join in on dynamic investment trends.

Paul Mampilly has been featured on several news presentations including Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Kiplinger, and Reuters. This adds television appearances to his list of accomplishments. He is also the proud recipient of the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition, being recognized during the time period of 2008-2009 for his $50 million dollar portfolio.

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